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Hey Ladies this is my second Review on RS! (First...

Hey Ladies this is my second Review on RS! (First was a Breast Lift w Dr Frieman) I gained so much weight after my BL in 2014 I'm pretty much back to my before with scars to show for.. Anyway I'll deal with that later but now I'm on to a Lipo360 procedure with Dr Balgobin. I love love love his work, he gets better with every post!!! I more so pay attention to the patients he gets with a similar body type to mine! I'm so excited to finally be getting rid of this belly, back and love handle fat!! I just prayyyy he snatches this waist like I envision

3 weeks away...

Tried on some bathing suits today for my trip to Jamaica in 2 weeks.. I sure wish I could be snatched there but it's cool! Can't wait to see the difference my body will have from these pics in the same bathing suit

Less than a Week!!

I went to Jamaica last week and I wish I could have been there in my new body lol, I feel sooooo fat, I did nothing but eat and drink day and night, came home and did 6miles on the elliptical and starting today on up till Sunday I'm doing three smoothies a day with fruit as a snack in between them.. I wanna drop the weight I gained on vaca!

5'7, 190lbs, 30BMI, here's my Supplies!

Hibiclens 8oz ( doc say to shower with it night before and morning of surgery,
Non Stick Gauze
Gentle Adhesive Tape
Cortisone for Itch
Lysol Disinfectant for the hotel
Clorox wipes for the hotel
Flushable Wipes
Peroxide to clean the wounds
Neck Pillow
Arnica Gel
2 ab compression boards
Pear shape board from alayalee on IG
Wider board from Amazon through
Thong shaper size M from alayalee on IG, I love this shaper it's super tight and smooths my midsection out when I wear my tight dresses! I can just imagine how it'll look on after surgery!!

The After!!

It went really well! I'm still super swollen and holding much fluid but i start my massages on Saturday and hopefully that helps bring it down some!

4 months Post Pics

I think I'm done with Swelling, stopped wearing my Faja after 2 1/2 months... I'm happy with my results but still have a crease in my back on the sides.. honestly debating round 2, but this was definitely an amazing start!!
Minneapolis Physician

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