4% Hydroquinone Skin Lightning Cream IT WORKS - California, CA

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Well a month or two ago I noticed my inner thighs...

Well a month or two ago I noticed my inner thighs practically black. Im tan skin colored and my inner thighs black were giving me embarrassment. Like how am I supposed to be comfortable with my partner. I literay started turning off lights and avoiding oral! Ive never been like that. Im not sure how long ive had my inner thighs this dark ever. Plus I have gained lots of weight. Anyhow I had purchased a cream in Tijuana in March for my darrk neck that I noticed. I never really used it so when I seen my other problem I started putting every night. I can now say theyre brown not black. And ive barely been using not even a month! So Im running low and googled the product to find it on amazon! I will post pic. This is 4% not like the over the counter 2percent they sell at pharmacys two percent doesnt work for me.



My current tone

This is what its like now

I havent seen improvement since

I haven't seen improvement since opening second bottle 6-7-16. Im thinking because I was using 2 creams. Stopped the other cream when I put the thigh tone pic. So maybe both creams together work. So today I started using the other cream as well!


So I took a 2 pictures this morning. I think its irritated from creams. I do twice a day so I will do 1 a day until irritated stops. Funny how almost two moths after It gets irritated. My friend was in mexico so I told her to bring me one of each of my creams yay almost out of the retinol one. I also started applying on my neck. I guess I have pcos and thats why ive been pigmenting. Doctor said my dark neck is insulin resistance and that im prediabetic. That I need to loose weight.

Omg exited

I bought a peeling lotion on etsy. Came from United Kingdom. $20. You are to put on pigmented spot 3 x a day for 3 days. On 4th day you feel skin irritated and dry im on 5th day and I am peeling! To me its a tolerable discomfort! Hydroquinone cream does work but not completely removed darkness. I've been wearing anti chaffing shorts underneath leggings and dresses avoiding jeans while in this process. I hope it heals properly. Will update

It worked!! New skin no spots

So happy im on day 9.
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