300/280cc 24 Years Old, No Kids, Finally Doing It! Calgary, AB

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I have wanted bigger breasts since I was 14 years...

I have wanted bigger breasts since I was 14 years old. Ever since then I knew I would be getting an augmentation someday. Finally, 10 years later I am making it happen! I decided to get it done before my 25th birthday, April 2015. I began doing some research and talking to everyone that I knew who had gotten them done! I'm 5'2", 118 lbs and currently a small ish 32B.

For the majority, everyone around here I seem to talk to has gone to Dr Whidden (the son, as his father is retired). Although one person I spoke to told me a close friend of theirs had a horror story from him, I'm inclined to believe all the good reviews. I have my consultation booked with him for November 7th! I also have a consult booked with Dr Waslen for December 12. I'd originally booked a consult with Dr Hassell in Lethbridge, Dr Chong in Edmonton, and Dr Kristina (I can't remember her last name) in Banff for next year but I think going to stick with someone in town.

I have had one consultation with Dr Haugrud, and he seemed fantastic. I know one girl who went to him and she loves her results. He's the chief of plastic surgery at Rockyview hospital too which I like. He explained everything straight away and answered all my questions before I even had to ask them!

I originally thought I would want to go with 375 cc's but soon realized I have more breast than I thought. I would love to be a 32 C/D, so I tried on those to start and then realized it was waaaaay bigger than my little frame seemed to accommodate. I ended up feeling the most comfortable with 275-300 cc sizers. So I would go with 300-325 cc implants, according to Dr Haugrud. I'm also a little heavier than I would like to be, ideally I would like to lean out by 5-10 lbs before surgery, I'm not sure if this will affect the size I will go with. He also suggested I go with either moderate plus profile or high profile. I would like to go a bit more natural looking so I think I will go moderate plus.

If anyone has any advice or has similar stats or anything I would love to hear from you! I'm so excited to talk to Dr Whidden and hope he can get me in around the dates I'm looking for!!!

Decided! Still unsure of size...

I decided to go with Dr Whidden. I'm booked for January 27. EVERYONE I've talked to went to him and I loved his whole team when I got there. He took measurements of everything and answered all my questions wonderfully. I just called and paid for my surgery as well! Getting really nervous now. Only 62 days left! What do you ladies think of size? I don't want to go giant, I'm only 5'2" but I want more than what I have! This is 280/300cc. When I called to ask about profiles I was told they were low and moderate profiles...Which makes me kinda nervous. Everyone seems to be going with a higher profile but I do like how these look...I may go try on sizers again.

24 more days...

I can hardly wait! Im on here obsessively looking at others reviews who have similar stats and I think what I chose will be perfect for me.

Another before photo, I love my breasts now and can't wait for the addition!

I've been working out steadily again since august, trying to get back into the shape I was two years ago, so ive been going extra hard since ive booked the surgery. I've been trying to think of easy things I can do once feeling better but before the dr has cleared me to workout again. It's going to be hard doing nothing! I'm hoping I'll feel up To some long walks at least. Any suggestions?

My Dr told me to stop taking any supplements, protein powders and green tea two weeks
Before my surgery (boo). Did anyone else get similar advice? Any other fit girls out there who have good advice on high protein foods and vegetables?

I also have the day off before my surgery now since they pushed it back a day. (Frustrating since it was difficult to book two weeks
Off because I have so many clients, now I don't have room to move anyone else so I hope I'm
Feeling good fast and one less recovery day isn't bad). Does anyone have suggestions on things to prep before?

Size size size....

I'm wondering if it's too late to change the size I want? Do you ladies think I could go try on more and pick a different size still if I wanted to? I love the sizers I tried but keep second guessing myself....

Ten days!

Officially ten days away...Still working out hard and consistently to try to make it easier to maintain that when I am post op! I want to heal as fast as possible so I'm going to try to do absolutely nothing and rest and eat well when I have time off. After two weeks I'll be returning to work for only ten days and then we are last minute going to England for my boyfriends work fort a week! I just hope I can work as much as I need to before I go! My mom is coming to take care of me for a whole week, so I'm pretty excited about that!

Today is my day off so I'm starting to do the deep clean of the house and get everything ready so I have nothing to worry about before the surgery.

I was supposed to call the pharmacist 3-4 days before the surgery, but he actually called me a few days ago because he was ahead on his work! I got a prescription for Oxycodone (hopefully this doesn't make me sick, he said its a stronger version of percocets which made me throw up), sleeping pills, a stool softener, and he told me to get some gravol as well (an anti-nausea medication) just in case I feel sick after the general anaesthetic. I think I'll be fine from being put under, it's just the pain killers I worry will make me ill!

Two days away!

I got the call to be at the surgical centre at 7:15 am. Thank god its early! I don't think I could wait all day without eating! In the meantime, heres some wish boobies!

I can't believe it happened!

The night before my surgery I had to wash my sheets and have a shower with a gel the clinic have me. I also washed my hair because I knew it would be a few days before I could again!

I should mention a helpful thing I did and I'm soo happy I thought of it I'm advance, but last week I got everything I usually shave waxed! Life saver at this point.

At 7:15 we arrived at the surgical centre. The nurse (Amanda I believe, she was wonderful) greeted my mom, boyfriend and myself and brought us in. I got changed (she brought me a warm housecoat to put over my gown) and she went through all the medical info, then my anasthegiologist came in and chatted with me briefly about what he would be doing. (I can't remember the order but he have me a pain killer, anti biotic and and something for nausea as well.) after we chatted Dr Whidden came in and marked me all up and then a few minutes later I was taken into the OR.

They were playing some good music when I walked in, which was nice. I was a little nervous at this point and just wanted to get knocked out ASAP.

I laid down on the bed, and the anasthegiologist inserted my IV (I was really nervous for this, i hate needles!) after a minute I started feeling light headed (he warned me about this before) then I got some oxygen and the last thing I remember was the nurse saying have a good sleep!

I went in at about 7:40 and was out by 8:30! So fast! I was gently awoken by a nurse. I was immediately awake and not groggy. I asked if I could see them so she smiled and moved the gown so I could see them! Loved them right away!

I was incoherently chatting with her a bit, she got me dressed and walked with me to a recliner to monitor me. She gave my boyfriend and mom a call and they picked me up at 10. The anasthegiologist and dr whidden came and checked on me. I bit after I got a little nausea so she leaned me back with a cold cloth on my head. After that we were on our way home!

I got sick a few times during the day, ended up not being able to keep anything up during the day. I didn't feel too bad but I was pretty dizzy from the drugs! I took one every four hours instead of two all day, and two throughout the night.

Day 1

Woke up this morning and felt pretty good. Was going to shower but as soon as I stood up I felt a little dizzy and not up to it. So instead got my mom to give me a bit of a sponge bath and some moisturizer! I had picked up some cocobutter baby wipes, best but ever!

Was able to eat and drink more today and didn't get sick. Just had smoothies and crackers today, as well as a banana! For dinner we had spaghetti squash with meat sauce. I've been trying to hydrate lots so lots of coconut water in smoothies and aloe Vera water! Regular water too. I didn't realize how hard it would be to pull up/pull down my pants when going to the bathroom!

I've still been on one pill every four hours. Feeling really good with that. Chest is tight and I can't lift my arms very high. I was also told to completely restrict shoulder movement for 72 hours.

It's crazy the differences you notice day by day. Yesterday you couldn't really see my collarbones I was so swollen, but they already seem a bit lower today! This bra does kind of suck but it's a pretty material at least.

Forgot to upload pics!

Here's some photos from day 1! I'm very bloated so that kind of sucks but happy with them!

Better every day

Feeling so much better today. I was able to shower yesterday, it felt amazing! I'm also Relieved I can lift my arms to touch my face comfortably! My breasts are a bit red on the undersides, did anyone else experience this? I think it's just from the bra. Which, by the way, is so itchy :( so glad my mom is here to keep scratching my back, I would go nuts! We are going to leave the house for a few hours, hopefully I feel good!

Doing amazing!

Sorry it's taken me a bit to update ladies. Three days after surgery I had some personal stuff going on and it's been a really tough time! Each day was better and better. I felt amazing and was off my meds by day 4-5 (could have stopped sooner but like I said, with the personal stuff going on I didn't want to have more stuff to deal with so I kept myself comfortable).

On day 6 had my first post op, everything is perfect so far. He said everything was good. No lifting above my head, but everything else that feels comfortable I can do! And light weights and cardio starting at the three week mark!

As far as bras go, the medical bra was a killer for the first bit, it was nice to let them out to breathe for the first bit. He said I can wear whatever I want that's comfortable, so I have this cute little bralette from urban outfitters (I think it was maybe $25) that I finally fill out! So I've been wearing that a bit too.

I've already noticed quite a difference in how they feel and look. They are the perfect size for me! I went shopping earlier this week to Try to find a front closure sports bra (they were still a bit sore so I didn't buy anything) and I know they're really swollen, but I couldn't even get close to fitting in a 32 d. Excited for final results!

I HIGHLY recommend a wedge pillow (couldn't order one online in time so I found a 7" tall one from bed bath and beyond) and a travel neck pillow!!! Saved my life.

Let me know if you have questions!

Ps. My stats are
5'2" 115 lbs, pre-op small 32B
I got low/moderate profile implants, cohesive gel, 280cc in my left and 300cc in my right to accommodate for a bit of unevenness.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

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