Natrelle 415/370 SSF - Calgary, AB

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Hi everybody! Let me just say how amazing this...

Hi everybody!
Let me just say how amazing this website is! Everyone is so open and helpful!

I have been wanting bigger boobs for quite a few years now. I feel like I am out of proportion because I have hips and a bubble butt but my breasts are super tiny. Don't get me wrong..I love my body and I feel confident but I just want a little more curves! My dream is to fill out a bikini and walk around feeling amazing about my breasts.

I had a consultation with dr whidden in Calgary a few months ago and it went great! All the staff was super friendly and helpful. Dr whidden was very professional and understood exactly what I wanted.

I am very active, I lift weights/run 5 days a week so I don't want large implants that will effect my workouts. He suggested 375/365 cc natrelle silicone implants. I tried on the sizers and I felt comfortable with the size. I felt like maybe I could have gone bigger. He then let me try on 415cc and I felt that looked too big, as I am on the slimmer side.

I decided to go with 375/365 cc when I booked the surgery but I have another sizing appointment a few weeks before my surgery just to confirm that's what I want. I keep going back and forth between the sizes now..I have read so many reviews of people saying they wish they went bigger so maybe I need to go bigger. I am really confused so I'm glad I hAve a follow up before the surgery so I can take some pictures and decide.

I posted a few before pics!


I am 24 years old

125 lbs
I wear and fill a C32 (I know, super surprising)

Proportion pics

Decided on size! Went with 415 cc

Hi Everyone,

I had a follow up sizing appointment this morning and I am super confident with the sizing now..

Originally I was set on 375/365 mod + profile and I didn't give the other sizers a chance, probably because I was so nervous..
Today the surgeons assistant, Trista, let me try on the sizers representing 415 cc mod + profile and I felt really comfortable with that size. I posted a picture showing you the difference between 375 and 415 and it is very minimal.
My main concern about size is going to small so I've decided to go with the larger size!

Getting excited about surgery! Its coming up quickly!

What do you guys think??

Got exact sizes

Okay! Soo I got a call today from the surgeons assistant and she told me that Doctor whidden is going to place 415 cc SRF in my right and 370 cc SRF in the left. It sounds like a big jump from left to right but the projection difference is only .3 cm .

Surgery is a week away and I'm soooo excited.

When I tried on the sizers at the clinic last week I was really set on my size but now I can't stop thinking about sure I'm not the only patient that questions size non stop lol..but I told the assistant thAt I am set and I don't want to keep going back and forth haha.

Countdown is on!

In less than 24 hrs I'll be getting my new additions! I am so excited but I think a little more nervous. Ive never been sedated before so I'm nervous to experience that for the first time. I went to Walmart last night and bought a sports bra with a zipper in the front. I bought a large so I hope the size is good. I assume he wants it to fit quite tight to add support. I also bought a baggy night gown.. It's hideous but it'll be comfy as long as I can somehow get into it haha.

I'll post something tomorrow to let you know how it went!!


Hey everyone! So surgery went great!
I got there at 10 30 and I didn't have to wait at all. The nurse took me back answered any questions then the gave me some medication. Dr whidden came in and told me about the surgery then drew some markings on me and we went back to the surgery room!
I laid down and got the iv in my arm and honestly all I remember is a lady saying enjoy your sleep and that's it.. I was out!

I woke up to the nurse's gentle voice and I felt sooo out of it. I started bawling haha. Dr whidden asked why I was crying. And I said (don't judge me I was so out of it) I just appreciate you guys and how great everyone is here thankyou so much!
Once the general wore off my mom picked me up and we had a half hr drive back home. I felt a bit nauseous; I felt like I might puke then I started getting the chills and then sweaty and back and forth. Luckily that went away.
Now I'm laying down in bed watching some shows and I'm very comfortable. Not much pain at all. I feel alot of pressure but I wouldn't say It hurts. My skin is also so tight and hard!

All in all I would say surgery went great and this recovery so far is tolerable. I think staying positive will help me heal faster. I haven't opened the bra yet because I don't want to move my arms much.

Fever is worse than pain

Hi everyone,

Just made it through night two of post op and I had a pretty bad sleep. Not because there was pain it's because of the dArn fevers. I'll wake up every half hour to the feeling of having to throw up and I never do but that feeling sucks a lot.

My movement is still quite limited I can't reach out or too far forward without a intense stretch or discomfort feeling.

The size so far was a great choice. Although I feel my right boob with the 415 is projecting a cm more! I understand whidden is super intelligent and he knows what he's doing so I'm sure as the swelling goes down that they'll even out.

Did any of you guys have bruising around the incision? I have a fair bit of bruising there mostly on the bigger implant size and the nurse told me just to let her know if it gets worse or if it spreads to the trying to stay positive because I know that helps significantly with recovery.


I've already noticed a difference in the shape! They re slowly starting to look like boobs as opposed to squished and tight things on my chest haha.

My hot flashes went away I honestly think that was happening because of the generAl and all the oxy I was taking the first few days.

I tried stretching my arms out to the side but I only made it about 30 degrees without pain and tightness. I can do all functional stuff At this point like carrying plates, glasses, and combing hair. Twisting the pill bottle open is uncomfortable as it requires pushing down firmly and twisting. I am able to shower comfortably and change clothing fine as well. I have to move super slow when I change just to make sure I don't twist or over the wrong way.

I have been keeping an eye on the started dark purple which scared me a bit but now (as shown) it's yellow , which means it's healing so that is great!

I still feel like the size is perfect. I didn't tell my brother yet as I don't see hi much and last night with a regular sweater on he didn't notice whatsoever! So I like how I can hide them in clothes if I want to but topless they sure do look big which is nice as well.

Two weeks

Well I don't know what i was so worried about..this recovery has been so much easier than expected. I have no pain at all, I can sleep on both sides now and full range of motion.

As you can see in pictures my left boob doesn't have much of a definite line like my right does so they look uneven.. I'm trying to stay positive about that because at my follow up appt the surgeon did say my right (the bigger implant) will take longer to relax and catch up to the smaller implant. Soo fingers crossed that they even out because not gonna lie..I'm a tad upset they look so different..

I am back at work full time now and so far it's been okay. I work in physiotherapy so I am on my feet all day and am stretching and moving around patients all day. I don't have pain doing anything at work but I'm definitely not half as fast as I used to be..I'm being extremely cautious..for preventative reasons, of course.

I am happy with the size..I definitely think they are on the smaller side..I tried on a bathing suit and there isn't a "wow" factor I was expecting. I mean, they look good, but they are by no means, big.

I have my 2nd follow up appt with whidden on nov 4th at the 6th week mark so we will see what happens then..

I'll keep posting once a week in case people are interested in my story and experience.


It's funny how breasts look so different with different lighting. I feel great about them in this bathroom lol. I feel like they are looking quite natural already..not too square they look round so I am happy right now.

One month!

Hi everyone! So it's officially 4 weeks...and 1 day. They feel great. squishy now and absolutely no pain doing daily activities. I know I'm not supposed to weight train yet but for a second a was curious how a plank would feel so I tried it and I didn't feel any pain!

I went bra shopping and I fit a DD 32 or even DDD in certain styles. My incisions have healed but they are a tad tender when pressure is on them so I've been wearing a sports bra or bralette.

They feel like a part of me now. I feel very comfortable with the size and now that the swelling is gone the implant size difference isn't noticeable so I'm happy my surgeons choice! I'll post more pics!

7 weeks

Follow up appt

I had my 6 week follow up appt with whidden this afternoon. I expressed my little concern about there uneven appearance and he agreed. He was hoping the breast with the bigger implant would've settled down at the cleavage area and it hasn't so he said to give it 6 months and if they still look uneven to me he will put 415 in the left side to match the 415 on the right. He was sooo good about it. I was nervous to tell him I wasn't 100% happy and right away he told me what he could do..and at no cost at all which is nice of him.

They look good to me and I am happy but I do notice the presentation difference in them and my shirts do pull over to the right side (bigger implant) so it does seem slightly off.
He also said that my scars are redder than average so I just need to put the silicone strips on at night more religiously.

Other than the very slight asymmetry they feel amazing! No pain at all. Dr whidden said I can start strengthening, as tolerated! Yay!

I hope I don't need a second surgery in 6 months but if I do at least recovery is only a few days and it'll make them even better.

Almost 4 months

It'll be four months on the 14th and time has flown by!
My breasts feel great. I can finally sleep in any position at this point which is great!
They have dropped quite a bit so they look really natural. I am still set on getting that second surgery..They don't look as even as I wanted them too. If I wear a bra you cant see the size difference at all it's only in a bikini or topless so I am okay with waiting like the dr suggested till the 6 month mark.
My only complaint really is about working out. I was used to lifting as heavy as I could and jumping around alot but I can't comfortably squat heavy or so any back workouts that require pull downs or pull ups because of the discomfort.

6 months

Time has flown by! I am settling in to my new girls so nicely. They have dropped and I am very happy with the results..However ,there is still the minor appearance difference still.
I saw my surgeon last month and he says they're healing great but he agrees that he can make them more symmetrical if he?takes out the 370 and replaced it with 415 to be the same size as other implant. I'm so happy my surgeon is so honest and open about his work.
We booked a 2nd surgery for June 15 the. He was hoping we could do it sooner but my scars are still too red to open them up at this point. I'm not too nervous for the second surgery as he keeps telling me that it'll be a breeze compared to the first one and the complication risks are almost 0%.
I am super happy with how they look and feel though! I have developed this new confidence in myself and I feel great.
I still think the siZe choice is perfect. I can hide them if I want in sweaters or I can really flaunt them in tight shirts! It's so nice I have options.
I can't stress enough that people who are nervous to go the bigger size option should go for it!!! You'll get used to then quickly.

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