19 Years Old - Finally Got Labiaplasty - Calgary, AB

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My labia minors was always pretty normal until I...

My labia minors was always pretty normal until I hit puberty. I noticed it became larger and protruded from my labia majora and I became very aware of it. Apparently hormone changes can cause this rapid growth and that's probably what happened with mine. It slowly grew larger throughout high school and I was very self conscious about it, I waited a year and a half of dating to have sex with my first serious boyfriend because I was so afraid he wouldn't like it. He never said anything about it but I noticed it made sex difficult sometimes because it got in the way. In grade 12 I dated a really mean guy, and he pointed it out right away and told me I had "beef curtains". I didn't open up sexually for a long time after that became I was so embarrassed about it. Once my labia stopped growing I noticed it was at the point where it would get in the way of wearing a bikini, cute underwear, and tight leggings. It was also hard to clean and caused a lot of discomfort if my clothing pulled on it or I wasn't very careful during sex. I knew I wanted Labiaplasty for quite a while and finally did my research on it this year. Today I had the procedure done and I have to admit it wasn't very painful, and it went by very quickly! I was super prepared with polysporin, gauze, pads, loose sweatpants, and large underwear. I bought a blow up donut thingy to sit on in my car so I could drive home afterwards and the drive started out alright. But as I was driving the local anesthetic wore off and I've never experienced that kind of pain in my life. I took T3's before the numbing went away but they didn't seem to help. I came home in tears and could hardly walk, going downstairs was a nightmare as well. I had to use the bathroom and everything down there is so bloody and swollen I couldn't figure out how to wipe and clean it off. I've now been laying in my bed for 2 hours crying and unable to nap from the pain. I took my antibiotics and a couple more T3's and propped my knees up a bit with a pillow, but the burning pain still hasn't gotten any better. I was planning on missing school tomorrow but I thought I could go to school on Thursday.. I don't know if that's happening anymore. I really hope the pain doesn't get worse from here because I don't know if I can take any more.

Night 1 after Labiaplasty

Finally I was able to get a few hours of sleep, my T3's kicked in and as long as I didn't move the pain was just a small ache from the swelling. I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom really bad and I have come to dread this part. This is the third time I've gone to the bathroom since I got home and it's the worst part. It burns to pee and I still can't figure out how to clean it because it's all so swollen. It looks like a mangled grapefruit down there. I tried gently pouring lukewarm water over it because I read that someone else did that when they went pee, but that just caused the stinging and bleeding to start all over again from my stitches and I don't think it cleaned anything because the swelling got in the way. I've tried three times now to apply a little bit of polysporin on my labia but it's bleeding too much to stick, so I think the polysporin won't be going on until things have clotted and the bleeding stops. I tried using saline spray as well and it just hurt a lot. Every time I stand up I get super nauseous and I'm guessing that's from the T3's. I probably should've bought Gravol to help with that but I didn't think of it. I'm back in bed now and I'm in that same position where I lay on my back and have a pillow under my knees with my legs slightly spread apart. I will probably have a decent sleep tonight but I'm scared for tomorrow. If the swelling gets worse I'm going to try gently icing it by placing a frozen facecloth over it. Goodnight for now!

Day 2 - Labiaplasty

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I got myself a spray bottle and some Gravol. I'm no longer nauseous at all and the pain is very minimal. I am only laying down or sitting on my blow-up donut so I don't cause any extra pain to my incisions. I'm finding the spray bottle filled with lukewarm is helping clean the area a lot after going to the bathroom. I've been taking my T3's, Gravol, and antibiotics regularily. I'm going to make sure I eat yogurt all week as to avoid a yeast infection. I'm so swollen and bruised down there but it's weird because it's mostly on the left side and almost no swelling on the right side. I'm going to take my first shower since the surgery tonight and I'm nervous that it will cause bleeding. The bleeding thoughout the day hasn't been too bad, but it's steady. It's really hard for me to walk because of the swelling so I'm anxious for the swelling to go down.

Night 2 - Labiaplasty

After going to the bathroom and spraying the area with water, I patted it dry and noticed lots of blood clots coming off. I had my first shower since the surgery and experienced no stinging or pain which was nice. I used Trisoderm soap on my whole body and just let the soap and water run over my incision area multiple times. After the shower I sprayed a little more water on it just to make sure all the soap was washed away. I used a frozen cloth to ice the area for a while after my shower and it felt like heaven since the left side is extremely swollen. I have to walk with my legs apart because of how swollen it is, but as long as nothing is touching it I am feeling no pain. I'm sleeping with a light gauze and baggy shorts with a sanitary pad inside tonight. My knees are propped up with a pillow and so far this is the most comfortable I've felt since the surgery. Goodnight!

Day 3 -Labiaplasty

OMG so much swelling and bruising, especially the left side. I will definitely be icing the area on and off all day. I finally took a picture, but all you curious people-be warned its really scary looking.

Finally looking a bit better!

So my surgery was on Tuesday and it is now Saturday. The swelling seemed to get worse over time so I started icing the area and finally the swelling has gone down a little bit! The pain is also very minimal now so I'm just taking my antibiotics and regular Tylenol. I still can't sit down without my donut thingy, and I still walk with my legs wide apart because walking normally pushes on the swollen spots and hurts. I got my period a couple days ago and that's pretty annoying since I'm constantly a bloody mess and all I can do is wear pads. I will include a couple pictures, one from yesterday and one from today.

5 Days Post-op

Swelling has gone down more, I can finally sleep on my stomach which is amazing! I actually went out in public last night and did fun social things, I just couldn't walk too fast. The left side is still more swollen than the right side but they both feel better today. I have my follow-up with my surgeon in a couple days so I'll give my next update then!

Day 6 Post-op

Today everything was very itchy and I thought it was my stitches at first because they are getting dry but after taking a picture it looks like one of the stitches on the right side(less swollen side) about 2/3 of the way up may have fallen out too early, and I am also getting a rash on the lower bottom right side just on my skin so I'm going to ask my surgeon about it in the morning. The swelling and brushing on the labia majora are way better today but at the bottom of my labia minora in front of my vagina there is still so much swelling and I'm not sure why. I have been putting a little bit of Vaseline on my stitches so they don't itch too much and I've been thoroughly cleaning the area with a spray bottle filled with water and spray-on saline solution. I also ice the area a few times a day for about 20 mins each time.

Looking better

Alright it's been more than a week since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I went to see my surgeon yesterday for a follow up but he was super backed up and I told him I could come back Thursday(tomorrow). I've been putting polysporin on the spot where I think the stitch fell out, and Vaseline on all the rest to keep them from being itchy. I think the rash I got was from everything being wet down there all the time because I had my period all week and was wearing pads. My period is over now and I cleaned and dried the rashly area really well last night and today I woke up and it's no longer itchy, the skin is just peeling off. I will still ask about it tomorrow though. I got a great sleep last night and I can finally sit down and walk around without too much discomfort. I still sit on my donut thingy when I drive. Swelling and bruising have gone down a lot.

2 Weeks from Surgery Date

My stitches are starting to fall out and the swelling it still going down. I can walk normally and sit down now but I can't sit down for very long without discomfort. My surgeon told me to put polysporin on my stitches and incisions because the area can become infected so easily. I'm eating lots of yogurt because I don't want to risk a yeast infection. Still a long ways to go until final results, but I'm happy so far!

Incision Problems

So far everything has been going very well and I rarely feel discomfort and pain. There is still obvious swelling but it continues to decrease. About 1 week ago I noticed two places on the lower left side where the incision opened up and wouldn't close again. I saw my surgeon right away and he said to just keep it really clean, always spray water when I pee and keep a light coating of polysporin on the area. He also gave me a second set of antibiotics to prevent infection. I was reassured that it will close on its own I just have to be clean and gentle with it.

Almost healed

I am extremely happy with my results so far. There is only one part of the incision area that hasn't completely closed and it's below the entrance to the vagina. It's very painless and looks great, and the other swelling that hasn't gone away is around the incisions that haven't closed yet. I had sex not long ago and the area had minor swelling afterwards but no pain.
Dr. Jonathon Lee

Super friendly, gentle, and thorough. He did not rush me through anything and answered all of my questions. I could tell he was very experienced and wasn't nervous about the procedure at all. He warned me about the pain, but I didn't realize that it would actually be that bad. Great doctor to have though! I am following up with him in a week.

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