Hated my Implants Since Day 1 - CA

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28" rib cage 32A post op- now 32D Surgery date Wed...

28" rib cage
32A post op- now 32D
Surgery date Wed July17-13
Sientra round smooth 380cc moderate profile (12.8 base)
Areola incision

I have been an emotional wreck lately because of this BA. My surgeon did a good job on my, my breast look good and no infection. I feel so much thankful for that. Although it is not a perfect job because there are some issue that I notice:
-The 2 breast pockets are not identical. My left implants is moving a little more toward the side. My implants are actually a bit wider than my chest wall.
- My incision are not perfectly cut, the left side is longer a lot than the right.
- Before BA my nipples were in perfect condition and now the left nipple is a bit lower than the right.
- There are a lot of blue veins appears on my breast and under areola. They are very visible because I have fair and thin skin. The thing that makes me worry the most is that the viens spread all the way to my shoulder and upper arms. It look unattractive and I am afraid to move.
- because of the large implants, my areola skin are stretch from the nipples and it hurts so bad, also the areola appearance become bigger than before which annoy me a lot.
- The wide implants appear on the lateral side of my body makes me look and feel so fat because of too much side boobs appearance.
I don't know wether or not it is better to downsize implants to 270cc or remove completely. I am still young 24yrs old so i hope my skin can recoil back if I remove them after 6 weeks post ops? I am in my 4th week now and I can't wait to get these implants out of my body.This is not a swing mood decision because the implants really hurt me and its side effect bother me a lot. I don't feel healthy living with these big implants. I might consider a much smaller one or nothing at all. My healthy is much more important than big boobs to me now. I really need support, advice, comments from everyone who had been through similar situation. Hope to hear from you soon.
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