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I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in...

I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in July of 2016. I received amazing customer service and quality attention from both Dr. Creasman and his staff. When I first called the office, Kim made an awesome first impression. My communications with her have all been professional and upbeat, which makes me feel comfortable. During my consultation, Dr. Creasman also had me feeling very secure and respected. He is good at listening and giving detailed, experienced answers. Even though I have studied BA a lot online, I walked away from my appointment with even more knowledge. I know he is the perfect person to perform my surgery.

35 years old, 6ft tall, less than an A cup, planning 300ccs

I am finally ready to get breast implants. I have talked myself out of it so many times. A huge part of this was questioning the morality of altering my body through surgery. I wanted to accept my body and love my unique form. I felt this was an important part of a healthy mindset.

Thankfully, I now love my body in it's original form. It turned out, I DO believe I can love my body and still take a bold step to enhance it. In fact, I am enhancing my body, because I love it. ????

So, these two ideas finally harmonize with each other! Yay! What a relief.

So what's next? Two, soft, playful proportionate breasts, just 9 weeks away (well longer if you count the recovery weeks but that's ok). I feel excited, free, and antsy!

Before Pics with measurements. Small A cup, looking for a natural result around 300ccs

Boobies on the brain!

I am so thankful for RealSelf. I love it so much that I have spent a little too much time on here, and have regretfully neglected other important things. It's time to take a couple weeks off from looking and reading about boobies. Surgery still feels so far away.

photo gallery organized by ccs

Hi everyone, Still day dreaming of boobs. I couldn't stay away from Real Self but I am managing to keep my browsing time to a reasonable limit.
I found a photo gallery organized by ccs. I know everyone's anatomy is different, but there is definitely a small range of results that I can depend on.

Here is the link -

I'm also using the Real Self notebook to organize profiles by size.

My question of the week is wondering, "How close will my breasts push together in a push-up bra?"

I won't sacrifice a modest size for ornamental cleavage but I will definitely be asking the doctor at my pre-op appointment, because cleavage sure is perty! I may post that question to Real Self doctors as well.

34 AA cup vs 300cc rice sizers

Testing out 300. I may increase to 330 after my pre-op. I posted a question to doctors about having cleavage in a bra with just 300ccs. A few suggested I go a little bigger considering my BWD (breast width dimensions). So I may go with 330-350.

A little more boobs please? 350...375...400??

I did not predict this would happen, but now I am reconsidering size. My thoughts based on looking at several women's results and saving them to notebooks (which truthfully all from 300-400 looked beautiful):

300 -
Pros - it's probably a better health and visual result long term. It still looks pretty and very natural.
Cons - On my tall frame, they will look smaller. So if I lean smaller, I risk feeling small still.

400 -
Pros - If I lean bigger, I get more cleavage and fill my frame out nicely. Cons - They might stretch the breasts more and not look as good long term. Also, there are more risks with going bigger.

The good news about this size gap is that 100 ccs is a relatively small range to decide within. Therefore, if I choose something in between I might be the most satisfied.

So 350, 375, or dare I say 400? We'll see what is decided during my pre-op...Dec 6th.

Natrelle Sizing Matrix (Classic, Ispira, Shaped, and Saline)

SO Helpful! I have been looking for the Allergan Natrelle Sizing Matrix (Classic, Ispira, Shaped, and Saline) to help me see the range I was given and how the sizes run.

Here you can download the surgeon's information folder which includes extensive information about the implants as well as the sizing charts for each type of implant. I have been trying to find the sizing chart and finally, gold!

1. Go to Allergan Natrelle's web site for surgeons (link posted below):
2. Click 'Download PDF' where it says 'Hospital Order Form.'
3. It will download a folder with a handful of documents.
4. Open that folder and open the document entitled Hospital_Order_Form-2

Settling down about size

My pre-op is approaching and I've settled down a lot. Thank goodness! I want a natural look and an active lifestyle without big bumps down the road (haha). I feel a lot better this week. If you are considering a modest size implant because you have a smaller frame and little breast tissue like me, I suggest saving links that explain the health benefits of staying within your limits and saving all of those beautiful pictures of breasts that fall within that category. Make sure you are looking at breasts your age too. :D It's easy to get confused. Gotta love boobs doe.

Pre-op today, I chose the size...

Somehow during my pre-op appointment, I changed my mind and signed up for 345 hp. The past week I felt sure I wanted 300, but when I went to my pre-op and explained how I was still nervous about fully deciding, two professionals that worked there, (both women), seemed to really perk up whenever I talked about the 345s. OR maybe... I just perked up more when I handled the 345s, and they were just being supportive.

The women mentioned how my height would make it easy to carry well. I have heard that before and I agree. I also tried on rice sizers at home and they look proportional with clothes on.

I just get freaked out when I think about getting a super round look and looking at myself naked... I love/hate fake boobs because I'm excited to enhance them but I fear they will look bad on me. That is the story of a skinny girl with little breast tissue to disguise the implants with... Now I feel like I should be going with the doctor's first choice (300s). He is probably right and he had my best interests in mind.

Then I got greedy... BUT I don't want any regrets of going too small. I think either way, whichever size I had chosen, I would have come back to this computer and typed out why I should have chosen the other size.

Dying here. :( Everyone has been here I guess. Sorry for the lame rant.

3d images

295 mod-plus vs. 345 hp
I'm only using the angle that shows my left breast slope. It's slightly better because it's naturally slightly bigger than my right breast.

Generic vs, Name Brand Rxs

Wondering if anyone else went with generic prescriptions(?) I was told to get name brand only as they work better. But when my bill at Walgreens totaled at $500, I quickly opted for generic versions. All I had to pay for was the Emend pill for nausea ($150). Phew!

Surgery Day - Feeling boobiful with 345ccs : )

DAY of surgery, 7.5 hrs post-op

Some of my stats:
35 years old
34A cup (halfway filled)
Breastfed one child
6 ft tall 150 lbs
11.75 BWD

Natrelle Inspira smooth, round, high profile 345ccs, under the muscle, breast crease incision

My surgery:
It was at 9am, I had to be there by 8. I woke up after surgery and started telling them why I liked each one of their personalities. Ha! I felt so happy. I was out and heading home about 10:30.

Awesome crew of people including Dr. Creasman! Warm and fun personalities.

To do list today:
Keep up on meds
Do arm stretches this evening, out and overhead, slowly.

I'm eating healthy small meals and snacks with fiber and protein.
Peaches, pears, prunes, chicken salad, walnuts, herbal tea and water!

Easy bowel movements since day 1!

I have had a totally easy time in the bathroom!

My regimen was:
Avoid red meat, milk and cheese beginning 2 days before.

High fiber snacks included: prunes, pears, peaches, oatmeal, raisens, blueberries, veggies

2 days pre-op - noon: 1 cup smooth move tea
Plus high fiber snacks

1 day pre-op - noon: generic fiber mix into a glass of water. Evening: 1 cup smooth move tea in evening.
Plus high fiber fruits

Surgery day - noon: 1 cup smooth move tea. Evening: 3 colace pills
Plus high fiber fruits

1 day post-op - morning: smooth move tea. Evening: 3 colace pills
Only took 2 norcos. The rest of the time: tylenol
Plus High fiber fruits and steel cut oats

Day 2 (today)
noon: smooth move tea
Evening: 1 colace
Only 1 norco, the rest of the time: tylenol

3 days post-op Feeling great

Pain: I woke up this morning at 7:30 and hadn't taken tylenol in 11 hrs so I definitely woke up achey. But now that I've taken it, one dose of extra strength totally covers the pain. My bra is pretty tight so yesterday evening I began leaving it off (except while sleeping).

Sleep: I have been sleeping on my back since day once since my doc said that was fine. I sleep with my bra on.

Size: Day one and two I think I was pretty loopy and just happy to have boobs. But beginning yesterday evening, I realized that my boobs might not shrink much and I will definitely have to do some adjusting to my new curves. They will probably end end up a bit bigger than I would've liked, but I think they'll still be fun. I'll enjoy the pros of the extra size. ; )

Post-op appt: Yesterday I met with rhe PS and I can start massaging.
I have to do an inward, upward push to the implant for 10 seconds, 10 reps, six times per day.

Swelling and bruising going away. Adjusting more and more.

No more medication today except the last 2 celebrex (I was told to take twice daily, 5 days) They just feel heavy and I can't activate my pecs much (ouch). Oh and morning boob: owie, owie, owie until I get out of bed and move.

Here's me in clothes with a lined bra for girls wondering about the overall appearance when dressed. Even though I'm tall, 345 hp was plenty for me because I'm thin, with little breast tissue and my bwd is 11.75. It's important to listen to your doctor if he knows what you want and what will give you that look.

I was given 300 modplus and 345 hp as my two options. The doc advised 300. Then, at my pre-op, I thought "Better go with the bigger option just in case."

How do I feel now? I'm guessing they'll ultimately look proportional with clothes on and slightly augmented when revealing them. However, since I stayed within my original goal range I still feel pretty happy and got what I expected. I saved tons of notebooks to develop a reasonable expectation. So comparing does help if you explore thoroughly and organize the outcomes.

I'm still adjusting to the size and the look. The bf loves them though, and that feels so wonderful. I'll stop posting for a week or so, but I wanted to post these photos of me wearing clothes. I wear a D cup for now. It was really tight the first two days. Think I might land at full C though. : )

Oh, and they're slowly getting squishy enough to push closer together. I'll post that one.

Projection, physical activity, my feelings & VS try-on

Projection - Since last week, my projection decreased a whole centimeter. At a week, my breasts projected 4.8 cm from my body. Now they project 3.8 cm. I think this is due to the swelling dissipating. I used plenty of Arnica pellets and ointment. The actual projection of the implant itself outside of the body is precisely 4.8. I will post an update projection measurements at 1, 2, & 3 months as my muscles relax.

Physical Activity
Days 1-3 have to get out of bed slowly, twisting to my side, then using my leg muscles with my foot under the bed frame for leverage. Pull pants up slowly, sections at a time, using two hands together. Anything that my pecs can't handle one-handed, I use two (door handles, plate of food, flushing the toilet)

2 days post-op - washed my own hair in the sink

5 days post-op - drove to the store, pulling my pants up easily.

First week- no chores

Second week - 2 light chores a day; minimal cooking, still avoiding heavy doors and doing things with two hands.
What hurts the most, coughing, laughing, SHIVERING. Avoiding the cold as much as possible. However I survived the cold under heat lamps, in a dress, 10 days post-op on New Year's Eve.

Pain - going into the second week is minimal. My right side stays a little achey, maybe because I am right-handed. Morning boob is getting better every day. It's very light and tolerable.

My feelings - The first few days they felt huge, but I felt like I would still enjoy them. The days following, I kept feeling more adjusted to the size. 8 days post-op I went shopping for New Year's outfits and dresses and LOVED my boobs. Now at almost 2 weeks, they feel a lot smaller since my swelling has decreased. I still love them but I'm hoping they don't get much smaller. : )
I was wearing a D after surgery. Now I fit into a C. But read the note below about my VS try-on.

Victoria's Secret - They had the semi-annual sale NewYear's weekend. I bought a few bralettes and sports bras (medium). I tried on the Very Sexy Push-up just out of curiosity. I filled the 34C cup but I liked how my breasts plumped up at the top in a 34B. I did not try on any other B-cupped bras but I might do that at 1 month.

For now, I'm wearing sports bras, bralettes, and my post-surgery 34D since it's comfy and I don't want to purchase any other cupped bras till they settle. I doubt I'm going to land at a D cup though.

Do I care about cup-size? Not really. C sounded nice to me before I had boobs. But if my size stays roughly the same and I land at B, I will gain an improved perspective about the B cup label and be satisfied.

From flat to 345cc hp - 2 weeks post-op

Here are my progress pictures. My right is taking longer to drop. It's also more tender. The nipple is very sensitive on that side.

Arm aches - Around the fourth day post-op, I noticed my left arm had an aching feeling all the way down to my forearm. That went away after a few days.

Now at two weeks, my my right arm has been doing the same thing but seems to be going away too.

Exercise - Going into my third week I plan to do light, lower body workouts at home. My fourth week I will do some light weight machines on my calves and thighs. Can't wait to bulk a little and get ready for for summer. I lost a few pounds after surgery and am loosing my booty muscle and roundness. :(

Flat to 345cc hp 3 weeks post op

Size Surprise - I took some photos in a shirt that I used to try on 300 rice sizers at home. Once my breasts fill out on bottom these 345cc implants are going to look like my 300 rice sizers! I'm glad I went up 50ccs more than I originally planned. : )

Pain & physical activity - The arm aches are gone. Some days my breasts lightly ache and a couple days I took some tylenol. I still can't do more than a few chores without my pecs paying for it later. That's when I wanted the Tylenol. My right breast is still more tender. Both nipples are sensitive now rather than just my right. But I'm staying optimistic. I take caution with doors, handles, buckles, tight lids. I'm lifting nothing heavier than a gal of milk. I am exercising my lower body.

3rd week - misc. - Tired of sleeping on my back so sometimes I sleep 30 min or so on my side with a pillow for support. I'm wearing a surgical bra or a sports bra most of the time. Sometimes a bralette for a break.

Bruises are gone at the end of 3 weeks. My breasts are softening up a little more at the end of the third week. My left breast can jiggle a little when I use my hand to move it. Overall they are pretty firm but it's noteworthy progress! I still do massages: 6 sets of 10 reps per day. (Inward/upward push and hold for 10 seconds).

I love my boobs and I have fully adjusted to having them. They're just the right size for me. I'm glad I went with 345s to have a little extra fun and I don't mind the slightly augmented look. They might have felt more natural at 300ccs but then I might have wished for more size. They look awesome in a dress. This year will be the year of dresses! Oh and bikinis of course! :D

Surprisingly, I don't spend a lot of time checking myself out and admiring my new boobs unless I'm all dressed up and showing them. Otherwise, they're just boobs. The most fun happens in the bedroom! My boyfriend gives them lots of attention. :D

4 weeks, ahh! A good place to be

Happy days! Now, I can carry things that are a little heavier and scrub counters and pots and pans without aches and pains, yay. Haha. I get maybe a few zingers when using my pecs for groceries and cleaning but the zingers are a mild discomfort that last for a short time. I don't really feel morning boob. I can't do plank pose yet or balance my weight doing table pose. So the pecs are still healing. I heard it takes around 3 months to do plank and lower yourself or do light weights.

Boobs got even a bit softer and I can push them a little more together. Although, I'm not sure they'll ever meet in the middle. Right nipple is still sensitive, maybe less so. Lefty is fine!

I'm still happy with the size. It's the right look for me. My projection is about 4.5 cm. The implant when out of the body is about 4.8 and I started almost flat.

5th & 6th week progress, I love my boobs!

4th week I forgot to mention:
I had a little, but noticeable incision pain. When I slept, I would relieve my back by side-sleeping but for only short periods because my breasts would start to ache and feel uncomfortable.

End of the 5th week:
No more morning boob. I could side sleep with support and still wore a bra to bed. I was able to get major cleaning done, and it only ached a bit afterwards. A few zingers (shooting pains) happened but they were barely noticeable. The nipple sensitivity on my right started getting better. I could lean more weight into my upper body. Still avoiding yoga. Lower body weight machines only.

End of the 6th week:
This week was much like the 5th week. I get an occasional zinger. I slept without a bra, on my side most of the night last night. I just used a pillow for support. That felt great! The nipple sensitivity on my right is very slight and not bothersome. I feel so good physically and mentally, much like the 5th week. I don't do yoga yet but I tried and can do downward dog and table pose with arm and leg extended. Now, I'm just waiting to be able to do plank pose and lift heavy things overhead (so I can go through the bins up high in my garage). But I heard that type of activity can only happen at the three month mark. At that time, I'll go to yoga class just so I can fully get into it.

Breast appearance, bras, projection measurements etc.:
I really like the appearance and feeling of my breasts now that they have settled a lot at 6 weeks. They were a little asymmetrical before surgery and that is still the case. I don't mind this at all. I have enough cleavage but it looks somewhat natural. My breasts are soft enough but still a bit firm and that's ok too. I am really happy with the size I chose, 345hp instead of 300hp. My projection increased .5 cm since 4 the 4th week. The left boob projects at 5 cm (out of the body, the 345hp is 4.8).

I bought a wire, lightly lined, push-up bra a couple days ago and I fit into a 34C bra at Target. I don't need the push-up but it fits well to show cleavage in shirts and hide the nipples. My cleavage has a moderate gap, which I didn't like at first. But I was so flat to begin with, I predicted this look. I love the look of my new breasts.

I am so very thankful thankful for a well-executed surgery that depended on Dr. Creasman, a very skilled surgeon. I visited him during my 6 week post-op today. He encouraged me to keep up the massaging as the pockets are still a little tight.

Next updates will be at 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

345 hp, 2 mo post-op - relieved armpit tightness. Soft breast at last!

At two months:

Pain = Hardly ever feel any kind of pain at all. I can put semi-heavy things up overhead like a crockpot. I am fully caught up on house cleaning and getting spring cleaning done with full energy.

Softness = awesome, totally squishy enough for me!

Sleeping = super comfortable and fully side sleeping without a bra since the end of the 6th week. I was using a pillow between my boob for a little support but now I can go without that too. But I often still put a pillow there anyway.

I kept forgetting to mention armpit tightness. I'm sure others have noticed the muscle tightness in this area with the armpit looking hollow. It was hard to shave there!

Therefore, I started stretching them gently at 6.5 weeks, by laying on my back and stretching/bending my arm over-head, one at a time, SLOWLY. After a week I noticed dramatic softening of those muscles. My doctor encouraged stretching my pecs but I actually explored to figure out these particular kinds of stretches myself. It might help any of you with releasing the implants and letting them fluff.

Soft n/squishy from flat to 345hp silicone

Finally squishy around week 7/8
The softness of my breasts increased greatly since a month ago. I am so glad I did not get discouraged. They are soft enough for me! :D

A blurb about having boobs...

I didn't think having implants would affect my personal life much but intimately, I have some extra confidence.

I don't like admitting that it's added a small level of confidence overall. I think having very small/no breasts is beautiful as well. I often wore sports bras and held my shoulders back with my back straight because, I was proud to be healthy and natural when I was small.

But this surgery has brought another element to my life, as tiny as it is. It's a small but meaningful change, to have added softness to my body in an intimate area that is also appreciated by my boyfriend. ; )

6 1/2 months 34AA to 34C w/345ccs hp

Size changes
All swelling gone by 6 -7 weeks.

1-6 months = Adjustment period! See below : )

1st-2nd month - too big??

3rd month - fully adjusted to the size and not feeling they were too big.

4th month I had some feelings of wishing they were a bit bigger. I wanted some of that eye-catching cleavage.

6th month I calmed down from the excitement and now am happy with my size. I met my original goals. Yay!

I can still show them off a little and it's sexy but not too dramatic (for my personality).

ways I enjoy showing off my breasts when I'm in the mood:
1st option - thin, fitted shirt/dress, no bra
2nd option - low-cut top with a push-up bra
3rd option - bikini of course!

34A to 34C, 36yrs old, 155lbs, 6ft tall, 345ccs hp natrelle inspira smooth silicone

More pics; I hope this helps some ladies! Feel free to ask questions. I check in at least once a week.

I am so happy with my breast augmentation procedure, performed by Dr. Creasman. He helped me to narrow down exactly what was necessary to achieve the look I was going for. Even though I had researched online, I walked away with a far better understanding of my unique breast augmentation needs. Now that the surgery is done and I am finishing healing, I am so thankful for the beautiful work he did. I also feel great thanks to an easy recovery and all of the information and support I have received from his team.

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