21 Years Old, 2 Year Old Tattoo That Needed to Be Gone! PICOSURE LASER - Burnsville, MN

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I got my tattoo in October 2013 and immediately...

I got my tattoo in October 2013 and immediately regretted my decision. It was a very impulsive decision on my behalf. The tattoo I had gotten was in honor of my dad who passed away when I was just 3 years old. As the months went on I really hated my tattoo and ended up going to therapy to deal with the depression I was experiencing. Nobody could relate to me until I found this page and I couldn't be happier and feel like I had a support system. May 2015 I decided I had to get my tattoo removed and I couldn't stand feeling down all of the time. So, a year and a few months later I decided to start my removal process and I couldn't be happier with my results so far! This review is for those of you out there who need an extra reassurance that removal is possible! Although my process may not be completed it is almost there and I am so proud of myself! If you have any questions at all feel free to message me on here! I would love to talk about my experience so far :)

Immediately after recieving the tattoo

This was the night of the same day I received my tattoo! I just came across this picture yesterday and was so shocked at my results so far I had to post it!

8 weeks after session #6 PICOSURE

All of my treatments so far have been spaces between 5-9 weeks apart from each other. Yes, the treatments are a bit painful but I believe anybody has the strength to power through it! During my procedures I always think about how beautiful my arm will be without the ink I have and it helps make the pain subside. My tattoo is about 8x2 inches and takes about a minute for the whole zapping to be over. It's worth it! I promise!

Session #7

Just got done going through my seventh session! I only using numbing cream because I have read that lidocaine can produce scarring. The pain of this session was about a 7/10, they get less painful as the sessions have gone on. This is due to less ink being present in the skin! I'm very excited to heal after this session because were hoping I only have 2-3 sessions left! #progress

A little over two weeks after session #7

This session was less painful than the last and I was told because there is less ink in the tattoo. I'm currently a little over two weeks past when I had my last session. Fading is taking place and should continue to fade for more weeks to come. My laser specialist told me I should be looking at 2-3 more sessions until this baby is gone!! The picture I have provided is taken in natural lighting.

About 7 weeks post session #7

I'm somewhere between 6-7 weeks past session #7! The ink and tattoo turned that purpleish shade I mentioned a few posts back again but once again it has returned to normal again. The ink is still slowly fading away and I feel like I see more progress every week! There are some letters that are completely gone and some I am still waiting to disappear for good! My laser specialist said I have maybe 2-3 sessions left and I'll be good to go with clean skin! It's been almost a year since I began (June 2015) and it's actually gone quicker than I had expected it to! Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be ink free :)

24 hours post Picosure session #8!

This picture is 24 hours after my 8th session. It's a bit itchy, red, and swollen but nothing too bad! I did notice some spots were missed when I got home after treatment. Now to wait 6-8 weeks to see the fading results! Almost there!!!

4 weeks post removal session #7

Today marks exactly four weeks from session #7 on this tattoo! I still am concerned with the ink being a blueish color in the sunlight. I'm hoping this clears up eventually. After treatment, my skin seemed to heal up very quickly without any issues or flaking/blistering. Hoping for success soon, maybe 1-3 treatments left I suppose? To keep my head up I have to remember how strong and how far I have come and looking back at my starting photo I feel better!

9 weeks past session #7!

This picture was taken last week and that was about 9 weeks post session #7. I can definitely tell it's been fading more and more every day. The only concern I have is that the ink is a weird blue shade in natural light. When I am indoors, the tattoo looks nearly invisible. I've waited about 10 weeks now to see if that blue would go away and let my skin heal for a while. Considering session #8 in the next two weeks!

Session #9 - 23 weeks post

I've been a little MIA for the past 6 months but I'm back! The last session I received was on Oct. 31 2016. In the meantime I've been experiencing some transient/hypo pigmentation in the area. I haven't taken progress pictures to see if the pigment has gotten better over the past 6 months so I'm assuming it has. I'm really hoping this isn't a permanent thing. I always feel so uncomfortable wearing a tank to the gym and having sort of a weird white/ghost image on my inner arm.
Honestly, I believe I have about 1 or 2 session left until this is over with! There isn't much ink left where the tattoo was and I'm shocked. This has been such a process and has changed me so much as a person, through the sadness of it all I hope in the end this is just a thing of the past with no scars or hypo pigmentation to tell the story. On a happier note, heres a couple picture of my progress. Natural lighting where you can really get a better look at the hypo pigmentation I have spoken of.
If you are ever in need of questions, help, or anything else. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I have been in the shoes of tattoo regret and I can definitely relate and give as much advice as possible.


Feeling sad lately

Although my tattoo is almost gone I have been left with a pale ghost image from where the tattoo was/where the laser was used. I think about this all day and constantly look at it and I'm seriously depressed. All day I research on the internet of what to do and others who are dealing with this and I feel like it's a tunnel of emotions. I feel like I've ruined my skin and I don't feel normal. I thought this process was going to give me excellent results and maybe it will in time and my skin will correct itself but right now I am so sad. My skin is not scarred just lighter where my tattoo was. Has anyone experienced this before and has it resolved? I've been so embarrassed of this process I haven't told anyone but my boyfriend and the other day he asked about it and asked if I felt insecure and I said yes. I am embarrassed and I feel lost.


From previous pictures and my concerns (hypopigmentation/scarring?) I talked to a few individuals on their opinions of my arm. One said I was scarred from the laser being too strong and that it's permenant but I should see a dermatologist. While the other individual said that's the effects of removal and anyone who's ever had a tattoo removed has dealt with this - which I find a little hard to believe due to the pictures I find from varvious clinics. They recommended I stay out of the sun.
It is disheartening because the laser specialist I went to said put it in the sun while the doctor who supervised her told me that was wrong DO NOT do that! I'm quite mad at myself for jumping into this process to be honest I'm depressed and sad what I have done to my skin. NEVER GET A TATTOO.
Hopefully over time my skin will repigment or blend. For now I'm going to head to a dermatologist to get their opinion on the issue as well.

Hypopigmentation update from dermatologist

Went to the dermatologist today for their opinion on the hypo pigmentation on my arm. As I expected her to say, theres not much that can be done. The melanocytes are/were destroyed in the process of getting the tattoo removed. I see all these other tattoos being removed with no present issues and I'm very sad. I'm jealous of all of those out there who are having amazing results. Although the term says the melanocytes/pigment is completely gone and it will not improve I'm going to try sun exposure still. I have heard of people having success with at least trying to put it in the sun and get pigment back so I guess I'll try myself. I partially feel lied to because the people who removed my tattoo told me once treatments were done my pigment would come back once it was put back into the sunshine. Now that a dermatologist has told me otherwise I truly feel like I was taken advantage of. People in my life keep trying to convince me that skin heals and your body evens things out it just takes time but I have a hard time convincing myself that.
The dermatologist said my only other option right now is keeping sunscreen on the darker skin so it's not as obvious or trying Fraxel laser and blending pigmented skin more into the non pigmented skin. I'm going to wait out the summer and see how thing's look in September. Hopefully better.
Marcy Edmonson & Carly Williams

~~ARIJAI AESTHETICS: Burnsville, Minnesota My experience was great until about halfway through my treatments. Carly and Marcy are both sweet girls who are educauted for these types of things. I'm not sure if I would return though. I had a second opinion and was told I was burned from laser and now I have hypopigmented scars. I would not advise somebody to go here.

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