6 Months Post OP & feeling better :)

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Hello RealSelf Community! First and for most,...

Hello RealSelf Community!

First and for most, love this site! It has helped me in many ways. I am 30 yrs. old with 3 beautiful boys. I had my first son in my teens and boy was my body not ready for that! I got stretch marks everywhere, breasts, belly, hips, butt, thighs, inner thighs, and back of legs! Never wore a bikini again. In 2003 after I had my 2nd son I had my breasts done with 360cc saline implants to help fill out the lost volume with the 2 prior pregnancies. Then 7 yrs later I had my 3rd son in 2010 (surprise surprise). Was not expecting that but best thing that ever happen to our family. Now we are definitely done with babies & I'm ready to repair my body. Ever since I had my first baby I have always dreamed of removing my strech marks on my hips and belly and after bre
ast feeding my last baby I really needed to get my breasts redone. I have decided to go with bigger implants this time. Somewhere between 500-550 and silicone. I will also have a full TT with muscle repair. Scheduled for April 9th! I'm starting to get nervous and anxious. I will post some before pics soon.

I am 5' 6" tall 132 lbs. I just posted some...

I am 5' 6" tall
132 lbs.

I just posted some before pics but to be honest I look alot worse in person where you can see all my loose stretched skin :( I have always hated the gap in between my breast and hope with bigger implants it will fill in that are more.

Can someone help me find a post I read 1-2 months...

Can someone help me find a post I read 1-2 months ago that had a great list of things to purchase and do prior to surgery? Maybe recommend someone's review that has this type of info.

Today I am 4 weeks away from my MM and I'm...

Today I am 4 weeks away from my MM and I'm starting to get a little anxious. My pre-op appointment is on March 27th. I have started purchasing things I know I will need for sure little by little. I still can't believe I'm doing this and then I look at myself naked and know how bad I want this! For once in my life I want to feel comfortable naked in front of my husband and stop hiding myself from him. I just want to feel free!

I decided to add a few more pics of my poor...

I decided to add a few more pics of my poor streched out belly button with hernia and my not so lovely tiger strips on my hips that will soon be gone! I can't wait to no longer feel or see these on my body.

I had my pre-op appt. today and it went really...

I had my pre-op appt. today and it went really well. My PS said he would order 3 different implant sizes to make sure we get the best look. He will have 450, 475, & 500 cc hp mentor implants on hand. I paid my PS in full and received my big folder full of info and prescriptions to fill. They also gave me a walker to barrow since I will be hunched over for several weeks. I'm so glad I didn't have to spend any time or money trying to get one.
So I finally told everyone at work I will be gone for several weeks and I also told my boys today. That all went well. Glad thats off my to do list. I'm dreading filling my scripts because I will have to pay in full since I have Kaiser and can't run them through them. I hope I figure out some way to get them cheap. I will be having surgery at 8:30 am and will spend the night in the surgery center and will be discharged at 6:00 am the following morning. I'm looking forward to being on the flat & perky side instead of worrying and wondering about everything. I hope everyone doing well and best wishes to you all!

Holy Moly! 7 more days till my surgery. I'm...

Holy Moly! 7 more days till my surgery. I'm feeling pretty calm and I have mostly everything in place. I hope I can continue to remain calm and forcus on spending lots of quality time with my hubby and kids since I know I will be out of it for a while. I added 4 more befor pics from my pre-op appt. Best wishes to you all!

I just can't believe my surgery is tomorrow...

I just can't believe my surgery is tomorrow morning. It doesn't feel real. Everything I can think of is in place now I just pray everything goes well. It's so nerve wracking knowing the risks involved. At this point they cloud my thoughts more than anything. I'm going to enjoy this night of freedom knowing what's ahead.

Also, Aunt flow dropped by today so that really put a damper on everything. My PS office said not to worry and it's not a problem. So irritating, wasn't expecting it for a few more days but oh we'll.

I know why I'm doing this and I'm so excited to see my results!

Best wishes to all of you XOXOXO

Post OP day 2 (i think) So I made it to the other...

Post OP day 2 (i think) So I made it to the other side thank goodness. I'm so happy to be home and recovering. My PS said everything went perfect. He ended up putting in 500 cc instead of the smaller sizes he had on hand. I'm anxious to see what that look like. Surgery took about 6 hours. He also put a pain pump in that I didn't know I was getting so I'm happy about that. I feel lots of bubbles through my chest and belly. It feels really strange. No major pain yet just pressure and really uncomfortable. Getting lots of rest. Best wishes to all of you :)

4/12/13 Friday Post OP day 4 not much has changed....

4/12/13 Friday Post OP day 4 not much has changed. It's very difficulty to walk hunched over and my back is killing me. Still need help with everything. Yesterday morning my right arm was throbbing and aching so bad I wanted to chop it off so now I can hardly use that arm. Then my right leg started aching and throbbing as well. I have a pretty bad varicose vein on that leg and its making it pretty impossible to sleep with my leg and harm in so much pain. Today I go see my PS so hopefully he can give me some relief. I can't believe all my pain is coming from areas that weren't operated on. Very frustrating to say the least. Hopefully I can post some after pics soon. Nap time now.

My first post OP appointment went great. I got see...

My first post OP appointment went great. I got see everything but of course forgot to take pics to post :( The doc took off all my dressings and my incision lines look so good I can't believe it. My boobs already looking settled too. My waist is so small. My PS surgeon said he was laughing in the OR because of how small my waist is. I guess that's a good thing. Most of my stretch marks are gone too! Very happy so far. Best wishes to you all!

I forgot to mention yesterday, but during my...

I forgot to mention yesterday, but during my doctor visit when I was able to touch my stomach it was the weirdest feeling ever. My stomach is so numb it felt like I was feeling someone else's. It's hard to explain. Then went he pushed on my belly a little that was even stranger. It's so funny now going through all the motions as I have been reading for weeks now from other stories. Thank you all for being so open and sharing your stories!

Day 5 and no BM!!! I've been drinking a ton of...

Day 5 and no BM!!! I've been drinking a ton of water and juice. I've been taking a stool softener the past 3 days. I've drank milk of magnesia yesterday and today and no luck. I can't believe all that food is still stuck in my poor belly. Any suggestions?

Today has been my hardest emotional day so far. I...

Today has been my hardest emotional day so far. I yelled, I cried, and I laughed which put me into more tears because it hurts so bad to laugh. I still haven't taken any bandages or my binder off but I did take some photos so you can kind of see what I look like. I took a closer look at breast today and was very very sad about how my right boob looks. To me it looks deformed and awful but my left boob looks okay. My main reason for doing this whole procedure was to make my boobs look alot better. The whole tummy tuck was just an added bonus. My new boobs just look bigger with all the same problems I hated before. I'm very upset about this. I know I'm only 6 days PO but the problem is they will probably look even worse as time goes on and any swelling goes down. I feel like I failed at getting my point across to my PS about what bugged me so much about my boobs and maybe thats why he didn't fix them. As far as my belly and hips go, they seem to be doing just fine. My left drain has been giving me problems and leaking out of the entrance point. I just hope it's draining properly still. My right drain look good, no leakage. My pain isn't too bad at all. I'm also starting to walk alot straighter but man I get tired really quickly. Next appt. is in 2 days so hopefully I will get some better pictures to post. Good night to all!

My 1 week check up was today. Things are healing...

My 1 week check up was today. Things are healing great according to my PS. Finally got see my new BB which I love. My hips look incredibly better with almost no more stretch marks left. Tummy is very slim and still swollen. I got 1 drain removed today on my right hip! So I'm very happy about that because that one bugged me the most. He still won't let me take a shower till my other drain is out :( Maybe on Friday he will remove it if it's not draining too much. My right nipple was repositioned a little so there is tape and a little bruising. My left breast has an internal permanente stich on the side to keep my boob from floppig to the side. l still am very unsatisfied with my breast overall. I wanted to address my concerns with my PS today but of course he is always in a rush and I chickened out. He never asks how I feel about anything so I never get a chance to let him know how I'm feeling. I think he just assumes I love everything because he thinks I look fantastic. Plus I really love him and don't want to offend him. I don't know what I'm going to do. I just need to tell him because it's eating me inside every day. My pain is almost completely gone. Just lower back of course since I still can't stand completely straight and the stich in my left boob hurts but that it. Tylenol takes care of any pain I do have. Still taking muscle relaxer a few times a day too. Thats all I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing :)

So I felt a need to share my lowest point so far...

So I felt a need to share my lowest point so far on this journey and it took place yesterday. The night prior I was looking at my insicion line as I usually do and noticed what I believe to be new stretch marks on my hips and I started panicking. I called my HB into look and see what he thought and he wasn't 100% sure they were new or not. We tried looking at pictures to compare but I had no pictures of my sides which is where the "new" ones are. After being so unhappy with my breast and now my new stretch marks was just icing on the cake that put me over the edge. I cried my self to sleep in disbelief that this was happing to me. All day yesterday I cried at any thought regarding my surgery. I was completely devastated after spending all this money and time off for practically nothing. I'm sure many of you here on real self can relate to that feeling of being tormented by a flaw on your body and then to have it removed and freed from it and then to have it come back was heart breaking. I called my PS and he reassured me they are not new stretch marks and to not worry. He said let him do the worrying and he will make me perfect. He truly is the best PS and I just love him. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. He wants to see me tomorrow to make sure everything is ok. I'm dreading seeing him because I don't know how to tell him how I feel about my boobs.

Do any of you have advise for me on how to address my concerns about my breasts with my PS? I need some help!

Today I am 2 weeks post op and feel pretty good....

Today I am 2 weeks post op and feel pretty good. Energy is slowly coming back and I am able to do a little more each day. I still can't stand completely straight but I'm probably at 90%, almost there. I still have lots of lower back pain and my poor legs ache and throb so bad all time. I also still have 1 drain in which is really irritating because I still can't take a freakin shower! Ya, 2 weeks without a real shower! Have to follow the doctors’ orders I guess. I have an appt. this Friday and I'm going to make sure he takes it out. He still hasn't given me any type of bra to wear yet. I just have to wear my binder of course until I get fitted for a girdle, oh boy!
I still am very unhappy with my boobs and I don't think that will change until he redoes them. I am happy with everything else so far. I added a couple of new pics. Not much difference that I see. I hope you all are doing well and best wishes as always!

Question: Is anyone else having a weird popping of bubbly type feeling in between their incision line and pubic bone area? I have been and it's really strange. Even if I push on that area I can feel it sometimes. It doesn't hurt or anything but just feels weird.

Question: Is anyone else having a weird popping or...

Question: Is anyone else having a weird popping or bubbly type feeling in between their incision line and pubic bone area? I have been and it's really strange. Even if I push on that area I can feel it sometimes. It doesn't hurt or anything but just feels weird.



Day 17, had another check up. My last drain was...

Day 17, had another check up. My last drain was finally removed but STILL can't shower for 24 :(
I was told to order a girdle preferably from a recommended website according to my PS. It's a Veronique design girdle and they are pricey $110.00 bucks! I started researching girdles here on RealSelf and I was surprised to read a lot of doctors don't even use binders or compression garments. Now I'm wondering if I should be wearing one even though that's what my PS suggests. I did ask if I could use an off-brand and they said yes as long as it's similar to the one they suggested.
What type of girdles / compression garments is everyone using on here? Are they comfy?
Thanks in advance for your help! :)

I finally did it! After 3 weeks of suppressing my...

I finally did it! After 3 weeks of suppressing my feelings (except on RS of course) and concerns about my breast I found the courage to tell him how I feel. Words can't explain the relief I felt after. I wish I would have said something sooner. Tears pour down my face the entire time but I was able to express how I was feeling and I swear I have been blessed with such a phenomenal surgeon with the kindness heart. I could write book about how amazing he is. Not just as a surgeon, but as a human being. I kept crying the entire drive home because of how compassionate and understanding he was. He reaaly touched my heart. I love him even more now if that's even possible. He reasurred me over and over not to worry and he will fix anything that needs to be fixed. I was terrified that this might jeopardize our relationship but I think its even stronger now. He is my angel in disguise. What an emotional day. For all the ladies waiting for their day to come be reminded, its no joke, the emotional side of this processes is way more difficult than the physical. I feel at peace now.
I will try and post some new pics tomorrow. As always, best wishes to everyone!

Post OP day 26 Finally made time to add some new...

Post OP day 26
Finally made time to add some new pics. Night night and happy healing my RS sista!

Today I am 4 weeks (and 1 day) post OP. I feel...

Today I am 4 weeks (and 1 day) post OP.
I feel entirely better physically and mentally this week. My body is quickly healing and my mind is more at peace with this entire experience. I have learned so many valuable life lessons in these last 4 weeks and I am so grateful that I was able to have this surgery. The amazing women on this form who have opened their hearts and mind have inspired me to be a better me. This journey thus far has been a life changer for me from the inside out. I'm truly enjoying this journey and look forward to learning more.

Physically I'm doing great. Today I graduated into a pair of Spanx and I now get to wear a sports bra too! Next week I will start to message my breasts and possibly start silicone scar therapy. Isn't this a little late in the game for this? Seems like it to me. I still have quite a bit of swelling in my flanks and lower belly. BB is doing good as well. I'm almost walking completely normal and I'm starting to be able to arch my back a little which is nice. Energy is slowly but surely coming back. I still get exhausted cleaning or walking to long.
I had a great "ahh haa" moment the other night while in the shower. My husband opens the bathroom door to ask me a question and as we are talking he interrupt me and says "I like what's going on here" and I said what? He says, " you aren't trying to hide from me". I have hid from him for last 13 years and now I feel free. Don't get me wrong, I still dislike many things on my body but this whole journey has helped me put my guard down and see me through his eyes a little more. This was a big part of my goal and I'm happy to see it come through.
Thank you to all the courageous women on this site who have shared their stories. I wish you all the very best and happy healing from the inside out :)

5.5 Weeks Post OP

I am a little behind with my week by week update but as life gets back to normal it's hard to find time to post!
I went bikini shopping at VS for the first time. I ended up getting a 34 DD top and medium bottoms. I was a little sad that my vertical scar is not covered by any of the bottoms as I thought it would be but oh well it still feels great to be even shopping for a bikini instead of my normal tankinis. I have ALOT of work to do on the lower half of my body. I have always hated my legs since my second baby due to vericose veins, spider veins, and of course cellulite. I never ever wear shorts and if I wear a bathing suit my legs are covered with something. I feel like my bottom half doesn't even match my top half now so I need to start working out alot. My PS has only released me for walking and thats it. I'm still waiting to start scar therapy too.He still keeps putting the tape on and thats it.
Everything seems to be healing good. I do have a stitch poking out of the top of my BB that he may need to remove if it doesn't go down. It's really pointy like it's going to poke through my skin. Kinda freaky looking. My flanks are still very sore to touch and swollen due to the lipo. My PS said he removed several liters of fat from those areas so he really went to town.
My belly is really numb still too. Boobs are a little sore at times but no pain.
I'm feeling pretty darn good but very motivated to get in the best shape ever!
Happy healing to everyone and best wishes!!!


New Pics!


more pics

6 weeks!

I had my 6 week checkup today! My PS has finally instructed me to start massaging my breasts and he said they would get a lot more softer which I was surprised because they are already soft to me. He said they would feel like real breasts! Whooo hoooo!!! I'm excited about that. I'm still limited on only walking for exercising which is irritating but oh well. He also said I would start scar therapy next week finally. My scars are pretty purple right now so hopefully they will fade a lot. Everything else is doing well. Until next week, Happy healing and best wishes!!!

7 weeks post OP

I've hit my 7 week mark and it looks like I may need to have my BB area fixed :(
The stitch above my BB is not dissolving which is causing a bump and irritation on my skin. My PS said he may need to make an incision and remove it. He will also fix the top part of the bb where it still protrudes. He wants to wait and see how it does but it's only gotten worse over the past couple of weeks. My right nipple is healing nice. It just looks so much darker than my left nipple due to the incision. My tt incision is doing good. He has finally instructed me to buy Oleeva silicon strips which are very expensive, $100. Ouch! They better work for that much money. He has also given me the go ahead to go swimming which is great because it will be 100 degrees this weekend where I live. Not looking forward to wearing a bathing suit because of my ugly bb and flab nasty thighs but I will hide them of course. I really need to come up with a good leg work out that will give me fast results because this is really depressing how my lower have doesn't match my top half. Swelling also seems worse lately but I'm sure it has to do with being more active. My flanks and lower belly are still numb and the muscle repair is still tight and feels funny. If I'm not wearing a cg and I bend over it feels like a 5 lb weight is in my belly. Totally uncomfortable. Any how, happy healing ladies!!!

7 weeks

Couple more pics

9 Weeks Post OP

Hello to all you lovely ladies!!!
Well I have hit the 9 week mark and I STILL can't believe I had this surgery. I had a checkup today as well. My PS gave me a really nice compliment today too. He said I have one of the best looking figures he has ever seen but of course I know he's partial to me since he did the work. He even called in another lady for a second opinion. I was like really! This is a little awkward. Anyhow, I officially have started my Oleeva strips today and hope they make a big improvement on my scars. I was feeling pretty down last week due to menstruation and swell hell. I was eating pretty crapy and it showed. I was always bloated and felt like sh*t. I really have to watch how I eat, especially salt. I'm eating much cleaner this week and it shows. Yeah!
My breasts and the incisions are doing well. No pain unless I lift something too heavy. My stomach is pain free as well. My lower abdomen is still totally numb and swollen. It still feels tight if I try to extend my abdomen too far. The TT incision is doing great. My BB still has a lot of swelling and that annoying stitch is still poking out under my skin. I will most likely have to have it removed but we will see how it does. I go back in 6 weeks for another checkup. If I knew then what I know now I would definitely do this all over again except change a few things to meet my expectations. Thankfully they are minor things that bother me and not anything major. 6 weeks ago I would have said something different. Through my journey I have learned so much and have been touch by so many women on this forum that I am forever grateful for. I could have never imagined the amazing support and encouragement from these gracious women would be extended to me in such a giving way. You all have really been so inspiring and I am so thankful for all of your support during my journey. You all have made this experience more enjoyable and at times were the only ones I could turn too during my dark days. Only we fully understand each other and what we are going through during this intense journey so thank you all for sharing!

16 weeks Post OP

Hi Ladies!
I haven't posted in so long so I thought I would give a little update even though not much has changed. I had a check up last week and they took post OP pics so I will post those once they send them to me. I have a few minor thing I want fixed/adjusted and my PS said he would take care of it. Early on during my recovery I really was unhappy with my breasts and wanted them bigger and was considering a lift to help tighten the loose skin but I have decided to not mess with them for now. Maybe in 10 yrs when I really need it. They are still tender at times with occasional little pains but still doing good. My bb is actually doing much better regarding the stitch that was trying to poke through above bb. It has healed and now I have a little scar that needs to fade as well as the bb scar that needs to fade. My abdomen is still very numb and my skin feels very sensitive when touched. Like an irritating feeling. My stomach just feels very foreign to my body. I guess because of all the swelling and numbness. I wish it just felt back to normal. I have been very swollen lately due to high activity and not the best diet I guess. My TT scar still is very ugly and dark. I am not sure the silicone strips did much. It's hard to tell. I think I'm going to stop the strips and start vitamin E and massaging. I am still working on my lower half of my body to try and tone but still have a long way to go. I still feel so skinny on top half but so flabby on my bottom half. I don't understand how I can be so lean on top and so flabby on the bottom . UGH. I could really use some advise and motivation. I know most of you are exercise experts. Can you give me some pointers on a fast effective way to get my legs in shape? I wish I was like most of you ladies dying to go back to the gym or just work out but I haven't been to a gym in over 10 yrs. I know I would feel so much better but it's just one of those things I think about daily but never do. I am still happy I had these procedure done and happy with the overall results. Thanks again for all the wonderful support ladies! Happy healing to you all :)



Ok, here are the pix that should have posted yesterday but my phone and ipad were not cooperating.

Post OP pics from PS office

As promised, here are all the pics from my check up last week. I really need to do some side by side comparisons to put things into perspective. Anyone know an easy way to side by sides?

WTF is going on with my belly???

I'm starting to freak out because my lower abdomen has been extremely bloated and swollen for the past 2-3 weeks and I'm starting to get really worried :( I went and seen my PS a few says ago and he didn't seem concerned but wants me to be on a reduced gluten diet. He thinks I may be sensitive and it may be swelling my intestines up causing the bloating. I disagree but I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. My poor belly always feels uncomfortable and bloated. Even in the mornings I'm still bloated, as before I would be pretty flat in the a.m. It's hard to describe what it feels like but I will try. My lower abdomen feel extremely thick, as if my skin is 1 in. thick, bloated, swollen, tight, expanding, gross, fat, and to top it off I "think" I have a bunch of new stretch marks from swelling or they are broken blood vessels. Idk. I'm beginning to panic though, has anyone else experienced this before being 4 1/2 months post OP???

Belly Little Belly Update

I went to see a doctor first thing Monday morning regarding my belly issues. She wants me take a stomach acid reducer (Pepcid) for a few weeks and see if it improves my bloating and she also had me get some blood tests and a urine sample. All the results are in and everything looks good except my blood sugar was low so she wants me to come back and take another blood sample to test. I have been eating better with a reduce gluten diet and taking the pills prescribed but no improvement yet. This is really frustrating not knowing what triggered my stomach to bloat and swell so much. I feel like my results are ruined but I hope I can figure out the problem soon and fix it so I can start feeling good again. I'm starting to get a little depressed. I just feel so nasty around mid section. Every time I eat it makes my belly feel so uncomfortable. I wonder if this surgery has caused a unreversable problem with my insides or I wonder if it's possible that it has nothing to do with my surgery but I would find that hard to believe though. I will update again when the new blood tests come in. Take care ladies :)

Belly update

It's been 3 weeks since my last belly update and sadly it has not improved. The last 3 weeks have been very frustrating. One day it seems better but then days like today when I'm extremely bloated and uncomfortable I realize we haven't figured out the problem. I took a second blood test and the results came back normal except I have low blood sugar still which doesn't effect my stomach. I went in for an ultrasound on my belly and the doctor only order the upper abdomen which is rediculous since my problems are in the lower area. The results came back normal. I emailed my doctor and it took over a week to get a response but I finally spoke to her again and she recommended I take another blood test to check for gluten senseitivity. I have been eating 95% gluten free. I strongly feel my belly problems are due to something else or maybe a combination of things. I've noticed over these past 7 weeks that my bladder is functioning differently. Like I pee more often and it seems to feel like I've held my pee too long but it's only been 45 min. to an hour. Sometimes it feels like I have a full bladder but not much comes out. Things like that. No pain when I pee though. I discussed this with her and she asked a few questioned but didn't seem concerned by it. I really don't know what the problem is :( A girlfriend of mine asked me would I have this surgery after all knowing I would have these problems and honestly I'm not sure. There are pros and cons just like anything else in life. I have lost sight of my transformation and want those happy feeling to be present again in my recovery. I guess for me some of those great feelings I had about my transformation have faded away and just become a part of recovery instead of a constant feeling. I have hope those feelings will return if and when my stomach is back to normal.
Have any of you ladies experienced anything like this before? I'm just curious if it's semi-common or not.

Thank you ladies for all your support. I wish you all well and happy healing. I will try and post some pics soon.

Belly pics

Here is what my belly looks like at night. It's somewhat better in the mornings but not much. I've been doing some research on here and I have found several similar cases of women many doctor's say it's probably muscle repair failure :) UGH!!! :(

PS Visit

I met with my PS today and he says I do not have muscle repair failure. He believes my side stomach muscles need strenthening so he advised me to do some exercises daily, eat clean, and take probiotics. I will follow up with him in a few weeks. He also said I definitely don't have a seroma either. He seemed a little baffled by my situation too. He said he will help me with everything he can and I of course have to do my part as well. I tried to keep my composure during my visit but of course I couldn't hold it together and cried quite a bit. He was very patient with me and understanding.

Thanks again ladies for all the support :)

6 Months Now

Soooo apparently all my recent problems have all been related to extremely weak abdominal muscles. I had no idea how weak I really was until I started to exercise. I'm slowly getting stronger and feeling better! Baby steps. My PS said my muscles are equivalent to a 60 year old women! I have a long way to go but I do have determination :)
Orange Plastic Surgeon

I was refereed to this PS by my vascular surgeon who has seen his work and has highly recommended his work of artistry. Once I meet him I fell in love with his warm character and felt incredibly comfortable talking to him. Not to mention his extensive background in plastic surgery I knew he was the right PS for me!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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