61yrs, and Want to Look Nice in my Daughters Wedding Photos Next Year - Bushey, GB

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When my only daughter booked her 'big day' I was...

When my only daughter booked her 'big day' I was so thrilled but also it filled me with dread, if only she had got married years ago when my jowls and everything else hadn't sagged. Too embarrassed to be in photos, I decided to book a lower facelift, neck and upper eyes. Not long to go now, extremely nervous( never had an op or even spent a night in hospital), but excited too. This site has been amazing, and reading everybody's experiences and tips for surgery has helped tremendously. Thankyou to all on this site, x

2 days to go

The countdown begins, I am getting more nervous by the hour, hardly slept a wink last night, so much so that I thought today of cancelling my procedure. Tonight I came onto this site and saw all the recent reviews and it has given me the strength that I need to carry on. So Wednesday it is then. A big Thankyou to all you lovely ladies out there, your support is invaluable X

Almost day 3

Help my face is so swollen and tight , it's even woken me up after taking morphine, , feeling awful, how much more can my poor face stretch!!!!, any advise anyone, ??

6 days post

Still not feeling that fantastic, still really swollen, having problems with my left side by my ear, saw ps yesterday and going back tomorrow, might need more antibiotics, my mood is very low today. Worried.. Don't seem to be healing as well as expected, feeling nauseous , but that could be stress. Roll on day 7 xx

One week since op

Another night when I just cannot get to sleep, so tired!!!, is anybody else having problems sleeping at this stage, is it because I'm upright or maybe just because my neck is uncomfortable. Back on antibiotics today due to possible allergic reaction to something ?? My cheek skin is like an oil slick as is my hair by my ears, so I've come out with pus sebum spots sue to the pores clogging, so odd. Ps doesn't seem to concerned and I am going back on Monday, so he is taking care of me. Other than that he is very pleased. Healing not fantastic behind one ear, says it will take a bit longer. So pleased I have you all to let off steam to, such a lonely time, during the night, and very boring on your own. My eyes are looking ok, I can see that they are going to be fab. Stitches out today... yikes !!! Traumatic to say the least . When can I wear eye mascara ??? I know it's only 7 days x

Day 9 Feeling depressed

I'm beginning to think doing this fl was a huge mistake, the new antibiotics are making me queasy, my hair & face are like an oil slick. My left ear is not healing at all well... My whole jaw and sides face and under chin are completely numb. Is this normal ??? Someone help x

Day 13 Turned the corner

It's taken a while but my ears are now healing and I'm feeling far more positive, Had a very emotional day yesterday, but saw ps and he made me feel so much better, as well as my daughter giving me a bit of a pep talk, and telling me to step back and to stop expecting to much to soon( love her). I know I very much under estimated the severity of this procedure, some lovely ladies heal very quickly and without any problems, some of us like myself need a little more time. We all get there in the end x

Few more pics

Just sorted these out, not the best having to take them yourself, and I'm reluctant to wear make up quite yet. My hair/ skin is still really oily, I'm hoping that will sort it's self out soon, so weird. X

3 weeks today, 1 step forward, 2 steps back

Well I have to say this is not going in the direction I would like!!!, I'm still very numb, uncomfortable and swollen. I had cut back on salt just by not putting it on food, and cutting out spicy food. I have now ended up in hospital with very low sodium, which causes all sorts of symptoms. Not nice at all. I've been on a saline/sodium drip to raise levels, and yay!!! Today I feel so much better, but my ears jawline and neck have just swollen even more, and my face has gone back to being oily !!!!, HELP... I'm in a vicious circle, has anyone experienced this after cutting down salt ???. So beginning to wish I hadn't had this done :( x

7 weeks post lower facelift and upper eyes

Well.. This has been a roller coaster, at 2 weeks post op my poor sister died suddenly, (aged 64), I went into shock and ended up in hospital, we finally laid my sis to rest last week, she was an organ donor and the red tape took forever, but I must add I am extremely proud of my sis , she has saved 5 lives, and her heart continues to beat ( within a 40yr old lady) as I write this. Of course it doesn't take away my pain, the emptiness I feel is still there, but it does give me some comfort , knowing she has given life to these people and their families. Considering how life has been I'm very surprised I have even healed at all from my surgery. I'm still very numb and quite sore behind my ears, I have lost some weight so I do need to 'fill' out a bit now :( x
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