Dental Bimaxillary Protrusion Clear Braces - 27 Years

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I started my braces on may 2014 , my upper teeth...

i started my braces on may 2014 , my upper teeth have a dental protrusion , they are inclined outwards . my lips also don't seal on rest. my ortho told me i will have from 18-24 months treatment . we started first to align my teeth , with no extractions till now . he begin with a very thin wire and keep changing the wire every month till i reach the thick rectangular one by the end of sep 2014 ( 5 months ) my next step is to extract 2 upper premolars to fix the protrusion , i already had extraction of two lower molars couple of years ago , so he said there will no need to extract any lower premolars .
i trust my ortho though i am worried about the extraction process and will this affect my face and lips .

Here are the photos

Lips on rest

The Extraction

I had my first extraction on 19 oct. , my upper right first premolar .
well it wasn't that painful as i expected . i feel good after 3 days of extraction though i was so worried to get an infection .
i also feel that my upper lip feel more relaxed over my right teeth .
My ortho started pushing my canine immediately after the extraction , he said this will make it move quicker , i hope so !
i will go next week for my second extraction .
As for my lower teeth , i had now power chain ( connected ties ). they were painful the first couple of days too , actually my whole mouth wasnt in a stable condition .
Wish me luck for my next extraction :)

My second extraction

And I got my second extraction finally , it went also fine not very painful . And started pushing my teeth immediately also

A month after extraction

So I had an appointment today , changed my bands as usual , it went fine . He told me that we are at the stage of moving the canines , and they are stubborn, once they are moved , we will move the front four teeth , and they will take no time like the canine . And here are photos after today's adjustment , I can see little gaps finally !!!

7 Months braces , 6 weeks extraction

And here is my update after 7 months braces , i have power chain on my lower teeth now to close the gaps i think they are acting slowly than expected .
As for my upper teeth , my extraction gaps are trying to close bit by bit but i can see some progress somehow . i have my appointments every 2 weeks to change the elastics now .
wish days will pass and end this thing soon :)

10 weeks after extraction

Here is my latest update , i had my last adjustment yesterday , i got new elastics upper and lower . nothing special or new this week :)

And i got my first implant !

Well its 14 weeks now since my extraction , 36 weeks since i have braces on . I'm counting weeks and days to end all this thing !
i got my appointment yesterday , as usual changing my elastics upper and lower . And the new thing that i got my first implant , i wasn't prepared for that at all but it wasn't that painful like i expected thanks God. It feels like there is something strange in my mouth . my ortho. told me i should brush it everyday very well to avoid gum problems.
my next appointment will be in 2 weeks , supposed i will get my second implant.
and here are my progress photos :)

After 44 weeks in braces !!

Since my last update i cant see a huge progress in my teeth , almost the same stage of having those gaps , but they are getting bigger :(
i have an appointment every two weeks to change the bands, i also have those elastics bands that i change every day , they are attached between my upper cuspid and my lower second molar . i should wear them by night only for my left side , and all day for my right side .
and here are the photos

48 weeks braces

48 weeks in braces , when all of this will end !
Here is my update , i went to my ortho yesterday , he was very happy with the progress , he think that the screw is doing great work.
as you can see from the photos that my left side got more space than the right side , so he is trying to make more space at the right side using that screw thing .
i cant see the progress , but he is saying that its doing great .
so he changes that elastic between the screw and my molar
and he asked me to wear the elastic band in a triangle way as u can see in the photos .

A new Stage

i had an appointment yesterday , and a lot of things were done , i almost stayed an 45 mins there . at this stage he told me that we are finalizing my lower teeth to fit the upper teeth according to them after that.
Starting with my upper jaw , i changed the screw position for the fourth time! also changed the wire to a thinner round one . and i had a spring coil at one side.
For the lower jaw , also changed the wire for thinner round one , also he sculpts between my four front lower teeth to make them smaller and get some space .
my next appointment after 3 weeks , so i cant wait :)

Moving my anteriors

I haven't posted since almost 2 month cause there was nothing new , the same adjustments every visit.
Yesterday , i had a visit and there was a new adjustment to start , which is moving my anterior s finally !!
its now almost 1 year and a month braced !
i want anyone to explain for me how the wire work to move me anterior teeth , my dentist bent it as U shaped as u can see in the picture .

67 weeks in braces

And yes I'm counting the weeks , the days .
And here is my last update , i think my anteriors are almost done though i still have gaps need to be closed . you can see the progress in the photos .
i am using now a lot of rubber bands between my upper and lower teeth.
my next appointment is soon wish me luck :)

Finally , Debraced

After 1 year 8 months im finally debraced - i can eat what i ever i want :D .
i m very happy with the results . it really worth the wait .
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