24y/o, BA, 415cc, Cohessive Gel, Full Projection, Smooth, (A to D Cup) Calgary, AB

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I chose Doctor Paul GR. Whidden from Calgary, AB...

I chose Doctor Paul GR. Whidden from Calgary, AB as my PS and so far I could not be happier.
I went for my consultation the beginning of March 2016 and had my Brest augment done April 21, 2016. They are still VERY new, but my expirience so far has been great.

I looked mainly online for many plastic surgeons in Calgary and near by because I decided I wanted to stay close to home for my procedure. I emailed and called mainly ps's offices, and then finally made my decision to book my consultation with Dr. Whidden! I looked up his credentials and I looked over many of his reviews and the consultation made me feel like I made the right decision for my PS.

My consultation was great! The staff was amazing from the ladies at the front office, to the nurses, and everyone else I dealt with. They were professional but friendly and very kind. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Not to mention the office was nice and clean (always a good thing). A waited a few minutes in the waiting room before they brought me into the consultation room. The first person I saw was Dr. Whidden's nurse. She took pictures, went through the peocedure with me, asked health questions, and also answered any of my questions. Then Doctor Whidden came in, he was very kind, he took my measurements and we decided on my implant size together. I tried on two different implant sizers. I decided I liked the look of the second one best (full projection).
After all that was done, I was taken back to the waiting and waiting for the another woman to come get to decide on a surgery date. I really wanted for mid to end April and they were able to find me in April 21st!

Now the waiting game... For the most part I was very excited and couldn't wait to for my surgery date. About a week before surgery I had a breif bit of anxiety, all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind (what if I went to big, what if something goes wrong, etc.). I did some worrying that night but after that i remembered the trust I had in Dr. Whidden and how happy I was at my consultation and was pretty relaxed for the rest of the days before surgery.

Day of surgery... I slept well the night before considering, but I did wake up early due to excitement. I had a shower and washed myself head to toe with the antibacterial soap they gave me, as well as washed my hair. I took out all my jewelry. Nothing to eat/drink since 9pm the night before. My surgery was at noon, so I had my boyfriend pick me up around 11am and we were at the office around 11:40.
My boyfriend and I both went to a different waiting room to wait for about 15mins. Then we went to another room where I put on my surgical gown, pants and undies could be left on, and they gave me plastic flip flops, as well as a warmed house coat. The nurse came in talked to me about the procedure and answered all my questioned I still had. She would also be my recovery nurse after surgery. After speaking with her, the anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself (as well very kind) he gave us an approximate time of pick up (3:30pm). Dr. Whidden then came in and drew some markings on me, answered any questioned I had for him. After that, not even 3 minutes later, it was time for my boyfriend to leave and time for my to go to surgery!

That's when I started to get nervous, even shed a tear or two, but the nurses were super kind, one held my hand and wiped my tears. She was very reassuring, I appreciated that. Before I knew it the nurse put an oxygen mask on me and said to me I would be sleeping very soon, and that's the last thing I remember.

I then woke up in recovery. Not going to lie, I was sore and tight, but it was definitely tolerable (pain was initially close to a 6-7) and then my recovery nurse gave me my pain killers and within 30mins it was closer to a 2 or 3.

After surgery my boyfriend picked me up at 3:30pm and the nurse helped me into the vehicle. I felt no nausea until I was in the truck, but it passed after 10mins and I did not throw up. Once that feeling passed I started to feel hungry again, so we stopped for soup and a smoothie. We finally got home, then came the ride in the elevator, in there I started to feel very warm and a little nauseous. if I stood for too long I would feel a little nauseous for a few minutes. I drank my smoothie, had a nap, then ate my soup. All in all still feeling good.

I slept propped up with pillows on a 45 degree angle, through the night a set alarms to take my pills on time. I woke up about every two hours (I'm not sure why) but I would fall right back asleep within 5 minutes. The pills make me very drowsy so I try to only take the 1 instead of the two.

The following morning (1 day post-op) I woke up feeling pretty good, they told me I could shower so I did. I did need help, taking on and off my compression bra. As well as washing my hair. I started to feel sick standing in the shower so I decided to take my first Gravol. After that I felt pretty good, we went to get a smoothie (I was not driving obviously) then we walked around a couple stores. That wore me out pretty fast so I decided to go home and have a nap. Woke up feeling good.

The pain I have now is about a 2, unless I accidentally move a certain way to strain my muscles in my armpit area, then it can hurt quite a bit. I try to keep my arm movements to a minimum. It definitely helps having someone around for the first few days (I can't even open my own pill bottles) but nothing I can't handle!

The cost was just over $10,000CAN and that includes everything, my medication, my bra, consultation fee, etc.

I will post pictures further along for anyone considered Dr. Paul Whidden.

I'm very happy so far!

My stats

24yrs old
Procedure: Breast augmentation
Implant: 415cc, smooth, full projection, under the muscle, and under breast crease incision.


4 Days Post-Op & Compression Bra

I had a Scare and Hurt my Right Boob :(

I had a scare on post-op day 5, I was getting ready for work in the morning and went to sit down and I used my arm to brace myself... OMG, it hurt! It hurt in the chest muscle over my implant. It scared me quite a bit. I also had my post-op appointment later that afternoon, so I mentioned it to my doctor. He said everything looks great and it should be fine. The next day I did it again! I was getting into my car and used my right arm to push myself up and hurt it again. Ugh... now my right side hurts in that area still on day 9. Although I feel like the pain is getting better so I will monitor it and if it gets worse I will contain my surgeon again.

Slowly but Surely...

It has been about 9 days since my surgery. I feel pretty good. I still have some pain mainly in the breast area ( on the right side) but I have almost full movement of my arms. There are some things I have to do slowly, like putting on my jacket, but almost back to normal in that department.

They have dropped a small bit and have rounded out somewhat. They are still sitting pretty high though. I think day of surgery the tops of my breasts were sitting about one finger width from my collar bone and now they are sitting about three, almost four, so they're slowly getting there! I honestly cannot wait for them to be in their final stages. My doctor says at about 6 weeks I'll be very happy with them. (3 and a half more weeks to go!!)

At 2 weeks post op I can remove my bandages from over my incision sites, if they have not already fallen off on their own. So I will update pictures of them then. My doctor said at 6 weeks I should have resumed all activities I was doing before surgery, working out, etc. And until then I can slowly build up to that point. I'm really antsy to get back in the gym (after all summer is not that far around the corner). I finished my antibiotics on day 5. I am NOT taking any pains meds :) I stopped taking those through the day on day 3 and was taking only half a pill before bed (I found my back got very stiff and sore). I stopped taking them before bed on day 6.

Hardly in any pain now. In the mornings I feel some pain, more like a stiffness, but as I move around that goes away. My right boob hurts to touch on one part of the muscle over my implant, kind of close to the centre of my chest, it could be from when I hurt it :( My left boob feels great, there is a little soreness if I push on the incision site but nothing major. My left boob and right boob have a little pain in different spots which is totally normal, or at least that's what I was told. My nipple sensation is coming back (it was somewhat lacking in the left and completely gone in the right). Now I'm slowly regaining feeling in my boobs and nipples (nipples are extremely sensitive to touch, in the areas that there is feeling). I can now sleep in whatever position I want but my back is most comfortable for my boobs still.

I bought my first sports bra. After one week I was aloud to wear whatever bra is comfortable. My doctor said preferably a sports bra to begin with as it is still stretchy and without underwire. So I bought a large black sports bra with thin straps, very stretchy, no padding except thicker material over the nipple because the medical bra I had was showing my nipples if I was wearing a thin top and cold lol!

I should mention I went back to work day 5 post-op. I have an office job. Felt fine, just very tired at the end of the day.

That about wraps up my first week and a half post-op.

I'll post more pics as more changes come :)

Feeling Really Good

I wanted to update on how I am feeling at 11 days post-op. It's like a day and night difference from only 3 days ago! I can sleep on either of my sides, my breast pain in the morning as significantly decreased, and there's no more pain around my incision sites. The only uncomfort I'm feeling now is my boobs are tender and sensitive to touch, there is also a small bit of achy pain random times throughout the day but nothing major.
I can move my arms in any way without pain but forceful pushing and pulling (like pulling to open a door too hard) causes a pulling-like feeling in my underarm area. Not really painful but just like its stretching that muscle. (Sorry it's hard to describe). Each day I notice improvement, so that makes me happy.
My nipples are still extremely sensitive to touch, kinda in a painful way. That may be the most pain I'm feeling at this point in recovery.

My boobs physically are still pretty hard. Slowly getting more movement out of them.

2 Weeks Post-Op (Scars)

Bandages off! Feels good. I've seen my scars for the first time.

Scars Update 3.5 weeks post op


I am just over 1 month post-op. I'm so happy with my BA! I was sized today at Victoria secret as a 32 DDD, I couldn't believe it, but I wasn't complaining. There was some days I thought I wish I went bigger and I feel like today just confirms that I didn't need to go any bigger.

Boobs are much softer, dropped quite a bit and I'm overall very happy with my results so far.

Slowly getting back into my workout routine, taking spin classes twice a week (not using weights yet).

5 Weeks Post-Op and Happy :)

3 months post-op

Still love them! They're becoming very soft and natural feeling/looking. I feel very comfortable with myself now. Scars are healing up really well. I have absolutely no discomfort, pain or stiffness anymore. I'm very excited to have these puppies healed up and looking great for this summer.

7 Months Post Op

It's been 7 months since my procedure and I am beyond happy with the out turn. They feel great. They're softer now and bounce/move like real breasts. 100% worth it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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