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Hi I am looking for the perfect doctor to do my...

Hi I am looking for the perfect doctor to do my work . I live in the bay area so i am looking for someone fairly close who is reasonable with amazing results!! and who also participates in the NPLB program. I am 5'7 210 lbs (I am still losing weight on a diet) so far ive lost 45 lbs but yea l i would like a perfect hour glass flat tummy and a fat a$$. After my giving birth its been hard to get rid of the extra cushion in the stomach I also lost volume in my previously perfect behind area. I am very shapely and well proportioned with some junk in the trunk but i need a boost!! Looking at my figure you wouldnt think I am in the 200lb club so i think i will have great results because the shape is there just need a tune up lol!!

I would like to avoid TT and just have lipo with skin/muscle tightening
lipo in the flanks and fat transfer
inner thigh lipo
considering taking some fat out of my chin or whatever it takes to define my jaw line/ cheek bones.

ok so I had a consult with stanley hegg and was very pleased with what he can do for me I knew people who had work done by him and i was pleased with the lasting results he quoted me 5500 for all of the above minus the tuck and the face lipo along with lipo along my bra line. I was ready and ecstatic BUT his work was soo awesome there was a waiting list for appts and he also did not participate in the NPLB program i was considering paying out of pocket because the price was soo in my price range but i did not want to lose my deposit placed in the NPLB program My prayers go out to his family and staff I recently found out that he passed away :(.

so the search is on please help i may be willing to travel really not interested in going out of the country please share

Ok so i was interested in local sx but i found the...

Ok so i was interested in local sx but i found the #team yily dollhouse!!! interested in going in july looking for a buddy and interested in tips such as where is a good place to stay for recovery and after care, must have items needed and i would like to see some b&a photos of some previous dolls please post any info is helpful

Who is going in july 2013 looking to buddy!

who is going in july 2013 looking to buddy!


Ok so I received my quote from yily which is 5k for the folowing:
tummy tuck
breast lift
lipo of flanks, abs and back
fat grafting to buttocks
I also want inner thighs and chin which she said would be an extra 550
i was under the impression it would be a lil cheaper considering thats the qoute i got for the same procedure minus tt in the states. So yea 5500 for everything minus RH
To be honest im ready to send my deposit as of yesterday however the communication of her team SUCKS!!! i want my sx i done in July can i get a damn date confirmation i know she is extremely busy but its been 7 days to be exact.
So the lack of communication has me pondering my decision.

Thinking of going to Duran she quoted me for the following:
"Tummy tuck
liposuction on waist,
armpits, back liposuction
transference to butt
for 5350 with RH stay included
i told her i wanted inner thighs she told me that may be dangerous due to blood loss
soooo my dilemma is 5500 for what i want minus the RH stay or 5350 for what Duran thinks i need with RH stay included??? DECISIONS, DECISIONS


Ok so i guess me being a late night creep got me delirious ok so i have YET to recieve a response from TEAM DURAN but infact have been corresponding with ROBLES WHICH HAS THE ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING NOT DURAN MY BAD!!! see what had happen was... lol i forwarded an existing email to robles from my duran email sooo ive been talking to ROBLES the whole damn time...SMH she has good response time but im not really sold on her work SO TO RECAP THE ALL INCLUSIVE QUOTE ABOVE IS ROBLES NOT DURAN SO YILY OR ROBLES IS THE TRUES QUESTION

Before Pics

putting these b4 photos up smdh so sad i cannot WAIT until my time has come to be putting up my after photos

Before Pics

putting these b4 photos up smdh so sad i cannot WAIT until my time has come to be putting up my after photos

Got my DATE!!

yaaass, honey werk werk werk!(snaps fingers) no but literally sooo excited so im in there like swim wear for 07/16 who's coming with me... come on yily dolls come out looking for a buddy to make arrangements with idk about these RH houses ive been reading some shady business about most of them any suggestions ppl? i plan on staying 10 days soo any info is appreciated it would really help Thank you...

This waist line~!!


Hey ladies,

condolences for the young lady who lost her life today... Yily posted to her FB in regards to this incident does anyone know which doctor performed her surgery?

Been A real creeper but im back on!!! #team Yily

Yea its yily nd im sticking to it planning on going mid September or October. Now im on a search for a sx buddy and/or hotel accommodations, recovery home referral to the best masseuse and all of that good stuff any info helps thnx in advanced!!!


who is going September or October?? hit me up


Boost your hemoglobin count with these sources of heme iron:

These sources of non-heme iron are a big help, too:

Cream of Wheat
cooked spinach, asparagus, and green beans
dried apricots
whole wheat bread, cereals, and pastas
breads fortified with extra iron
iron supplements
anything prepared in iron cookware
These sources of vitamin C help your body absorb non-heme iron:

citrus fruits
red or green bell pepper
grapefruit juice
These foods will hinder your body’s ability to absorb iron:

tea (even decaffeinated)
dairy products
foods high in dietary fiber
calcium supplements

more b4 pics lost some inches... still undecided

Talk about a dilemma Idk y I can't make a decision. initially I was set on yily and her emails have been pretty punctual with me for the most part. The one thing that's tugging my tail with her is her bed side manner and cleanliness I read on one of these post if a patient developing MRSA the things you hear lol and just about every one says she's rude ads hell but her sculpture is amazing!! Shes a one stop without second round of anything for sure. Almonte all inclusive deal is on point, she is informative ans punctual but I am not completely sold but I figured since I have a good foundation all should be well , right? No round 2's fir me I need a one atop shop

Now the other DRA

So as i was lurking on FB in search of some Killer ALMONTE DOLLS I came across a girl who went to medina she gave this girl KILLER CURVES and snatched that waist to damn near no existent I found a few other girls who looked great as well so of course i sent her pics to see what she says but that just killed my whole lil game now im debating on 3 doc SMDH Ineed to make a decision FAST

Welcome to DR PICS!!!

So I arrived safely long Ass flight but I'm here yay so I completed my documents for immigration on the flight theybhand out the forms like the last 30 min of flight arrival to DR.

so fill them out take them to immigration pay the $10 then get tourist card and exit. Soo after I retrieved my luggage you go through customs and leave airport area and walk through a food court where you should see your driver with your name on a sign.
My driver is awesome!! He speaks perfect English and will help you get what you need! He knows a lot about this process and is extremely informative.


I arrive at cecip check in with dra. Something I forget her name but she is very pleasant and also speaks good English. So she does her evaluation in regards to health and family history etc... Paper work basically. She then escorted me to get my labs and xray done and takes me to my room at cecip. Where the waiting game begins. The cardiologist came performed the EkG and good news I'm healthy as hell but my hemo dropped significantly so I had to postpone my procedure???? a few days and complete iron treatments.

Trying to upload pics of cecip phone tripping gotta wait..
n/a searching


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