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Well, I had liposuction 10 yrs ago. Since then...

Well, I had liposuction 10 yrs ago. Since then I've exercised moderately and also had another baby. All the weight has drifted back into my abs and chin areas. I feel I picked a pro doc he has great credentials and nice referrals but who really knows...The problem is he gave me Valium pre op 5 mg and I have had to take one to two a day all week for nerves and my procedure is tomorrow. I asked the anesthia dr he says they do not interfere with meds in procedure. I am just having a total anxiety and cannot hardly sleep and doomsday thoughts of blood clots or embolism and feel guilty cause I have 2 children. That depend on me. Anyhow I have been extremely unhappy with my stomach and opted for lipo over TT. I fall In The grey zone where both ways was an option. I know i will have some excess skin. I know these thoughts are in my head but I'm going emotional big time I woke up and cried this am. I am going to do it cause I am little and can't take the 6 month prego look anymore my confidence is gone. I want to be a happy mama for my kids and feel good. I don't know if all this Valium is good before hand but its not good to over stress either. I'm ready. I hired a nurse to take care of me after. I don't know if I'm freaking out with reason or not but my dr has assured me he has never in 30 years had a complication and I will be fine. I am trying to be positive and also i have quit smoking permanently as I want a healthier me. I have to do this my body look like 4 sticks, arms and legs a pot belly and a double chin. I stretch all my shirts out to try and cover. In my head I'm hot cause i am cute but when I go out guys are like yuck... It shouldn't matter but I agree when I get dressed. Anyway scared. Scared. Scared. Tomorrow is the day. Pray I can just get back to me again before the bulge and be safe and happy. - thanks

Post pics

Heres my day 2 post op pics

Surgerys over!!

Post surgery
2 days, I'm tired and swollen


I feel sick to my stomach. It's the first day Able to drink coffee. Bruising is worse than I anticipated . Funny how the attitude of all went from this is a four hr minor procedure to " well you just had a major procedure done your not gonna feel good ." Not cool . Anyway I had no lipo in brusied pubis area but apparently all blood ran to this area and hips and legs. I wonder when the bruises will get better? You never can predict this recovery looking at my pics I had most lipo in stomach where there is no bruising. I stil feel horrid. "last night i tried to take my son to dinner i couldnt do it. I called for a ride home and got it to go. Hope everyone is doing well. It looks good but I'm not sure I feel awful.

Post -Vaser day 5

Every nerve in my body must have woke up today it hurts - its hard to eat I feel kinda sick and swollen-

Vaser update- 15 days post op

Well as of a couple a days ago I can sleep more on my sides. Going for a check up soon. I sometimes have sharp pains I'm assuming from where the cannula hit? Or a nerve or something . I'm really swelling maybe more this second week in a different way . The vaser vs traditional tumescent for pain equalled the same for me. I couldnt have done it it without going under general myself ( too many areas) all thoses tuff peeps doing local im impressed! I'm glad to have this done but a lot of hard lumps, pains, numbness in areas gives me a little worry in the back of my mind. I still find myself worn out by 4/5 pm not near feeling great but every day is better. It's been a long recovery I couldn't image going back to work for week or two if you are getting a lot of areas done. (FYI) I can hardly work it hurts to bend feels like I got a tummy tuck and did not. Lately however with the girdle and the compression bandages I'm getting a lot of (You Look great!! But getting second looks, just sayin) not feeling that way outside feels okay inside my body feels hit by a truck. I hope all swelling feel better soon. Post pics soon.

4 weeks vaser- post op

It's been 4 wks . I'm still swelling a lot. I can not go to work but work around the house and I'm still on painkillers.
I take the pain killers to do my home chores. I know how wonderful I will look . However im. starting to feel its not worth it. I have a rock hard stomach with fluid under it and feel terrible all other parts i had done feel swollen and itchy but healing. I feel like my stomach is one big seroma it's hard it hurts I don't know when it will improve so it is emotionally draining. My chin/ jawline I had done Is lumpy I too hope that improves. I guess all I can do is wait ;(

5 weeks out post op vaser lipo

I still am extremely sore and taking Advil 2-3 times a day. Even though its improving this is the most painful lipo ever compared to my previous one years ago with the most swelling image able. I'm still tired every other day from it. I'm not sure if the results are worth it. I have a bump of whatever that is making my stomach swell. My doctor says its normal when a lot of fat is removed there is nothing to do but wait. I guess it's too late to go back so I'm following his directions and trying to tuff it out. I'm not a wimpy chick but this hurts more than having both my kids.
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