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I’ve been lurking on this site obsessively for w...

I’ve been lurking on this site obsessively for weeks, feeling immensely grateful to everyone who has shared their stories and pictures. My procedure is two weeks away, and I figure it’s my turn to share. I’ve always had small boobs, but when I was younger, they were cute and perky. After two kids, my breasts are completely flat and sunken. I’ve just dealt with them, wearing padded bras, but lately I’ve been feeling demoralized by my lack of choices in bras, swim suits, and cute tops. I used to say that I was too scared of medical procedures to ever consider a boob job, but in the last few years, I’ve had three surgeries. I finally realized that my surgeries have been uncomfortable, but totally manageable, so I’ve decided that I would just go for it and finally get the body I’ve always wanted.

I’ve found it so helpful when others shared their stats, so here’s mine:

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 108 lbs.
Rib cage: 27”
Current bra size: 32aa (but I should probably be in a 28 or 30 band)
BWD: 14 cm

I am hoping for a really natural-looking result that won’t be too noticeably different from the look that my padded bras give me. During my second pre-op consultation, my ps asked for wish pics and a description of what characteristics I like about those pictures. I tried to find pictures that were close to the size I wanted, but I focused my description more on the look that I wanted than the size. Here’s what I wrote:

• Natural slope from collarbone to nipple
• Nipple isn’t too high
• There is more fullness in the lower portion of the breast
• Nipple is centered and front-facing on breast
• The breasts are spaced closely together (minimal gap between breasts)
• Some fullness along side of breast, but not too much

I also told him that I am specifically wanting to avoid a lot of upper pole fullness and a wide gap between my breasts.

Because my BWD measured at 14cm, my ps recommended a 330 cc implant to get me the look I am after (it has a 12.8 diameter and a 3.1 projection). After reading so many of the reviews and questions, I am realizing that I have a really wide BWD for someone my size. It seems like most of the folks here range from 10-12 cm, even some ladies who are a lot taller or heavier.

When I tried on the 330 sizer, my chest seemed HUGE to me – like I was way too top-heavy, even matronly. I have always been thin and petite, and I like the look of smaller boobs on my body type. Since I have so little breast tissue after breastfeeding for four years, I really thought that the most I could go would be about a B cup. My brain just could not adjust to look of the 330 implants. Anyway, my ps suggested that I make some rice sizers at home and to try them with different clothes for a while. I have to say, it was such a helpful suggestion. I’m not in quite so much shock at the difference in my body. I’m pretty sure I won’t fall victim to boob greed though. I had to get a 32C bra to hold the rice sizers, which is a more than I initially wanted. My bust measurement with the sizers is 33”. I’ll be interested to see what my measurement will be after the procedure and how it compares.

I’ll post later about other details about my implants, how I’m getting ready for surgery, and other notes as I think of them. Hopefully, some of this information will be helpful to someone else.

Wish Boobs

I'm hoping for an outcome similar to this.
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