Botched Tummy Tuck, Lipo on Arms Back Hips and Inner Thighs in Cucuta Colombia - Cúcuta, CO With Dr. Luis Fernando Parra

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After 3 years of planning and research i had 2 Drs...

After 3 years of planning and research i had 2 Drs. in mind one of them was Dr Carlos Recio who performed Cosmetic procedures on my 2 sisters and 3 of my best friends he had requested me to lose weight and it took me Year and half to lose 45 lbs finally I was ready but he was on vacation at the time in Peru so my other choice was Dr. Lobos in Cucuta. After not feeling so sure due to not finding much reviews on line and to be on the save side I decided to look for someone else and I found Dr. Luis Fernando Parra.

After getting in touch with his team and pleased with how fast they responded to any questions I had, they developed a packaged for me and On July 31st I traveled to Cucuta Co. for a cosmetic procedure to be performed by Dr. Luis Fernando Parra on august 3rd..

I arrived late at night and I was picked up and taking to the house I was supposed to stay in....It was completely different from what I had in mind but I tried to make best of it. I expressed my concern but I was handed a key and told not to worry that I was in a safe neighborhood needless to say I slept there that night but the next morning I realized it was not a place where I could stay due to the the fact that it was filthy with dust, no extra linens or towels. Extra Clean towels and linens are a must during recovery.

The towels were dirty and Hard, and I woke up with bugs bites..I requested to be transfer to a hotel immediately the next day and I was very was pleased with the hotel and the service, they really me went the extra mile to provide what ever I needed for my stay no questions ask.

On that same day(early morning) we did the lab work the process was very fast no complains so far in the afternoon i met with Dr. Luis Fernando Parra for my consultation I mentioned that my main concern was where my incision would sit and how low I expected it to be, He was very patient and outlined my body I didn't had to say a word because when he outlined it was exactly what I wanted done. He assured me my incision would be as low as possible and the Meeting went well. I left super excited couldn't wait to see what I would look like.

August 3rd The day of the surgery came I was super nervous and yet anxious I got in around 10 am.

The moment of truth came I was in the surgery room at the clínica Norte everything was pristine cleaned and well sanitize I felt like was in good hands.. they sprayed iodine on my body. I laid in the bed counting down numbers and I was out.

I'm awake, what I will say here is not a made up story and I would never wish it in anyone..I woke up during surgery and was fully aware of everything, I was listening to their conversations, the music, when I started to I feel the pain of the Canula suctioning on my back, arms, inner thighs and waist. The pain was killing me, I felt a burning/stinging sensation but the worst part is not being able to move or speak.

All I wanted was to be able to get up or make some sign to let them know I was awake. Unable to move they turned me on my back and I felt every single thing the whole my mind I kept saying I have to let them know I'm awake and in pain as time went by I was simply desperate.After sometime as I laid on back I started shaking really hard and that's when they realize I was awake..they turned me over for the tummy tuck and that's when i got knocked out..the truth is I couldn't wait for it to be over and as soon as I woke up my first words were I Felt Everything!

The first night after the surgery was horrible I felt like I was run over by a truck but I hand it down to the nurses.
They kept checking on me constantly making sure I was day the Dr. Parra came over to the Clinic to see how I was feeling and give me the ok to leave the clinic once my blood work came back ok.

He had a very loving personality and I felt very well cared at the time. I would like to clarify that this is nothing personal and I'm not trying to attack anyone personally or character assassination I am simply giving my honest opinion and staying true the events that took place to give a fair and honest review.

On that afternoon i was giving the ok to leave the clinic and go back to the hotel.
Sleeping for the first week was really tough because of the soreness and pain. That same evening my Nurse came, very sweet, patient and attentive she made sure I was well hydrated, kept track of my meds. His assistant was also very quick to answer questions and well experienced. My nurse fees were included in the package as well as the food, the food on the other hand was terrible and I canceled the service 3 days after. I Felt I was over paying and the food quality was terrible, the breakfast in the hotel was better quality and much healthier.

Days were progressing good, i started hyperbaric treatments to speed the healing process. He's assistant and I joked about me being awake and hearing the conversations, she felt a little embarrassed I could tell and apologized for what happened. I also understand that that is a risk anyone takes with general anestesia however I pray I never have to see my self or anyone in such a nightmare ever in life. I'm not a person to Hold grudges and I'm very optimistic and like to look at things on the bright side. I chose to put it behind Me and was excited to see my final results.

The Dr send us a flower arrangement to the hotel which was a really nice gesture on his behalf. Through the whole process I never saw my incision and I was getting more curious.

I started to notice a bulge that would form in my upper stomach and I ask about it and I was told it was swelling..I was being drained twice a day and I felt it would never end, but still I was waiting to see what my incision would look like. The micro tape was removed At about 10 days or more later not sure the exact date. Finally I saw it and I have to say I was a bit concerned Dr. Parra tried reassuring me that it was sitting in a good place but I still felt it was not where I expected it, I was told it was swollen and I had to give it sometime, I was really grateful and kept hoping that with time it would go down, it never did.

The time came for me to return to the U.S
The Dr was kind enough to send us to a salon for a makeover. Finally I got back and I kept reporting every other week to his assistant, I stated how I felt about my scar but her reply to me was that it was still swollen, still I was happy and looking forward to the healing..I after 7/8 weeks i started to notice a change in color and a hard lump that was tender to the touch as soon as I noticed I grew concerned and contacted he's assistant and she told me it was complications due to a stitches not being absorbed I then suggested I was willing to travel back to see the Dr so that he could look at it and treated. I was worried specially when she said if I didn't puncture it I was at risk for my incision to open(abscess) this got me so nervous I didn't know what to do no Dr wanted to see and finally I found nurse that went ahead and proceeded to check disinfect and drained it I took antibiotics and Motrin to cope with pain and avoid infection. I was scared and devastated. When the nurse checked me and drained it out I had about 8 stitches left. 1 in my belly bottom 2 under my butt cheeks and 5 in my tummy tuck incision 3 of which were permanent she said. For the 8 weeks I didn't pay any mind and didn't worry about the ones in my tummy tuck area because I was told that they would absorbed 4 of them were still there. It was the most painful experience after going thru that I got so disappointed I simply never contacted them again and they didn't check back on me either. I was never contacted by his assistant or Dr. Parra regarding my well being even though my own mother sent him a personal message for him to contact me to check on me. Never heard a word from him. Im not making this review to tarnish or blame anyone I'm simply expressing my experience with the service and with my procedure. Which I am free to do so. I know and I am well aware that I will need a revision but it's been hard because this is something I would never want to go through again, the pain the recovery it all takes a strong mind..

The final straw has been the many reviews that were found online posted by someone for his staff using my information and my picture as if it was me personally rating, reviewing and recommending Dr. Parra to different people on different blogs. The funny thing I was told me Dr. Lobos did false publishings but I find somewhat ironic that someone in his staff was doing the same. I contacted the person i knew was making those comments and it turned into an all out war, from law suit threats to insults ect. I am posting this because I would like to say my truth and maybe The Dr himself was not aware but still the damage was done when someone chose to use my information and go on blogs recommending the Dr as my self.

After heated discussions some of the false comments were removed. But they also removed the comments I made in reference to them using my identity.

Making this story short, was it worth it?

After everything I have been through I have mixed Emotions I look good with clothes on but my incision is something that has been very difficult for me to deal with, specially when my boy shorts, bikinis or low cut pants can't hide it either. To be honest I'm just grateful to be alive at this point.

Would I recommend?

After reading this that's up to you to decide. I'm just giving my honest review of my situation you be the judge of that.

Why I am writing this?

It's my Honest review and I have a right to express my experience!

Are the services over priced?

Pictures of my incision..

I have documented my recovery mom by month..I wasn't going to post any pictures but I decided it is best to do so that

8 months after the procedure..

I have started making plans, for my revision. After much tought and few consultations, I have to wait at list 2 years to get the best results possible, I will be uploading a few pictures of how my incision looks and even though I have gain no weight there's so much extra skin left:(

8 month photos post op:(

I have uploaded the pictures, recovery is not easy specially when you have to deal with a psychological aspect of it, for a very long time I have kept my scar hidden, can't even look at it at times, I keep it covered with micro tape,on side it's the most I affected due to the infection that sat in on that side. For the most part it's been really hard having to decide to do a revision due to the bad experience I had with the anestesia..but at this point feeling like you've been mutilated it's something I can't live with. There are indentations where lipo was done specially in my back, when I run my hand thru it is not smooth skin anymore it's hard and feels lumpy...a bad experience over all.
Dr. Luis Fernando Parra

I believe his techniques need to be updated. His medical Tourism staff needs to be more profesional and his publicist needs to stop doing false adverstisement. I have never been contacted by the Dr him self which is odd to me, everything is reflecting on his image I just wonder if he just doesn't care to be known as such.

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