Liplift Complications

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Over 2 years ago, I had a liplift where the...

Over 2 years ago, I had a liplift where the plastic surgeon operated on skin and muscle. Immediately after surgery I noticed that the lip did not move normally. It’s longer now. I cannot lift the center vertically. The middle part of my lip seems to be partially paralyzed. When I smile I have a horizontal crease below my nose. This doctor removed the sills under my nose. I have a feeling that he damaged the muscles that lift my upper lip. Now my upper lip hangs, the openings to my nose look huge and my upper lip looks flat and flaccid. I have difficulty speaking.

Consultation Report

I was pretty upset to get a copy of one of the reports from a doctor that I saw for a revision and in the report it stated that I had multiple deformities from the muscle injuries due to the lip lifting technique that was used.

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It's been awhile since I've updated my review. I recently saw 4 plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills who told me that they have seen similar deformities from liplifts that were done using the same technique that was used on me. That is why no other plastic surgeons use this technique, too many risks of permanent damage. One of the plastic surgeons told me that the liplift may look OK when you just look face on, but when the patient would speak, it was obvious that their movement was impaired. He also told me that one of the patients that he saw had to have a skin graft because too much was removed, so now she has obvious demarcation areas. It's really a jungle out there. The good thing about going on all these consults is that you realize that there are ethical doctors out there.

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