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After years of disliking my nose, I finally...

After years of disliking my nose, I finally decided to do something about it. I am excited to share my journey here because I have found that reading these reviews has helped reduce some of the nervousness I have. Overall, I am feeling excited, only nervous because I have never had any type of surgery.
I am hoping my doctor can create some subtle changes that will still look natural. The only people who know so far are four of my family members, and I’m still not sure how to tell my closest friends. Since I will have three months to recover before returning to school, I’m hoping that it won’t be too obvious.
For recovery, I’ve bought pineapple juice and frozen peas to help reduce swelling, and some soft, low-sodium foods. I’m hoping to pass the time by updating on here, so any comments from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

Day 2

Well I am in more pain than I expected. I've mostly been sleeping since I got back home. I had some apple sauce, mashed potatoes and some pineapple juice so far. My doctor ended up breaking one side of my nose to straighten it so I now have a black eye. I will post some pictures later from my computer.

~48 hours after surgery

The past two days were pretty rough. Most of the pain I can feel is in my head. Also my front teeth are hurting. I'm still using and changing out my drip pad, although there's not so much drainage anymore. I'm hoping I can stop using one soon. My black eye is turning more yellowish too. This morning I went four hours without another percocet when the previous days I absolutely needed one by three hours. I'm going to see my surgeon tomorrow to get some time external stitches removed.

Day After Cast Removal

So yesterday I finally got my cast removed! Unfortunately I need to keep the splints and tubes in my nose for another week, but my surgeon consulted another and they decided that was the best decision. I will feel so much better when I can breathe normally again! Immediately after the cast came off I was a little shocked because of the difference and the extreme swelling. It also looked slighty pinched from the cast. I've heard many times how you can't really prepare yourself for how it looks but didn't really understand until now! I was told not to judge it now because it is going to change quite a bit. I was also told to tape before bed with some clear stretchy tape. Today I woke up and felt a lot better about how I look. Either I got used to it or the shape is starting to form. Its looking super cute now and very straight! Looking at my old pictures is really helping me feel like I'm making progress! So far I am glad with the results! Now just need this swelling to subside.

3 Weeks Post Op

Today is officially three weeks post op. I really love my nose. There are still some asymmetry but I believe that is due to swelling still.
I've gotten together with a friend I haven't seen in a few months and she did not comment on my nose although said that I looked older! I also visited my grandma and she did not seen to notice either. I am very happy that I still look the same, just with an improved nose :)
These photos are from yesterday.


Oops my photos didn't seem to load on my last post. Here are photos from today! My skin is starting to breakout so I will probably lay off the makeup for awhile.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

The consultation was very thorough, probably 1-1 1/2 hours long. Dr. Joe seemed to understand what I wanted to change about my nose and gave me realistic expectations. The surgery coordinator, Brenda very promptly responded to my emails, was helpful in answering my questions, and the whole staff made me feel welcome.

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