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I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in...

I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in July of 2016. I received amazing customer service and quality attention from both Dr. Creasman and his staff. When I first called the office, Kim made an awesome first impression. My communications with her have all been professional and upbeat, which makes me feel comfortable. During my consultation, Dr. Creasman also had me feeling very secure and respected. He is good at listening and giving detailed, experienced answers. Even though I have studied BA a lot online, I walked away from my appointment with even more knowledge. I know he is the perfect person to perform my surgery.

35 years old, 6ft tall, less than an A cup, planning 300ccs

I am finally ready to get breast implants. I have talked myself out of it so many times. A huge part of this was questioning the morality of altering my body through surgery. I wanted to accept my body and love my unique form. I felt this was an important part of a healthy mindset.

Thankfully, I now love my body in it's original form. It turned out, I DO believe I can love my body and still take a bold step to enhance it. In fact, I am enhancing my body, because I love it. ????

So, these two ideas finally harmonize with each other! Yay! What a relief.

So what's next? Two, soft, playful proportionate breasts, just 9 weeks away (well longer if you count the recovery weeks but that's ok). I feel excited, free, and antsy!

Before Pics with measurements. Small A cup, looking for a natural result around 300ccs

Boobies on the brain!

I am so thankful for RealSelf. I love it so much that I have spent a little too much time on here, and have regretfully neglected other important things. It's time to take a couple weeks off from looking and reading about boobies. Surgery still feels so far away.

photo gallery organized by ccs

Hi everyone, Still day dreaming of boobs. I couldn't stay away from Real Self but I am managing to keep my browsing time to a reasonable limit.
I found a photo gallery organized by ccs. I know everyone's anatomy is different, but there is definitely a small range of results that I can depend on.

Here is the link -

I'm also using the Real Self notebook to organize profiles by size.

My question of the week is wondering, "How close will my breasts push together in a push-up bra?"

I won't sacrifice a modest size for ornamental cleavage but I will definitely be asking the doctor at my pre-op appointment, because cleavage sure is perty! I may post that question to Real Self doctors as well.

34 AA cup vs 300cc rice sizers

Testing out 300. I may increase to 330 after my pre-op. I posted a question to doctors about having cleavage in a bra with just 300ccs. A few suggested I go a little bigger considering my BWD (breast width dimensions). So I may go with 330-350.

A little more boobs please? 350...375...400??

I did not predict this would happen, but now I am reconsidering size. My thoughts based on looking at several women's results and saving them to notebooks (which truthfully all from 300-400 looked beautiful):

300 -
Pros - it's probably a better health and visual result long term. It still looks pretty and very natural.
Cons - On my tall frame, they will look smaller. So if I lean smaller, I risk feeling small still.

400 -
Pros - If I lean bigger, I get more cleavage and fill my frame out nicely. Cons - They might stretch the breasts more and not look as good long term. Also, there are more risks with going bigger.

The good news about this size gap is that 100 ccs is a relatively small range to decide within. Therefore, if I choose something in between I might be the most satisfied.

So 350, 375, or dare I say 400? We'll see what is decided during my pre-op...Dec 6th.

Natrelle Sizing Matrix (Classic, Ispira, Shaped, and Saline)

SO Helpful! I have been looking for the Allergan Natrelle Sizing Matrix (Classic, Ispira, Shaped, and Saline) to help me see the range I was given and how the sizes run.

Here you can download the surgeon's information folder which includes extensive information about the implants as well as the sizing charts for each type of implant. I have been trying to find the sizing chart and finally, gold!

1. Go to Allergan Natrelle's web site for surgeons (link posted below):
2. Click 'Download PDF' where it says 'Hospital Order Form.'
3. It will download a folder with a handful of documents.
4. Open that folder and open the document entitled Hospital_Order_Form-2

Settling down about size

My pre-op is approaching and I've settled down a lot. Thank goodness! I want a natural look and an active lifestyle without big bumps down the road (haha). I feel a lot better this week. If you are considering a modest size implant because you have a smaller frame and little breast tissue like me, I suggest saving links that explain the health benefits of staying within your limits and saving all of those beautiful pictures of breasts that fall within that category. Make sure you are looking at breasts your age too. :D It's easy to get confused. Gotta love boobs doe.

Pre-op today, I chose the size...

Somehow during my pre-op appointment, I changed my mind and signed up for 345 hp. The past week I felt sure I wanted 300, but when I went to my pre-op and explained how I was still nervous about fully deciding, two professionals that worked there, (both women), seemed to really perk up whenever I talked about the 345s. OR maybe... I just perked up more when I handled the 345s, and they were just being supportive.

The women mentioned how my height would make it easy to carry well. I have heard that before and I agree. I also tried on rice sizers at home and they look proportional with clothes on.

I just get freaked out when I think about getting a super round look and looking at myself naked... I love/hate fake boobs because I'm excited to enhance them but I fear they will look bad on me. That is the story of a skinny girl with little breast tissue to disguise the implants with... Now I feel like I should be going with the doctor's first choice (300s). He is probably right and he had my best interests in mind.

Then I got greedy... BUT I don't want any regrets of going too small. I think either way, whichever size I had chosen, I would have come back to this computer and typed out why I should have chosen the other size.

Dying here. :( Everyone has been here I guess. Sorry for the lame rant.
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