Microneedling for Acne Scars

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I had very bad cystic acne in high school. I went...

I had very bad cystic acne in high school. I went to the dermatologist at 19 and was denied accutane. With the power of prayer and my faith in God, I woke up this year and my acne completely stopped. I'm left with scars. I just had my first procedure done on Aug 1. Waiting & hoping for some results

5 days post treatment

So far the treatment has really helped with my skin texture. I really hope the results are permanent and not temporary. Both my temple still have dented scars which I'm thinking about getting a subcison and fillers done soon. But overall I would say that it helps with texture more than scars.

2nd treatment

I had my 2nd session this morning. I am pretty upset and not satisfy with it. I asked the PA if we will be doing the same settings and passes again. And her response was "I tried to go as deep as I can". Like ok what the hell is that suppose to mean? I knew this was going to be a poor session after asking her that. I felt like it was rush and my temple and forehead was hit wayyy less aggressively than before. And my temple is where I scar the most. My previous treatment was so good. This treatment work very well on me and my skin respond very well. But I'm assuming her intention was to go less aggressive. So the results I get this time will just be slightly better than the first treatment. So I can keep on coming back. I've been told my scars will respond very well to laser. And I went with microneedling as a 2nd option due to my type of skin. It's unfortunate, but I will not be going back for my 3rd treatments with them. I'm so glad I didn't buy a package of 4. Or else I would've been stuck. I will post up my post treatment update.
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