Feeling and sleeping great again !!! Thanks God, Family and all you lovely ladies !!!

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Hello girls, I ´ve been posting and encouraging...

Hello girls, I ´ve been posting and encouraging to write my own review, I am still here in Mexico (where I did my BA) but , next week I am going to CA where my mom and sister live, I am so excited to be with them again, I am a single mom of two adorable kids. I am 31. To be honest I don´t feel good with these plastic items inside me, especially my right breast feels, very uncomfortable, kind of sored, numbness, and also the feeling something is pulling right inside there, I am about to be 8 weeks post BA, I had 380 silicone over the muscle. You guys have no idea how I regret of this decision. Anyway, I am pretty sure I want to do a removal in SO CAL, my wonderful sister has scheduled some consultations in the area for me. I am wondering how much this will cost, I am short in money, but I don´t want to keep this anymore. I was wrong with implants would help me to look and feel better, it´s for sure I think different now about appearance, LOOKING IS NOT EVERYTHING !! we have to feel great!! so I am not feeling like that :((...... I totally have the support of my mom and sis. if you ladies have more info about doctors, procedures, costs, whatever will be very helpful, just as I received info and support through this site, YOU GUYS ROCK !! I really appreciate your time.

I am scheduled for consultations

Hello Girls, I am scheduled with different PS´s William Aello, Marcel Daniels, Andrew Smith and Michelle Spring, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, Irvine and Marina del Rey, I would like to know if someone had a procedure with them, actually one is a referral, I appreciate your help. I can´t stand this, I can´t rest enough, I can´t sleep, :( ....... is this normal ?

I am really tired and depressed....

Hi girls, I don´t know how to manage this..... I am driving crazy I can´t sleep and I am depressed, I can´t stop telling myself how stupid I am, if there was someone to tell me to think twice before getting implants, I know there are worst things, but I just feel miserable, I didn´t and I couldn´t even imagine the way I will feel from having these things. My god, I can´t focus, I m just spending my time thinking on the WHY ? I am amazed I spent my money in order to get physicological and emotional issues. please ladies I need your support, I just can´t be like this way anymore, I cry, and my kids start crying too because they don´t understand what is wrong with me. I am really concerned, they need me physically and mentally healthy.

Here I am, awake ....

Hello ladies, it´s 6:39 am, and I woke up, I can´t sleep, I don´t know what´s wrong with my right breast it is a weird feeling, actually, I ever felt it since my BA , it´s kind of something pulling inside, it doesn´t hurt but, it´s not comfortable,. I think is due my implants are placed over the muscle, I am sad and worried because I can´t stop thinking after explanted, my breasts will look deformed because the sub glandular placement, does any one here has or had implants placed like this ? please any advice ? I really want to stay positive, I don´t know what´s wrong with me, I am always waiting for the worst, it seems like I don´t trust myself or the negative side is for me, because i don´t deserve anything else, I know is not the attitude, but I am really concerned of my thoughts. I see many of you with a good sense of humor and having a very positive attitude, how come I can´t be like that ?

The waiting is loooong

Hi all my lovely ladies !!, I m very anxious, I am mad, dissapointed, how come I did trust to my original PS, I am so worried, you all know I have 380 high profile over the muscle, which with all the information now I know, it wasn´t good idea to place this big like this, I am so worried my breast will cave in after explantation, I am really want to stay positive, sometimes I do sometimes. Sorry because you guys just hear complaints from my side. I did have a panic moment yesturday, I had to call my mom I was desperate, crying, nervous, this really sucks, I wouldn´t imagine my life change for the negative, I really messed up, I can´t forgive myself, I would like to know there is light at the end of tunnel. This is going to be a looong waiting I am flying to CA ´til the 10th and having my first consultation the 11th with Dr.Lussier in Valencia. The worst thing is that this is not helping my kids at all. Please I ask God to be strong, but I can´t this is the hell for me.

One more..

Most of the girls here had placed her implants below the muscle which is better than overs, can I have a hope ??, God, I would like to not give much importance to this. :(

I am excited .............

Hi all, trying to be positive !!! one more week and I will be flying to CA, so excited to be with my family again !!! they all give me their support !!


I am going to have my implants removed this monday !!! I know it´s crazy, because I am going to CA, but I talked to my surgeon yesterday, she agreed to remove them, she doesn´t understand at all, but she said it´s my body, and I am only decide in it. She explained to me the procedure and what she said it´s very similar with the surgeons here.say, besides, she is not charging. I know I said I didn´t trust her, but I feel relieved when she said she could do it for me, if I am sure of it. I am excited, but I have to admit I m horrified because after 2 months and 10 days I am going under the knife again, and about the outcome. I also know mom and sis are there in CA, but it´s not fair I have to spend again, I would really need them, but I will try to do my best, with the help of my aunt. please guys pray for me !!!!!

Wish me the best, and quick recovery, so I can go to CA again!!!


Just wondering ......

I´ve been reading that you guys wear sports bra and compression bra, what would you recommend the best ? and when you guys started the cocunut oil ?

I am explanted and with my lovely familiy back in California

My apologies beautiful ladies !!! I know long time no speaking at all. Let me tell you my dear friends that after my removal, went to my aunt´s house for caring and recovering purposes, she was so nice with me and my kids, I appreciate A LOT. So, I def was able to speak to you guys, but there was no internet !!, I spend almost a week with her, days were slow and bored, lol, since I didn´t have any communication with you guys.

I have to say my recovery is really easy and fast, no pain, no discomfort I pray to continue like this and not having future complications as liquid collections, you know.
I used bandages for 4 days and I am in sports bra now, PS told me to wear compressing sports bras, taking shower as I use to, no driving, no lifting, no raising my arms. I just took off the tapes as she told me and I can start scar treatment after 3 weeks, so I'm just putting some firming lotion prescribed by dermaologist, and looking for cocunut oil today at walgreens, any suggestion about good brands of it ?

Honestly, I been feeling depressed and guilty, so guilty, guys. I can't even understand why I put my self into all these. I am hoping time will be a healer and help toforgive myself.
I am trying to do my best, I am finding out all the positve of this, I am improving my diet, so I can help my skin elasticity, I am concerning of and apreciating much more my body, I am planning going to gym, as soon as possible and my body allows me.

Mom and sis tell me that I almost look the same as before the BA, I don´t have pre BA pictures, I feel my breasts very jelly and squishy, you know I had them over the muscle and def disort tissue and I didn´t have much tissue to begin with. But I am feeling improvements. PS assured me that I am going to be back to my breasts since I didn´t have them for very short time, she just told me to give it time :)

Well ladies, I am going to upload some pictures tonight, promise. Any suggestions, reccomendations, advices are welcome from you experienced guys, please they will help a lot.

I want to say I am so thankful I found this site and you support, I really appreciate it, you guys are the BEST AND YOU ROCK !!!! thanks again for everything !!! God Bless you all !!!!!

Love you all !!!

Sorry, girls

I meant, PS told me since I didn´t have my implants for too long, skin and tissue should shrink back.

2 weeks post explant

Hi ladies !!! I can´t believe tomorrow will be 2 weeks after my surgery. I have to say that I´ve noticed improvements and I am very confident I will keep having more. They´re getting firmer, but I can still feel them mushy, I know they weren´t like that before BA. Overall, I am happy and feeling GREAT !!!

3 weeks post op

Hello beautiful girls !! I am updating on my 3 weeks post, hoping I can help someone with explant decision. I am very small breasted as you can see in the pics, I am a little bit sad because my insicions, there is no place where I can hide them, I am in silicone scars strips 24/7 and massaging, hoping they will have a chance to fade with time, I have seen very good results in the other reviews with scars :)

I bought a bra which is supposed to bring support, lift the breast and tighten the skin, I found it in Perfect Bodies store, there are some nation wide locations, check out www.theperfectbodiestore.com. I feel everything well supported with it. ;)

I hope more improvements and get active very soon, can´t wait for it.

Thank you all, if there are some advices to help the skin and scars, they´re very welcomed.

3 weeks post op

Sorry, I wanted to upload these with previous update

Hate the way I feel

Hi all, probably I am not a good model of positivism, but I am having bad days :/ I am just focusing on blaming myself, not helpful at all, hate it !! I want to put all these behind me, and I´m just becoming more negative ugghhh. I still remember I read in my implants paperwork that it´s the PS responsability to warn you and explain all the possible risks, therefore give you 30 days approx to allow you to reflect and make sure on your decision about implanting. Who really does that ??? PS´s are dishonest, I think. Well, well I know I can´t only blame at them, because, we are the only ones to put ourselves into big and important decisions like having plastic surgery, and women should research more and really reflect on pros and cons.
I think I´m driving crazy, have a nice day everyone.


Hi my dear friends, I am so sad , I m not helpful right know, I´ve seen much reviews here, and no one has the mental and emotional issues I´m having now. This is the hell, for real. I am wondering how long this would last, I´m going to see the doctor tomorrow, my mom sometimes cries. it´s not fair for my kids, for my family.
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