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I had my first of sixteen 2-week Invisalign trays...

I had my first of sixteen 2-week Invisalign trays and the bumps done June 15/2016. I too, probably had not researched enough about wearing braces. The invisible feature of Invisalign as well as being able to take them out to eat was really appealing to me. I have a few teeth that are turning "in" slightly with age and my bottom front teeth have never been very straight. I have 5 crown in my mouth. I must say that I've suffered a bit in this first 13 days - rough edges felt like razor blades and my tongue was pretty raw. Bumps were tough on inside of my mouth when braces were out and I was eating or talking a lot. That's improved somewhat now. I used copious amounts of dental wax and finally, went to my orthodontist on Day 12. He filed the edges down which was helpful. I did a little more of that at home. The trays are much more comfortable now. I have used less wax and almost don't notice what's going on in my mouth when I'm busy. I look forward to putting in Tray 2 tomorrow night before bed. Trays 2, 3 and 4 have also been adjusted by my orthodontist as I'm going on holiday for just over a month. I have found a 30-min break for breakfast and lunch and an hour for dinner works well. I switch up that sequence if I'm eating out. The cleaning process is just fine with me - I haven't found that to be a problem when out. I take the little case, some wax, a small toothbrush and toothpaste with me. REALLY find the input from Invisalign "veterans" helpful on this website. Wearing braces is not a walk in the park for sure but I'm committed. Onwards and upwards.

Tray 2 Feeling OK

Put in Tray 2 last night before bed. Did have to file some very sharp edges even though the orthodontist did a filing on them last week for me. I actually feel less pressure on my upper molars with this tray although overall, trays feel tighter. I really think that Invisalign needs to come up with a way to have the manufacturer smooth or roll those fine rough edges of the trays. Even with my tongue toughening up, they are razor sharp without me working on them with a nail file. I would say this, so far, is my only pet peeve with the process. Really appreciating the comments and reviews other folks leave here. Great support and information.

Invisalign Process Question

Is there a logical reason why I have none of the pressure/tension in my upper molars when I lie down or go to bed? There may be a very simple explanation but I can't seem to get there! Is it something to do with gravity? Please wade in with your theory or answer. Thanks.

Struggling a Bit with Last Few Days of Tray 2

All my discomfort has been with pressure on my upper molars for the last several days. I having been taking OTC pain meds and seem always to have a dull headache while the trays are in. I really look forward to the meal breaks to get some relief from the tightness. I look forward to putting Tray 3 in tomorrow evening as I'm hopeful it will be better! I understand the pressure is from teeth movement and I definitely don't have any regrets and am able to do as others do in "looking to the end prize!" Funnily enough, I get relief when I'm lying down. I am not quite over jet lag coming to the UK from the west coast of Canada for holidays, so all in all, I'm not the happiest traveller to be with! No worries, onwards and upwards. I really appreciate the candor and support offered in this forum. As said before, for most of us, it is not a walk in the park but we like what we see in the final results of other. Gives us a boost.

Tray 3

Experienced some tomgue sensitivity again to rough edges day 1 and 2 but did a little work with the file. By end of Tray 2, I was really feeling headachey and pressure in upper molars. Somewhat better with Tray 3 but more sensitivity in my teeth now when I eat. All in all, it's all manageable. Certainly conscious of the Invisalign process at all times but luckily I sleep like a log so that helps a lot. Keeping eye on end result. Still can't make myself use the outie as am away from home (Canada) for 3 more weeks and don't want to damage trays. Tray 3 is tightest yet but using a paper towel in removal is the answer for me as I only have 10 attachments which are not a problem at all.

Tray 3 Day 9

Last few days, have noticed quite a bit of pressure. I keep telling myself that is all to be expected however sometimes I just have to take one or the other of the trays out for a few minutes of relief. Seems the worst when I'm upright and talking a lot. Walking, exercising, keeping busy or laying down for a while seem the best times. I've used quite a bit of OTC meds the past 3 days which takes the edge off. It's not actually pain but more of a tension or pressure in what feels like my upper and/or lower jaw bone. Still manageable and eye on the prize. Not seeing any visible difference but it's probably way too early.

Tray 3 Good!

Had to do a little smoothing edges with a nail file -- which I still think says Invisalign needs to refine the manufacture process with some kind of rolled edge - if you aren't aware that you can take a nail file to the braces, I don't know how people manage! Otherwise, this tray is feeling very comfortable overall. A lot happier these days!

Recent Photos 8 Weeks into Process

Can't really capture change I can notice in mirror where lower molars have definitely moved outwards. Upper molars now being worked outwards with Tray 5. After that, lower and upper fronts will align, according to orthodontist's plan - fingers crossed!

Liking How Things are Progressing

Days away from Tray 6 and in other words only 11 weeks into the process. Feeling good about how things are going. First few days of a new tray mean some filing and occasionally still, a bit of dental wax. Psychologically though, I think it's much easier to handle the adaptation to new trays and I know that any discomfort is short-lived. I attended a fair with grandkids yesterday and was really happy in looking at a photo from that day that my teeth are noticeably straightening and aligning. Can't seemed to resize it to fit on this site!! Not often too thrilled about my teeth when looking at photos of myself but it's nice that already, I am happier with what I see. Will be excited when I get Tray 8 in in mid Oct, as I should be half-way through the process by then.

Recent Photo

Re-sized and cropped photo - I can already see the re-alignment and straightening of some of my teeth after only 11 weeks into the process.

Tray 7 Now Not Tray 6!

Yippee! Am actually further along that I had thought. Put in Tray 7 today which means Tray 8 will bring me to halfway through the process - except, I realize, I may need some additional trays if the orthodontist deems them necessary. Still feeling like the processing is passing by quite quickly.

Tray 8 of 16

These trays puzzled me a little bit when I went to put them in and then I figured out that the cut-outs in 2 upper and 2 lower teeth must be for elastics, if needed. The cut-outs were extra rough and abrasive so it's taken lots of filing up until day 4 and using some dental wax again for them to feel comfortable. Has anyone else worn a tray made to accommodate elastics but not had the elastics put in by the ortho?

Oh oh, elastics!

Starting with Tray 9 of my 16, I will be using elastics. This will speed the process of adjusting my bite. I'm sure they will take some getting used to. The upside is that I need only to wear them at night and if they are comfortable can wear them during the day if I want. I am still plagued by rough edges and mentioned this today at my dental appt. My dentist said that the older version of Invisalign produced thicker and stiffer trays which were very difficult to get in and out, however, the edges were rolled and smoothed. The new thinner trays don't allow for rolling the edge, hence the rough surface. I work on my trays a lot with a slim nail file and will obviously need to continue to do so. He said I must have super sensitivity to the roughness. I'm back to using wax on some teeth. All in all though, it is good to know I am halfway through the process. Late Jan is when Tray 16 of 16 is done. I continue to find this website very helpful and supportive and look forward to the end result.

Elastics Not Too Bad!

I'm sure I will get better with time but getting the 4 tiny but stretchy elastics on to the trays and then trying to pop the whole works on to my teeth is a bit of a challenge! Have definitely lost a few elastics (where on earth do they go?!) trying to get everything lined up and in. Sometimes it's easier to put the bottom two elastics on once the trays are in my mouth with the top elastics in place. Taking them off is a no brainer. I actually like the elastics on because it keeps the new position of my bite in place rather than physically having to move my lower jaw so as to get the bottom teeth resting on the upper's bite ramps. Once in, I have no discomfort (including the "sharp edges" problem that has plagued me) and sleeping with them in is also totally comfortable. The fiasco I've made so far of getting the elastics on just might stop me from taking many snack breaks!

Elastics Much Easier Now

A week on now and putting the elastics in place is much easier. I can actually get them on quicker when not using a mirror - just going by feel. Once in, they are fine. Last appt was a little busy so since then have been thinking about something the orthdontist said "The top teeth are all finished moving now". I'm not sure I hear or understood that correctly as the one tooth beside my right front tooth is the one that I wanted corrected before I even went in to inquire about Invisalign and it has not come directly into line with the front tooth - yet! I am hoping there is still work to be done on my uppers which will correct this and I am assuming a lower tooth - again one that I originally wanted correct - is still to move into final position. I'm trying not to think about the upper tooth too much because I will be disappointed overall if that movement doesn't occur. However, I have a future appt on Nov 27th and will be sure to confirm with the orthodontist what is still left to correct. I realize I am only just over half-way through the process and I expect there is still movement to occur with the remaining trays. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Tray 11 of 16

Just going in to Tray 11 having additionally used elastics for 4 weeks (2 trays) now. I think I may be analyzing my teeth too closely and of course, daily, in the mirror and am not seeing what changes if any have occurred in recent weeks. The elastic process is not that bad and I have chosen to wear them most days in addition to nights which was all my orthodontist recommended. I thought adding daytime wear would speed things along. I am pumped that my next appt is Nov 27 and at that time, I should get my final 4 trays albeit at my ortho's discretion in terms of additional trays being required. Most of the time, I don't think about the trays however when I'm tired or hungry in the evening, somehow the subtle ache or annoyance gets to me. A good sleep helps all of that! Great to see the recent updates from others - the photos and stories are insipirational. Not ready to put another recent photo up as I don't see much show!

Photo & Update Tray 12 of 16

Getting pumped about hopefully receiving my final 4 trays on Nov 27/15. I have been wearing elastics religiously since Tray 9. They are visible in these new photos but I don't mind wearing them at all. Things are progressing well but I still have a little concern about the tooth to my right of my front tooth. This was what brought me into the world of Invisalign originally. It had drifted as had a lower almost-front tooth which was moving backwards and was higher than the rest. I'm hoping to see some more movement in those teeth in Trays 13 to 16 and really keeping my fingers crossed that I will be done then except for a retainer. In general, I'm happy with the results so far.

Tray 14 of 16

Other than my continual battle with sharp edges, all is well. If I pop new trays in without devoting time to filing edges, I get off to a bumpy start in no time and have slight sores in my mouth within a couple of hours. With Tray 14, I spent about half an hour carefully filing before I put them in and also put wax on the elastics hooks when I wear the elastics only at night. Those sharp points on the hooks really rub when I talk a lot. Still the main bone of contention for me with the Inviaslign process, but I can more clearly see light at the end of the tunnel as I am liking what I see. Heading back to the ortho for my whitening treatment Jan 15/2016.

Hmmm, what's going on?

I've made an appt to see my orthodontist Dec 18th because my left incisor has not lowered like the right one has. I lost the attachment on the left incisor many months ago and my ortho said he'd re-apply it "next time" That hasn't happened and I think it's had a consequence on the left incisor as that's the tooth that my left-side elastics attach to. My trays is noticeably ill-fitting on the tooth and I only just noticed it earlier this week. I am concerned that this is going to slow the process down and/or require additional trays. Keeping fingers crossed for good outcome at my appt.

Awaiting New Trays

Popped in to my orthodontist Fri and he decided that I should be scanned and new trays ordered. I am to keep Tray #14 in until the new ones arrive. In fact, I can wear them at night only and shouldn't put elastics in at all. This is to keep my teeth in a "holding pattern" until the new trays come in. These means I will have Tray #14 in for about 4 weeks what with Xmas and a short holiday in the works. He did not think the missing attachment was of consequence (?) however thought the incisor had been "pinched" between the other two teeth and was not being pulled down as planned. As long as my teeth "hold" in the current position I'm not too fussed about this situation. Will keep fingers crossed that my teeth (and I) adapt to the first new tray. Not sure how long this will lengthen the process but I'm up for another month or two (past end of Jan) if need be. Happy Holidays to all!!

Still Awaiting New Trays

I'm hoping for a call from my orthodontist tell me to come in and get my new trays (I had to have new scans & trays done as my left incisor was not moving downwards like the other side & and this happens to be the tooth that an attachment came off of several months ago - coincidence?). I was told that I could just wear the trays at night, while I'm in this holding pattern, however I must say that the days I've left the trays out for several hours, my teeth actually hurt after the trays go back in. I've started putting the trays in for the most of the days again to avoid that gum and overall ache that occurs after leaving them out for some time. Hoping to get the new trays going this week - I feel like I'm completely out of the Invisalign process loop while I wait . . . .

Feeling a Bit Dejected

Still awaiting new trays having had the re-scans on Dec 18th. I realize Christmas was in the mix but it's now Jan 16th and I'm still wearing Tray 14 for its 5th week. No news from my orthodontist's office re status. I'm due for my whitening appt on Jan 19th however it seems silly to get that done while awaiting new trays. I'm anxious to resume the Invisalign process and didn't think the "holding" part would be this long. If I leave these trays out too long during the day, I get quite a headache by the evening so I'm pretty much back to wearing them for 20-22 hours just to avoid that ache. Do I sound as dejected as I feel??!!

Yikes - 17 More Trays!

That was a bit of a surprise. I had hoped that I would be looking at nowhere near that number and possibly refinements, etc., in the near future. Back in mid-Dec, the technician actually said "Hey you're almost finished" when I went in for the re-scans. However, I've been given 17 new trays, again wearing each for 2 weeks and have an appt again on Mar 22/2016. I had all attachments removed and 10 new ones put on. I must say I was a little disappointed that I still have so many trays to go. I had hoped to be completely finished by the summer but this translates into another 8 months! Perhaps some trays might be reduced to 1 week of wearing time and/or some trays might be considered refinements and include the retainers. I'm still happy with how my teeth are looking and prepared to continue on, of course. Hope everyone else is doing well.

8 Months into Invisalign! Updated Photos Feb 2016

Not sure if major changes visible compared to Nov 2015 photos. Definite improvements since June 2015 pictures! Really hoping for lower teeth to straighten up soon. Next appt is Mar 8.

Updated Photos Apr 15/2016

Ten months into the process. Appt on Apr 18/2016 and hoping orthodontist will give me estimated trays remaining before final retainers. Pretty happy with results but hope to see a little more forward movement in a lower tooth in about another 4 trays. Really would like to be "finished" by late June. Here's hoping . . .


I can wear my trays for 10 days now instead of 14 which puts me at July 21st TO BE DONE! Yay, can live with all of that and still happy with the progress. Saw the ClinCheck and these final 9 trays should tweak the lower tooth that I want to still move a bit more. Still filing each tray and wearing dental wax however can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I've worn elastics at night for many months and I don't find that a problem at all.

Three Trays Left!

Enjoying a holiday in the UK wearing my fourth-to-last tray. Will be on my last tray when I return home in Aug and visit the orthodontist on the 9th. Looking forward to my whitening treatment and retainers. These last trays, while still needing to file, are very comfortable.

Final Stretch

Into ortho office Aug 25th to pick up three 10-day retainer trays and the fourth which I will wear NIGHTS ONLY (wu hu!) for 4 months before receiving additional nighttime retainers. Very happy with result-to-date and with complimentary whitening treatment. It hasn't been a walk in the park but no braces are. It has been well worth it and I got accustomed to filing my trays for comfort and to the whole process. Good luck to those currently going the Invisalign process and "go for it" to those contemplating it. ????
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