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I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in...

I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in July of 2016. I received amazing customer service and quality attention from both Dr. Creasman and his staff. When I first called the office, Kim made an awesome first impression. My communications with her have all been professional and upbeat, which makes me feel comfortable. During my consultation, Dr. Creasman also had me feeling very secure and respected. He is good at listening and giving detailed, experienced answers. Even though I have studied BA a lot online, I walked away from my appointment with even more knowledge. I know he is the perfect person to perform my surgery.

35 years old, 6ft tall, less than an A cup, planning 300ccs

I am finally ready to get breast implants. I have talked myself out of it so many times. A huge part of this was questioning the morality of altering my body through surgery. I wanted to accept my body and love my unique form. I felt this was an important part of a healthy mindset.

Thankfully, I now love my body in it's original form. It turned out, I DO believe I can love my body and still take a bold step to enhance it. In fact, I am enhancing my body, because I love it. ????

So, these two ideas finally harmonize with each other! Yay! What a relief.

So what's next? Two, soft, playful proportionate breasts, just 9 weeks away (well longer if you count the recovery weeks but that's ok). I feel excited, free, and antsy!

Before Pics with measurements. Small A cup, looking for a natural result around 300ccs

San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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