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I am 5'3, a mother of 4 kids 7, 5, 3.5, and almost...

I am 5'3, a mother of 4 kids 7, 5, 3.5, and almost 2, and my body has been thrashed by pregnancy. My first pregnancy was my worst--I gained over 70 pounds and my belly skin lost all elasticity. I was never a super vain person, and I can handle a little pudge here and there, but the tummy is in the "I look like I was attacked" realm.
I thought I'd be waiting to get a full mommy makeover until after my toddler was done nursing (since you have to be done for 3-6 months before breast surgery), but my husband , knowing how much more my belly bothers me, just suggested that I go ahead this summer and get the TT!
So now I'm set to find an affordable but good doctor. We're cash pay, so I'm hoping that will help with the price. I'm also hoping to find someone who's OK with having an OB do a tubal while I'm under...I don't want any risk of more pregnancies after I do this!

OK, this just got real!

So, I probably could/should have been posting here the last few weeks, but it hasn't seemed real!

Surgery is scheduled for November 4, so I only have 3 more weeks! Eeeeek!!!!

I've been really really down on myself because I have gained so much weight, and I swore I wouldn't do this procedure unless I lost it first. After I moved I got a round of stress induced depression and got on an anti-depressant that made me BLOW UP, so I'm now about 40 pounds overweight (about 25-30 more than in my profile picture). My surgeon doesn't seem phased by it, and she is going to be doing a lot of body sculpting and lipo, and most of my weight is in my belly for some reason right now. I'm just going to count on the fact that it will definitely look better than it does right now.

Pre-op appointment is in 2 days, and I'm so excited! That's the point where I'm going to really kick it in gear and start gathering things. I ordered some spanx off of a zulilly sale, and they go all the way up to the bra line and all the way down to the knee, so I'll plan on living in those once the official binder comes off. My head is in a blur about all of this! Can't believe it!!!


I'm so nervous/excited!!! Mostly excited, but nervous about my husband being nice and clicked in during this whole thing. He's a very capable father when he so chooses to be, but I asked him if he would lay off the drinking for the first 4 nights until my mom gets here and there's another able minded person around to help with the kids, and he gives me the ole "we'll see how it goes." Thanks hon, not the kind of doubt I wanted the night before surgery! Sheesh!

Other than that, though, I'm CRAZY excited to be on the flat side! I got the first spot of the day, so I have to be there at 6 am! Hubs will drop me off with kids in jambes, come back, get them ready for school, do drop offs, then come back and get me at the end of the surgery. I have a recliner area all set up with all sorts of goodies for my comfort and entertainment, I have people lined up for the first few nights to make meals, the house isn't as clean as I wanted to get it, but hubs will just have to buck up and make it work at this point.

I took my night before valium at 6, but it's 8 and it's already worn off :-/ I can take another in an hour to curb the jitters and get some sleep, so I think that's what I'll do. So SO SO can't wait for this to happen! I'll try t upload some before pictures in a minute!

On the flat side!!!!!

Won't post much, but I'm out of surgery and at home in my recliner. Don't want to move a muscle, and I'm super uncomfortable, but the panic pump and oxy are making it bearable. Wish I could lay on my side though! Lol!

First night, here I come!

Just got off the phone with the anesthesiologist for our post op convo. He was SUCH a nice guy and thanked me for trusting him to take care of me :-) That was the scariest part of this for me, so it was nice to have someone I felt comfortable with.

I just tried to eat turkey and mashed potatoes but it didn't settle well. I ended up needing a suppository for nausea. Hopefully the phenergan and Percocet will know me out for the evening!

I'm hating having to get up to go to the bathroom. It hurst and it's weird as a mom who's potty trained 4 kids, lol

Post op appt tomorrow at 10! Yayyyy!

Post op day 2!

I was doing really well yesterday until the evening, the. I started getting chills (ouch on the tummy!) and a fever(101.7 at highest). I took my full dose of meds to get me to sleep and it really helped! Woke up today and the pain is really minimal. I am super groggy, though, so I'm going to take a nap!

Day 5 PO

My momma is here taking care of the rug rats and taking videos of me snoring at my computer, lol!

No more pain pump, down to half a percocet and moving on to 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I can't WAIT to get these stupid drains out of me...I'm guessing my wednesday afternoon appointment will be when I get at least one out, because the flow is low. But my compression garment and the drain entry points are an awful combo--feels like canker sores on my hips. I'm still sleeping in the recliner, but I haven't had any fluid leaking at all. My bandage seems to be staying exactly as it was when I left the op room. The few times I take my garment off I am simultaneously amazed at the flatness (swelling be damned...I know that will go down but I'm already thrilled since I was one of those with the skin flap), and freaked by the feeling that my body is falling out without the garment on. It's a love hate thing.
Just at that awkward in between where I can't quite enjoy it all but I can't sleep through it all yet either.

Advice: Take your colace and eat your fiber. You will be a happier when you leave the bathroom.


Mine are so beyond ready to be out. Hardly any output, the entry site is red and inflamed, and they BURN LIKE THE DEPTH OF HELL when bumped or moved wrong. Yes, I called about it. They told me wait until my wednesday appointment. Part of me wishes I could just rip the suckers out myself. The muscle pain and suture pain are nothing compared to those stupid drains. UGH!!!!

I'm 3 weeks post op

So...I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling pretty darn good! I still get tired and swollen easily, and bending/twisting isn't awesome, but my scar is healing REALLY nicely and the puckering at the hips is smoothing out a little every day. The doctor did an amazing job on my scar--it's so straight and low compared to a lot of what I've seen on here.

My hips are still super sore from the lipo, but I've been sleeping on my side back in my bed for almost a week now. The recliner sleeping was causing me to snore INSANELY loud and giving me a swollen uvula (I think it got a little ouchie on it during surgery, so it was already swollen).

I'm so eager to work on my arms, butt, and legs now that my tummy looks good! My doc said I could start light exercise now and regular stuff at 4 weeks, but my body is telling me to take it slow. Even too much housework and I get swollen. I had a birthday party for my 3 and 5 year old daughters at 18 days post op, and I had to ice like crazy that night!

I'll upload some pictures in a minute, too.

Some pics of 2 weeks post op

Before and 2.5 weeks

Crazy town

4 weeks post op!

So I've made it this far! Had a few overextending myself hiccups along the way (making up for lost cleaning time before my parents came for turkey day, paying for that for 2 days), but I can feel improvements all of the time. School starting back up helped jump start me out of "I'm afraid to move" mode. I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong, because I kept getting a lot of pain in the upper right quadrant, and I still don't know if it's normal or not. It comes and goes with too much activity.

I am trying to be good about eating since I've been so sedentary. I know at 4 weeks lots of people start exercising, but my body is screaming at me not to even consider it yet! Either I'm rationalizing or I'm a slow healer. My incision healed really fast, so maybe my muscles are making up for it?

I'll post some updated pictures soon. With the flesh colored medical tape I can hardly see my scar, and bikini underwear cover it perfectly.

Scar revision/TT extension.

So, it's been FOREVAH since I updated, but I just went in for my scar revision and my doctor decided to actually do a tummy tuck extension...for FREE, which is unheard of. The belly button is perfect, the incision line and scarring were great, but for some reason my body was just one of those that decided to form some weird rolls on the hips after the surgery. The standard for dealing with this would be that the surgeon would usually waive their gee but the patient would have to pay for the anesthesiologist and the facility use fee. My doctor is so awesome and such a perfectionist that she said no way, we're going to get this thing right. So I went in Thursday and ended up getting fully put under (I thought it was going to be conscious sedation). There is no muscle involved in this surgery (those are still plenty tight), just skin and fat on the hips. I got some bonus lipo, too, so yay for that! Recovery is only a week or two this go round, and it's much much easier so far!


So I've thought a lot over the last year about whether or not I should have waited until I got closer to my goal weight to have the surgery. That WAS my original plan but when we sold our rental I knew if I didn't do it then we'd find something else to spend the money on.
I just compared some pictures of my at my current weight BEFORE the surgery with how I look right now, and the dramatic difference tells me I made the right choice for me. I'm SO much more motivated to get fit now that I will be able to see my results! Before I has a bunch of loose skin covering up Amy progress I made and it was so discouraging! I'm loving how I'm feeling and looking, and looking forward to getting the last 20 pounds off amd putting some more muscle on!
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