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Hi everyone, I want to share my story to help...

Hi everyone, I want to share my story to help anyone that might be going through something similar. I will give full details on symptoms and whether they improve after the breast implant removal so this might be long - skip some if it is. I will update again after the op and let you know how I'm doing.

I'm 30 years old and have had allergan naturelle silicone implants for 4 years and i went from an A cup to a D (wanted C but the surgeon went bigger). I had no problems for a long time and was very happy with them and the thought of getting them removed does scare me, I was very insecure about my small breasts and the implants gave me a lot of confidence. I have been very ill for the 14 months and I think their may be a connection to the implants. My illness isn't getting better on its own and I got pregnant in July and my symptoms increased so bad, i ended up having a miscarriage. I know that i can not carry a baby with this illness, and i just want to feel normal again so i am having them taken out to see if it is the implants. I am having a possible replacement in 3-6 months time if they turn out to be ruptured or there is no improvement because living without them is going to be hard (mostly cos i'd have to explain it all to work friends etc who don't know about the implants.) I am gonna wear padding until i decide on re-operation or not.

I was completely healthy before late Oct 2012, i rarely went to the doctors, i was very active and went to the gym 4 times a week. One day at work, i was play fighting with a guy friend... the next thing i knew he had squeezed my right breast so hard it popped and i was in a lot of pain. (he really did not mean to do this and does not know what he caused), it just happened so quickly. I was quite heavily bruised and had a lump (which is still there) so i went to get it checked by my surgeon who said it's an air bubble and that its fine but within a week of this happening i got very sick. At the time doctors thought i had a bad virus but when i look back at when i got ill and my starting symptoms i think it may be the silicone implants. Every doctor i've spoken to tells me there is nothing wrong with silicone but they are not the ones suffering with this, and i have read so much now that it's worth a try.

It started with my breasts burning when i was on the running machine at the gym, then going dizzy every time i done sit ups so i went home. I ended up getting a really bad flu and i was in bed for weeks, nothing cured it and i went to the hospital a few times. Every time i stood up i went dizzy, night sweats, sleeping problems, i had a gut wrenching cough which i still have, i had severe sinusitis and pains in my head so had to have a ct scan. After 2 months the sinusitis finally cleared but i still had alot of symptoms and have been tested for so many things (everything comes back normal apart from low blood pressure and acid reflux. but a year later i still have the following:

Fibromyalgia: Constant aches and numbness in my legs and arms (legs is much worse), when i wake up in the morning its there, when i walk up stairs its like i ran a marathon before i walked up them. Its probably my worst symptom because i am always in pain, even brushing my hair aches my arms. I don't go to the gym any more, i hardly go out with friends, i go to work but i am so worn out... it has really taken over my life.

Chronic fatigue: no energy even after sleep. (i wake up from sleep feeling like i have not slept)

Fuzzy head: When i wake up especially, it's as if i had been been drinking alot of alcohol the night before.

Loss of balance/vertigo & dizziness.

Cough: I have had this cough since i got ill, for hours i'm fine and if i laugh too hard or randomly if im just laying there it starts and i can't stop. Its like an itchy feeling inside my neck.and chest. I have been everywhere about it but the only thing doctors say is that it could be due to acid reflux.

Memory loss and brain fog: I forget names and words half way through a conversation, phone numbers i am used to ringing every day, my brain just gets stuck for the word. People think i'm a dizzy blond but it's only since i got ill this happened.

Palpitations and shooting pains in chest. (scary)
Thick mucus, sometimes it really looks like i'm spitting up silicone (i have no idea if it is that but thats what it looks like. It is so thick that it's more like glue than phlegm)
Dry mouth, dry itchy nose, itchy eyes, gunge coming out of eyes.
Low blood pressure.
Acid reflux.
Thrush (constantly)
Hair loss (it comes out in bunches when in the bath and brushing.)
Muscle spasms.
Joint pain.
My eyes: the whites always look ill, red, dull. Never bright. Im constantly being told i look tired. (I am!)
Pale complexion... i pretty much always look pasty and tired.
Chemical sensitivitys & allergies.
Shortness of breath.
IBS symptoms.

I never had any of these symptoms until i got ill. I sometimes wonder if i feel worse when i wake because i have been laying on the breast implants. Anyway... this is my story and i am praying that the implants are ruptured so that i can get them out of me and get better. It has taken me so long to save the money for my op/ops with alot of help from my boyfriend and dad... so if it isn't the breasts causing this, ive wasted a lot of their money.

I am having the explantation with complete capsulectomy on 24th jan by Mr Garrick Georgiou in London, i went through aurora clinic and it is costing £3960. and it's going to cost £4000 if i want new implants at a later date.

I am really scared/nervous about the op, and hoping everything goes ok. But i'm also excited that i might finally recover. So i will update again after the op and tell you how it went and how i'm doing. (next post will be shorter but i wanted to give you all the details because if you have the same symptoms as me and i get do get better... then hopefully you will to. P.S i am hoping to put up pics after the op but i will see how confident i'm feeling lol.

Speak soon.

1 day post op

Hi, just a quick update. I had the silicone breast explantatation yesterday and i am fine. I feel abit weak and bruised but nothing major. It took about 3 hours and they were not ruptured but there was alot of rippling, very thick scar capsule and gel bleeding. The surgeon said it was really wet inside with the leakage and didn't look normal inside. I think maybe with the silicone leak and maybe inflammation, not too sure but he said he had to cut out quite a few lumps of scar tissue from inside my breast too and i think his sent them for lab analysis (i was abit out of it when i spoke to him because of the aneasthetic) so not 100% sure. I go back friday to get the bandages checked so i'll find out then. I have kept the implants and they should be 340 grams but i weighed them today and one has lost about 25 grams and the other 20 grams. I havent had the itchiness in my chest and neck that makes me cough at all since having them out yesterday. Also my nose is wet inside instead of bone dry and my head feels clearer (i managed to beat my boyfriend on the maths part of countdown last night which has never happened since i got ill). I don't wanna get to happy because it could be the pain killers helping me in some way... and my leg/arm muscles pain/numbness have not got better yet so i will wait a few weeks to update again and let you know if my symptoms do improve. For now i am very happy that i had the procedure, and feel like i did the right thing. I had a quick look yesterday when the doctor was checking them and they don't look as bad as i expected so i am pleased with the outcome right now. Good luck to all of you that going through the same thing, it's a horrible thing for anyone to go to but just know there are other people who know exactly what your going through. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will update again soon. :D

5 days post op

I am not feeling so great today, i was feeling good for a couple of days but my headaches over the last couple of days seem to be back to how they were when i first got ill. My phlegm is back to being thick and my dizzyness is back too. I am wondering if it's the fluid thats building up in my breast because i sound like a water bottle when i walk, and my scars are wet where its leaking out a bit, but i rang the nurse and she said fluid build up is normal. I wish they would of put in drains because ive read it makes a warm environment for bacteria to grow. But now i am wondering if i will be like this forever. I should really try and think positive but today i just can't. If any of you had a problem with fluid build up or if you think it could be causing my return in symptoms please reply, thanks.

16 days post op

I am 16 days post op today so wanted to give a quick update.

The fluid in my breast has gone down abit and i can't hear the water when i walk now. My breast are still tender, especially the right. It feels bruised to touch and a little like i have sunburn. The scars are dark brown scabs, the surgeon put glue over them after my op so i think thats why their brown but the scabs are falling off gradually and it doesn't look infected, the scars are starting to itch now too so i guess thats the healing.

Health wise i can't say i have noticed a dramatic improvement just yet. I have ordered some fluconazole which i will take daily for 3 months (i spoke to someone who had hers done by Dr Kolb and she was given them so i am going to take them to see if they help) I have also heard about supplements called thytrophin which apparently help with silicone toxicity and thyroid dysfunction. They are from a company called standard process but they are impossible to get in the UK so if your from USA look them up and they might help you.

I can't wait for the day when i update on here to say that all my health problems have dramatically gone, so i am looking forward to the future, i just hope that day will eventually come.

1 Month Post Explantation

Today i am 1 month post explantation and i would love to say that i am better or even that i have had some improvement but i have not. Yesterday i stayed home all day and then in the evening i went to a sauna and steam room to try and sweat out some toxins from my body. The steam room i only lasted a couple of minutes because it started off my cough and i felt like i couldn't breath but i lasted about 40 minutes in the sauna. It wasn't an infrared sauna and i will be trying that soon but it really is going to be a chore because i didn't enjoy it at all. Today i still woke up with my arms and legs aching as if i run a marathon and the lethargy is still always there. The leg/arm pain is the worst thing ever and if i could jut cure that i could live so much better but i really don't know whats causing it or if it's inflamation or if my muscles are damaged in some way. I have been on a vegetable/fruit juice only diet for a few days which is hard for me because i am craving food so bad but i will keep it up a little longer. I am taking different supplements too. The list so far is Bromelain, grapefruit seed extract, probiotic, choline & inositol, chlorella, omega 3 fish oil and and i have ordered monolaurin which hasn't arrived yet. When i finish the juice cleanse i will be on a non gluten diet, but at the minute there is no gluten in the fruit/vegatable diet and theres no improvement so i don't think that's going to help much either. I am starting to wonder if silicone is what made me ill or if it was something else. I moved into a new flat in july and i got ill in november, i remember my saliva being thick at night when i first moved in and i felt like i couldn't breathe clear. Back then i had no other symptoms but i am starting to think it could be the building making me ill. I live on the top floor and have had 3 roof leaks since i've been here and i have had problems with mold which to the eye is all gone now except some damp on my bedroom wall that just looks like the wall is wet but no mold. In all honesty i have no idea what's causing this (my boyfriend has not got sick and he lives with me). Either way i am putting in for a transfer to move because i really want to try everything i can to get better, but that will take months anyway. I think of a million things it could be that's causing this, like the building i live in or that maybe the silicone has spread throughout my body and that's why i am not getting better, or that maybe the surgeon didn't remove all the capsule when he removed them. But i just know that i am not getting better and the thought of living like this forever is not good. I am 30 years old and i feel 90, i know this is a really depressing update but i can't pretend that i am getting better when i'm not. I have a great boyfriend and family, i wouldn't swap anything in my life, i am so happy with it. But this illness keeps me from doing all the thing a normal person would do without even thinking about it and it is really upsetting to think i might be stuck like this forever. I would go back to my doctor and ask him to test me for more stuff to find out whats wrong with me but i really don't know what else i can be tested for. I really hope i have not had the implants taken out for nothing because i was happy with my boobs before the op, but it's done now and theres no going back. They are healing up ok, the scars look clean and i still have some soreness in the breasts but that will ease up as time goes by. I hope u are all feeling better and improving alot better than i am. I will update again at some point if theres any change.
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