28 Years Old Mother of a Five Year Old Have Wanted to Do This for Five Years - California

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Since the birth of my daughter my stomach has hung...

Since the birth of my daughter my stomach has hung about two inches over my pants and is obvious in all clothing so I live in a two times two big sweatshirt. I hate my stomach it's covered in stretch marks I even covered the whole thing with a tattoo . I just want to be confident in my clothing and not have to try on an entire clothing store to find one outfit. I am happy with my weight and every other part of me ,my stomach needs to go and on January 18th hopefully it will be gone. A year ago I went in for a consultation with out telling my husband and three months ago i told him about it and he said go for jt if it makes me happy so I had a second consultation and scheduled the tt. My first consultation we talked about a mini tummy tuck and abdomen Lipo and I think it was almost twelve thousand. The second one we talked about full tummy tuck at nine thousand and possible Lipo add on at seven thousand for abs and flanks. I wish is had the money for the lipo. My preoperative appointment is on Thursday

Preoperative appointment

I went to my preoperative appointment today and took those horrible before pictures, I had to take them twice because your not supposed to suck in. I have someone scheduled to replace me at work so that means I can really relax. I mentioned to the doctor that I've seen on here where there is two scars because they can't completely get rid of the belly button hole and be said that Wont happen with me. Thanks for calling me fat doc, lol. I went and got my blood tests after the appointment so that's done and tomorrow I will Pick up.the Percocet. No antibiotics will be needed I guess it's given at the time of surgery. Me and the receptionist had a.tiny mix up about money and in the end I ended up getting some money back. The doctor was quick and went over what we talked about at the consultation but that's because I didn't ask.any questions. After he left his wonderful helper went over stuff I should have probably asked the doctor lol, she did a great job. I think it went great .

3 more days

Monday is the day and I am more worried about something going wrong at work while I am not there then the surgery.how silly I's that ?

Tomorrow is the day

I am getting very nervous. Hopefully I have everything I need. Doctor wrote one prescription for Percocet and that's it. I hope its enough.7:40 in the morning is my surgery ahhhhhhh

Had surgery today

I have very little pain and am very tired. The doctor said everything went better than expected .

One day after

Still no pain and very sleepy . Post opt. Tomorrow

Before pictures


Shower fail

I was going to take a shower. I got my clothes off and couldn't figure out how to get the big white pad off. Saw my bellybutton and almost fainted. Got dizzy so I sat down and ate. I feel better.I am going to the post option appointment in two hours maybe they can leave it loose shoo can take some shower. I really smell.


Doctor took of bandage and so I was able to take a shower with no problem when I got home. My husband said it looks pretty neat.I got a glimpse and was happy

So much skin was removed

All that's left of my giant tattoo is a small part of the wings. My torso looks short. I removed the pain pump and one strong was easy and no problems the other one took ten minutes of whimpering you get it out after I took a shower to loosen it. I feel nauseous now. Going too take a nap


I am swollen just wondering if my scar will go down? It's above my panty line . That sucks because I am five foot ten inches tall so all shirts are short putting my current scar in plain view. It better go down. I didn't sleep well last night felt like by comp garment was suffocating me . I took a shower and washed my hair today . Did about ten minutes of my work paperwork and am now going to nap.

Feeling vain

It's day six my daughter and husband left yesterday too go visit their cousins.I feel alone. I feel vain. I feel like a bad mother. My husband has been so supportive and never once told me that I needed to do this, it was my choice. I can't clean the house I can't go to the store alone. I tried I walked into Wal-Mart turned around and walked out. I feel like a jerk..

Swollen maybe should have had liposuction too

I feel a little less upset today. Very swollen though.




Stretch marks

I am getting a few pretty big stretch marks so I will not be wearing a swim suit any time soon. I do think once I am heeled I will be able to wear more clothes than before so that is still a good thing

Post opt 2

Went to post opt number 2..I forgot to ask my questions because they told me how great I look for a week out, lol. My five year old has apparently told her entire class that I had a tummy tuck.great.....


I wonder when I will stop feeling so tired

Not looking

Haven't looked at my tummy in a few days. I did try on one tank top yesterday and was impressed. Trying to take it slow when my house is gross is very hard. I am feeling less emotional about this thank god I was loosening it for a few days there. I have been so tired. I have to go to work for a few hours tomorrow not looking forward to it. My daughter was home with me today or had to take her to the dentist for a crown they gave her the drunk stuff she turned into the devil. We will have to go back and have her put to sleep to do the crown and fillings. I love her so much. She keeps waking up and telling me she's not tired and then falls right back asleep. I think this tt has made my husband and I closer. We do really well together in tough situations, c-section, death's, home remodeling and now tt. It's odd how the hard stuff is easy for us but the easy stuff is hard? Like cleaning our house , he's very messy and so is my daughter. You can't have everything right? Maybe this weekend I will have the energy to try on some stuff my next dr appointment is Tuesday.

Bellybutton wet in two spots

Trying not to freak out I just noticed two spots on my belly button that are wet and one looks like a very small hole.it's Friday no doctor until Monday. What do I do? I took my binder off and put on a very small amount of triple anti biotic .letting it air dry for an hour or two before bed. Any other ideas ?

I'm free

Went to post op appointment and was told to
Ditch the hospital compression garment and gets store bought one. So excited ran home and changed. Doctor also said belly by drainage is normal and everything looks awesome and I don't need to be back for three weeks and no exercise until after then. Take it easy

Silicone tape

My tape started to peel and get water under it so I pulled it off and my entire scab came with it . Yuck . Going tapeless for a while

Spitting stitches

Stitches are popping out of my belly button. Dr said some times this happens and it's no big deal

Still exhausted

Still wore out but I do have a nasty cold so that may explain it . Loving my results . My scar is a little higher than I expected but it's okay I am very happy with the outcome. No seroma no infection i am very happy .

Angry insision

Looks like tissue is dying in two spots. Oh no . It's red and yellow

Nasty holes

Just talked with dr and they said to boil some water with salt and pack my opening with gauze and change twice a day . Great ......


The hole has not changed size. Will see doctor on Thursday and maybe will get put on the path to healing ?


I saw the dr today and he said I did a good job keeping it open and letting the hole drain and now to leave it uncovered and let it heal. Patience

Good news

Went shopping and my p

Good news

Went shopping for the first time and my pants size went from a 9/10 to a 7/9 . Tops were an xl to hide my stomach and now I am a medium. I even bought a pair of those high rise 5 button pants I have always dreamed of and have never been able to wear because of my stomach. I am so happy.....



I have about 50% feeling back in my stomach it feels so odd.

Nova sure

Had nova sure done to help with my monthly bleeding. Now I just need these creepy dog ears removed and I will be 100% happy


On Friday I go for a check up to see about the creepy dog ears


Doctor said to wait three months before removing dog ears so these horns are with me thru the summer. Darn!!!!

Not bad

Not bad as long as my bathing suit doesn't move and show the creepy dog ears

Dog ears

August 17th I get the ears removed I can't wait

Dog ears removed

I had my dog eats removed today and am all bandaged up. This was in office and it was the weirdest feeling I have ever had warding the doctor cut me open and not feel anything except the tugging as he was stitching . The only pain I had was the needle when he was numbing me and it was tolerable .


I covered my scar with a tattoo and it's perfect
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