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Right now I'm trying to find a good surgeon who...

Right now I'm trying to find a good surgeon who will be able to do beautiful work ( implants, lipo of butt, thighs, flanks and a thigh lift) with minimal scarring. I'm not interested in a tummy tuck, hence the " half a mommy makeover". I'm still saving up, and I would like to find the best doctor for the best price. I'm not opposed to travel to find that. Help!

wish pic

I've read so many reviews and looked at so many before and after pictures my head is spinning. I know that with my job being extremely physical, I'm going to need 6 weeks off after my surgery, or I'll have to ask if I can have light duties for a few week, and I don't know what my chances are with that. It's something I have to look into.
I talked to a very nice lady yesterday who had breast implants put in by Dr. Corwin Martin in Scottsdale, AZ. Her scar is barely visible ( in her armpit) She's so very happy with the results, but she has numbness on one of her arms, and that makes me wonder if it's better to have the implant scar put in under the breast.

Quote from Dr. Repeat in Scottsdale, AZ

I contacted Dr. Repta to get a quote for breast implants (without lift) and liposuction of thighs, flanks and tummy. I got a very quick response from a lady called Cindy. She quoted me 19-21000 US dollars.... so Dr. Repta won't be the one doing my surgeries. I have been looking into doctors in Phoenix though, since my boyfriend has a house there. Unfortunately with the Canadian dollar being so weak, it wouldn't make sense economically to have the surgery done in the US unless prices comes down dramatically.

I need to find out if my employer will allow me to work light duties for a few weeks after my surgery. I have a very physical job, and I'd rather not be off for 6 weeks... I just feel nervous about asking.

Fat transfer to breasts?

I'm starting to consider fat transfer to breasts instead of implants. The reason for this is that the recovery time is supposedly shorter, which would be very helpful to me since I have a very physical job, and would need 6 weeks off if I went with implants. Another reason is not having to worry about ruptured implants, capsule forming, or explant surgery at any point. I will contact some doctors in the area to inquire.

44 Year Old Soon to Be Blinski Doll! Breast Fat Transfer

Hi everyone!

It took me a long while to decide on procedure and doctor. I chose Dr. Blinski because of his knowledge, experience and passion while also keeping the price of procedure in mind. I know Dr.B is a true artist when it comes to BBLs, and I'm confident that he will do his utmost to make my surgery a success. I'm traveling from Canada to see him, so this is a huge deal for me. I hope I can slim my bottom half while boosting my boobs a fair bit.
I'm very impressed with the way he answers his texts personally if there's any questions.
I've done my blood work here in Canada, I'm just waiting to get printouts of the results on wednesday so I can fax them to Dr. B. I also have the meds Dr. B instructed me to get, so I'm set there. Flight and hotel is booked, and I have time off work. I can't wait to have this done! I want boobs, and a killer body!

Don't know what happened to my pics...


I got all my lab results back, and as it turns out, I have cysts in my right boob. I was worried that the cyst situation would stand in the way of my surgery, but I worried for nothing. Dr. B texted me back (after hours) to talk at length about my lab results and put me at ease. He asked me to text pictures of the lab results, so I did. He told me to get treatment for my bladder infection and not worry about the cysts. I was just so grateful that he would talk to me after hours that I may or may not have called him a rock star. But chances are that I did... he just continues to impress me..

I don't know what exactly to expect after the surgery, but I'm staying in Miami for 5 (?) days after the surgery. I'm HOPING that I'll feel well enough to go see some of what Miami has to offer. I've never been to Miami and I'm actually from Sweden, so it feels somewhat exotic. I hope I'm not stuck in bed all week...

I can't wait for this to happen, I'm soooo excited!

Closer to the date

Today it's a week until I have my surgery. I keep reading reviews of breast fat transfers on here, and I'm starting to get a bit anxious. There is no doubt in my mind that I've chosen the right doctor, and that if anyone can make this surgery a success it's him. I know there's a fair chance that the fat transfered won't stick, and that would be a great disappointment. However... if that is what the scenario will be like, I hope and pray that the liposuction of my midsection will turn out beautifully and even out my proportions. I'm hoping for a big change on my flanks, hips, tummy and thighs. I've gained weight so that to make sure i have enough fat for the transfer, and i absolutely hate it. I guess if I don't retain the breast fat, but get my midsection slimmed down beautifully, then maybe this will be money well spent regardless.

Before pictures 5 days pre op

5 days until surgery!
I'm so anxious now. I had a nightmare I went into surgery for breast enlargement but woke up with a Blinski butt instead. Nothing wrong with Blinski butts, I love them, but I already have a large bum...and no boobs.

First meeting with Dr. B

I met Dr. B this morning. It's so silly, but I got totally starstruck. I've read so many reviews and I've followed him him here and researched him other places too, so it felt like I was meeting a celebrity, lol
He checked over my meds and made sure I had everything, asked some questions and then we went into the examining room to take some photos. He told me we'd be lucky if he could get one litre of good fat off of me, which I found surprising. Apparently I don't have as much fat as I thought, which is somewhat disappointing.
He did some measuring of my chest area and told me I have good numbers. Unfortunately I forgot to ask what that means.
Surgery is tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 6 am. Please say a little prayer for me

Thank you for your prayers and good vibes!

Hello, guys (?) And dolls!
I had my surgery yesterday and let me tell you I was surprised by in how much pain I was right after. It was agony. All I could do was moan for 4 hours, even with all my pain meds. My boobs didn't hurt much at all, and still doesn't, but the liposuction sites! Yikes! I was using the full permitted dose of pain meds all day yesterday and slept a lot of the day. Woke up with a head ache, and now I'm OK with just a couple of advil. I'll post better pictures later, because everything is just really swollen now. Dr. B managed to get 2 liters of fat out of me, he's a true talent. I don't know yet how much he ended up putting in my boobs. I see him again on Monday, so I'll find out all the details then.
I could not have gone through this without my companion. He's been walking me to and from the bathroom, and fixing my bed, bringing me water etc. So bring a friend if you do this, or stay at a recovery Centre.
Lots of love


Pain and swelling

It is now 3 days after my surgery and after having had a really good day painwise yesterday, I'm now having one with a fair amount of pain and what I feel like is more swelling in the lipo areas today. I'm quite uncomfortable in my garment. I think I have one on that is made for BBLs, because it doesn't feel like it's putting pressure on my bum at all, and frankly I think the swelling is pushed out to that area so that my butt looks bigger. Hopefully it's just temporary. Boob update: left feels really good. It's getting softer already. The right one is pretty hard and sore, but I think that's to be expected since Dr. B transferred more fat into that one. To me they both look amazing, and I really really hope the beautiful fat in there will stay!
My lipo sites are bruised and sore. It's just 3 days post, so all and all I think I'm doing pretty darn good. I want to go home though. Miami is really nice, but I don't feel well enough to explore it.
I'm seeing Dr. B tomorrow for a follow up. I'll see if I can upload some pictures after that.

Some pictures. Day 3 post

I'm having trouble uploading my pics...

I'm nauseous and have a fever

Hi pretties!
I travelled back to Calgary yesterday, and travelling went very well. I was starting to feel just a tiny bit nauseous on the way, but nothing too bad.
When I was home I didn't have any groceries at home, so I had to go grocery shopping. And then I really wanted to wash my compression garment, because I've been in it since surgery day and it felt a bit gross. As a consequence I spent the night without it. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I spiked a fever during the night, and felt really nauseous. I still have a fever and nausea, so I've stayed on the couch all day, trying to drink a lot of fluids and eat properly. I read in the info that Dr. B gave me that fevers aren't uncommon, and not to worry unless it's over 101 F, and it isn't. So I'm not worrying. Just waiting .
And I may have developed a small crush on Dr. B. He's a really cool person, and he tells it like it is. If I'm ever stupid enough to do something like this again, I'll go all the way to Miami to have him do it. And you never know. Once I forget about the pain and agony, and only see the beautiful results, I may consider other improvements.

Oh, I knoooow! Shouldn't be buying bras.

....but Dr. B said I could wear wire bras any time I wanted, and I wanted. My old bras are now useless to me, yay! I know I have to wait to see what my boobs will do with the transferred fat, but in the meantime imma enjoy them!

9 days post op

My nipples are so sore from not being used to sticking out this much. I put bandaids on to protect them.

3 week update

Hi ladies!
I want back to work 2 weeks after my procedure with no problems. I have an extremely physical job, and it gets hot and sweaty in the compression garnment...other than that I can't complain.
Some of the lipo incisions are taking longer to heal than others, and I still have some swelling and bruising, but I am loving the shape that is emerging.

So far I'm very happy

Still retaining the fat

I have an awesome rack. I have no more swelling in my boobs, and only spots on my lower back and outer thighs that are a bit swollen still. I feel beautiful! To top things off I now have slim hips and thighs!
Sometimes I get quite itchy, especially on my lower back and outer thighs, but I'm sure that'll resolve over time. It's just that I scratch so I get new bruises. I know...I shouldn't scratch it...sigh...

Dr. B didn't overfill either of my breasts, I had lots of room in there after breastfeeding 2 kids. However, since one breast was a lot smaller than the other, he put more fat into that one. (350 cc and 550cc) and I don't think I have lost even a little bit of it.
I asked Dr. B what technique of lipo he uses for fat transfers, and he calls it layered liposuction of Dr. Blinski, lol. It's a technique he's perfected over the last 38 years that not only gets beautiful results in the lipo areas, but the fat is pure and perfect for transfers apparently. I can't disagree with that.

I have some scarring from the lipo that I'm not quite sure what to do with yet, but I'll wait to see if I have to do anything at all. They may improve over time.ill go snap som pics now, so you all get to see. (I may have gained a couple of pounds while on vacation, but I'm embracing it)

Pictures today


Still no changes

I'm still filling up a D-cup. (From barely a b)

Still filling up a D-cup

I'm still so so happy! I'll start working out a bit more now and watch my diet. It feels like the fat is mine to keep.

Incision scars

I do have some scars that are bothering me. I've been putting mederma on them. I used silicone sheets for a couple of days, but they gave me a rash, so I had to stop.

I travelled all the way from Canada to have my breast fat transfer performed by Dr. Blinski in Miami. I did a tremendous amount of research before deciding on Dr.B, so when I made my decision I was 100% sure that I was in extremely capable hands. It's now 6 weeks after my procedure, and I couldn't be happier. It was a good experience from start to finish, and worth both the cost and hassle of travelling and hotels. Dr. Blinski knows what he's doing, and he's driven by a desire to see good results. You can tell he likes what he's doing. :o)

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