So I am waiting for BigButiez to put up her pics, and I will decide from then on to put down my deposit with Ghurani!!

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Hi, I am currently on the path for a bigger...


I am currently on the path for a bigger butt, along with some other things... But I want the bigger butt first. First of all, I'm considering between the bbl or just actual butt implants. I would love to do a bbl but I don't think I have enough fat on my body to get the shape that I want. I am virtually hip-less and butt-less. It sucks, and I am in a desperate need of curves. I hate wearing clothes, I've had children, but still no shape or no hips. Anywho, I am 5'2 and 115 pounds. When I gain weight it goes to my arms, my face and my belly, and my pants will still be a size 1. It's terrible. Did I mention I'm Asian as well? Yeah. U get it, lol.

I've done some research, and I've decided on Cardenas, campos, or jimerson. I've seen reviews on bbl, but hardly any implants. Also, I'm so scared to go to Mexico, and I would just love to hear any reassuring stories. I feel if I do the bbl, I'd have to do more than one procedure, and I really don't want to do that. I shouldnt be wasting money, but my shape is just so depressing, that i dont care anymore. I need my self esteem up, and would love to wear certain clothes. Any prices and quotes you can share would be lovely. So many things to consider, and any advice, directions would help. Thank you for your time guys.

Hi guys, So I am patiently waiting to see some...

Hi guys,

So I am patiently waiting to see some results, but I am 98% sure I want Ghurani. If all is well, I will be putting my deposit down either tomorrow or the day after :) I sent in my pictures and Nancy quoted me for 7700, and 5% off if I come in and do the procedure with a friend.

Can anyone point me to some petite BBL girls? I would like to see their results to have an idea about what my body would look like, and what is realistic. Anywho, I dont have much to report or comment on....except that there are so many thoughts running through my mind about this surgery....the guilt of my vanity...the fear of not waking up...the pain....and just a lot of thoughts lol! Im sure you've all been through it.

Thanks to BigButiez and Asiangotbooty, your blogs have def helped! Happy healing guys.

Also can anyone explain to me about these...

Also can anyone explain to me about these garments? that we have to wear after surgery? Recommend any brands or places I can buy it from? Do they make you smaller? Does it help squeeze the fat out or something? Thanks!

Not yet I think I wrote in the wrong forum damn it

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