Explant with Mastopexy - Byron Center, MI

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My youngest son was born in September 2002, I went...

My youngest son was born in September 2002, I went through about six months postpartum depression. I hated my body and after breast feeding two children wanted back my figure. I visited my plastic surgeon and asked him to please bring back my drooping breasts. I wanted a mastopexy, he talked me into an implant Mentor 355 mL. Augmenting both left me freakishly big. I wear size DD, I had always been nice C cup. Let's see if Dr. Ringler can do a better job this time around. (Vs my first surgeon). I'm very excited, and also a little nervous.

Surgery is tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Surgery Complete!

Wow! I'm so flat! It will take some getting used to as I've lost a lot of breast tissue over the 9 years I had the implants. Feel pretty good. Hoping they will "fluff" a little. Anyone out there that can tell me more about this idea of fluffing? I'll post some pics after I'm allowed to take a shower. Thanks ladies for your support!

One day post operation

Looks gruesome now but I'm pretty happy with the results. Mainly because I've seen so many healing progressions of other community members. A side note, while driving me to the surgical center, my husband actually said he was more excited for me to get my implants out than he ever was for them to go in. Way to go, baby :)

One Week Post Op

Out of surgical bra and into sports bra, WHOO-HOOO! My ribs were becoming bruised from the surgical bra. The healing is going well except for a blood blister that has formed. My PS said it is not uncommon and told me to keep it covered with antibiotic cream and gauze. I'm a little weirded out by the 'squareness' of my breasts but hopefully that will go away as the girls settle into place. I love how light and whole I feel. I love the way I look in clothes. Happier every day :)
I'll post pics soon.

Week one photos


It's been 11 days since the surgery. Many of the wounds are doing well enough to start using silicone patches. Thank goodness for the relief they gave me from the itching! Oddly enough, wherever I have a patch it seems to be getting rid of the bruise! Still have the blood blister but PS said only to watch it. It does seem to be getting better.

Almost Three Weeks

There have been so many ups and downs. Last week I ended up going to my PS because I was worried about bruising that was increasing and the fact that my breasts were becoming hard and numb on the bottom half. My PS said it was normal and to notify him if my breasts became hot or red.
To date, the bruising has faded quite a bit but the hardness and numbness has not gone away yet. And I'm sapped of strength. Sigh. It's such a process.
On a positive note, the blood blister has popped and is starting to reduce. Also, the incisions are starting to knit together. I'll post pictures soon!
What I'm LOVING is my figure in clothes. I went shopping last week and bought a few new things.

Pictures -- Three Weeks

Bra Fitting

I can't wear an underwire for another couple of weeks but I was at the mall getting a new suit for work. So I stopped in to Victoria's Secret for a fitting. 36 C. I'm so happy I could cry and a little surprised. I feel much flatter than that. BTW the new suit looks great!! Yay!

One month post op

The incisions are continuing to heal and some hardness has left the bottom of the breasts. Still no sensation in either nipple. Two more weeks until regular bras :)
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

So, initially has been good. He actually trained my initial surgeon. I'm comfortable with his bedside manner and level of expertise. Will see more tomorrow!

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