My Experience with Juvederm Vobella + Juvederm Ultra

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22 February 2014 I have been reading this forum...

22 February 2014

I have been reading this forum for a while to gain insight on the best way to remove face wrinkles and scars on my wrist from a silly attention seeking episode when I was 16 yrs old.
I am now 43 and the signs of a hard life are now showing, while I do not have too much acne scaring I do have face wrinkles and those horrible wrist scars I try to cover daily so no one will see. Living in the tropics makes it harder as long sleeves are not an option.
I have had Juvederm volbella in my lips around in the fine wrinkles around them in January 2014 by a professional injector. I also had juvederm ultra in my nasio folds which I had done by a local GP a week before. I was not happy with what the GP done he was inexperienced and did not use enough so I came out bruised and sore with little results. As for the professional I love love love the results, she also placed a tiny bits in some of my cheek wrinkles. The Vobella went a long way she was able to place it in my cheeks, lips, around the lips and a chin.

It cost $500 by the GP (AU) for the Juvederm Ultra and $700 by the clinic (AU) for the Vobella the clinic would have charged the same for the Ultra. It is like I have been air brushed and no one has noticed which is good unless they have not said anything. I had no bruising and just some slight needle pricks which were covered with make up the next day. I even went out to lunch straight after the procedure my boy friend was very kind not to say anything if he did notice.

I am now going to use the 1.0 mm derma roller to begin with and then go up to the 1.5mm or 2 mm depends on how the 1.5 goes. I am going to start with my wrist and neck area. I am scared of using it on my face just yet as the juvedrerm volbella is placed very shallow in the skin I am not sure if it will effect it by rolling over it, I know it won't for the Voluma as it is placed deeper in the skin. I will start on my neck and wrist and move to my face in a few more weeks. I will update after each treatment with photos and comments.

I bought my roller on Ebay for $15 I will also be using Vitamin C after the rolling also bought on Ebay. I also bought some emla cream from chemist warehouse for $14.99 - 5g but I see on ebay you can also get double the amount of cream for the same price. Got to love Ebay sells every thing. I only buy from within Australia.
Update: I have rolled on my wrist and I am not sure if I put enough pressure it is not red and it did not hurt although I had to be careful near the tendon area. Next roll I will put more pressure hardly seems like it did any difference. But I did go hard on my neck and around my eye area that cream really works a treat hey! It's red and hot at the moment so will see how it goes over the next day or so. My rolling technique is a little amateur looks so easy online ...
Photo's are off poor quality I am afraid and they do me no justice :(

2 days after rolling

I have had no redness or swelling since rolling, I guess I did not put enough pressure to enable it to go dry or swell or do any thing except allow the serum to soak in a bit more..
I think I may try again in two weeks I think this will give my skin time to recover (not that I think it needs it). Makes me wonder if I should go up a size with the needles to a 1.5mm.

Second Roll 3/3/2014

I rolled again tonight and wow I really gave it a go this time, I feel like my face is glowing from heat and very sun burnt. I also pushed harder on the wrist scars but still a little less than my face. I did not notice anything at all from the last roll although I did not really push or roll hard at all.
I will be getting a 1.5 mm to do my face soon as this seems to be the popular size for any real improvement.
I did put the vitamin C on straight after I rolled and boy did it sting ... :/ may try something like vitamin E next time as vitamin C can be to hard on my skin.

10/2/2014 - No roll this week

I have chosen not to roll fro another two weeks. The last roll was quiet hard and I think my skin needs more time to heal and generate collagen. I have heard that you should not roll it to often, as it needs time to repair.
I did order a 1.5 mm stamp today bought it for $5.89 from ebay, it is one of those manual ones that you press onto your skin (It reminds me of a meat tenderizer). I am just going to use it on my cheeks where I have the worst wrinkles and I will roll with the 1 mm every where else.
I also bought some numbing cream from ebay Super numb, it is the same strength as the emla cream and double the size for $12.00 much better value.

24/3/2014 - Third Roll

I rolled my whole face tonight, I really hope I did not do it too soon. I have read it is best to wait between 4-6 weeks the longer the better. I had a few days off so decided to do it tonight as I will be working for the next two weeks with no down time. The thought of not being able to wear make up the next day is ghastly (I would look it for sure).

I feel like I have done a better roll with more pressure (even had that popping sound and some pin point bleeding), but boy it hurts when I put the serum on afterwards. All in the name of looking younger... Teheh grimace!

I have heard that some say bleeding is not good, and then I have read the opposite. Meh! I think this was the best roll I have done, the first one I am not counting as I was so gentle.

Still waiting for my 1.5 mm stamp from ebay .... It was supposed to be an AU store although I now think it is being sent from China .. Not happy but oh well.
I will take photo's before my next roll and this time I am going to wait 5 weeks.

PammyT - I am going to buy some other products to use but I have had a few rather large bills over the last month .. Grim face .. But will try some Vitamin E next and I am interested in Vitamin A also.
Terry Hall

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