32 Years Old, Always Been Small Chested & Two Years of Breastfeeding Later Not Much Left in the Chest Area. London, GB

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Eagerly anticipating my surgery - less than two...

Eagerly anticipating my surgery - less than two months to wait now. At the moment I'm looking at approximately 300cc sub fascial medium to low profile silicon implants - but will have a better idea after my pre op consultation on the 27th of June.
I'm absolutely into my fitness and don't want my implants to affect my ability to workout - thus the reason for sub fascial - my surgeon specializes in this kind of placement. I also don't want them to be very obvious under clothes.
Have tried the rice sizers with 300 cc and love how they look under a tight tshirt.

Wish boobs!

Just a month to go now!!! So excited! Can't wait to have boobssssss

Onto the other side! Boobsssss

So I had my surgery on Friday and I'm currently on day three post op and feeling pretty good!

I ended up getting 275cc anatomicals - medium profile sub fascial silicon implants (wow that's a mouthful!) - surgery was a total breeze, I went in happy and not feeling nervous at all. My surgery time was 8am and I was at the clinic by 7:15am - and seen immediately. I was taken downstairs to the ambulatory area and asked to change into the hospital gown - given compression socks and some disposable underwear. I then had my weight and blood pressure measured.
My surgeon came to see me to mark me up, gave me the consent form to sign and asked if I had any concerns - which i I didn't :)
After this the anesthesian came and explained what was going to happen, how the medication works and basically addressed any queries I might have in regards to going under. I felt really confident at this point and knew I was in good hands.

A little before 8am I walked into theatre and was asked to lie down, made super comfortable and then next thing I know the iv is going in and I felt extremely happy and sleepy.

Woke up back in ambulatory care at 10am feeling amazing and no recollection of what had happened in the past 2 hours. When I came round I was trembling and shivery, and the lovely nurse came and popped a heater under my blanket which felt amazing and stopped the shivers immediately. And I was also starving so asked for a sandwich and coffee which was beyond delicious!
Around 11 my surgeon came to check on me - and undid the binder and post op bra so I could finally see the new babies! They looked amazing and huge! Haha! Then it was back to being strapped up.

By noon I was discharged and allowed to go home, armed with a bag full of meds and a discarded 34b bra!

Some more info in regards to pain

The taxi ride home was a bit of a blur, don't remember much of it but I was comfortable and not in any pain. My chest felt tight but it wasn't painful.

Spent the rest of the day resting and napping but also moving around the house. I managed to drink about 5 liters of water the first day which I think really helped to flush the medication out of my body - and also snacked on lots of fruit/dates and sipped white grape juice which was amazing in keeping the bloating down and that same evening I had a bm (tmi!).

Sleeping was uncomfortable that night - being propped up all night just didn't give me enough comfort to actually sleep well and I kept waking up finding myself slipped all the way down the pillows. And morning boob was horrid yesterday morning. But as soon as I stood up and walked around the tightness in my chest eased up and I felt better.

In terms of pain medication I have been taking paracetamol every four hours and ibuprofen every eight hours and one antibiotic tablet twice a day. This has made the past two days absolutely bearable and at no point have I felt like I was in agony. On a scale of 10 I think discomfort at its worse has been a 6 - so for those of you ladies that are still waiting to have your BA please don't panic over the pain. It's manageable - and you can definitely help yourself by keeping on moving and drinking lots of fluids.

I think I'm rambling now so will add more later xx and post some photos (still in the binder and heavy bra so not much to see yet!)

Some photos

8 days post

It's been over a week already! Had my post op on Friday and things are looking good. My breasts definitely feel softer than day one and I do feel like they are mine already. I was given the green light to have a shower - a proper shower not a sponge bath (!) which felt like heaven. Pain wise I'm doing ok, no pain really more just soreness and if I spend a lot of time on my feet my lower back starts to ache.

I'm not taking any medication now except arnica. Still have to have wear my post op bra for another five weeks but at least I can take it off now when I shower and also see the boobies! ;)
Here's a photo from yesterday - I'm fitting into a 34c bra now and was a 34a previously - but it did feel a little too snug. Will post some more photos when I see some more change

Two weeks later:)

Can't believe it's already been two weeks.time flies when you're in love with your chest ;) feeling really good, and back to sleeping on my side, washing hair without feeling any strain and also pulling tops over my head. Boobs are softening up and I can push them together but they bounce back to their original position quick haha! I got measured two days ago and I'm measuring at 34D at the moment. From a 34A! Can't get over that!

Some of the wish pics I used in case anyone needs some inspiration:)

Three weeks and back to working out

It's been three weeks already! Can't believe it. Still remember when it was three weeks to surgery and it felt like it took 6 months for that time to come! And now the days are just rolling into each other. Boobie update - I'm feeling good, sleeping well - although still prefer to be on my back rather than the sides. It just feels more comfortable. I was always a stomach sleeper but ever since the Ba I don't really even miss it - and it would just feel way too strange to sleep on these right now. I guess once they soften up things will be different In terms of how they feel - they kind of feel like squeezing a ripe mango. So a little soft but still quite firm. But I'm enjoying how firm they are because they're so perky! :) my incisions are healing fine and I started using silicon gel on them yesterday. I'm darker skinned but they already don't look too obvious. Will post a pic of them in my next update. They're settling nicely into the crease. I started exercising again yesterday, my surgeons gave me the green light to work my lower body so I just did half an hour of squats, lunges, side ways knee pull ups and some side to side walking. Felt so good to sweat a little and I definitely slept better yesterday. If I overdo it during the day the under side of my breasts and sides does feel really sore but not particularly painful. Just stiff and over worked. Here's some pictures in a bra and sports bra. Can't get over how much they fill them out now!!

Absolute breast genius - he gave me exactly the look that I was looking for and understood the shape and size I wanted immediately. Post operatively I've been in minimum pain and up and about from day one. Would recommend Mr G over and over again!

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