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Hello, I am a 27 year old female from the UK, and...

Hello, I am a 27 year old female from the UK, and have hated my teeth my whole life. I refused braces at 13 years old (stupidly) and its been my biggest regret. I never smile with my teeth as I am really self conscious. I have been with my fiance for 8 years and we want to plan our wedding, however I have always said to myself I will get braces before I do because I want to be able to smile confidently on my wedding pictures. So this is my motivation to finally get straight teeth. My front teeth cross over and I have a 7mm over bite and crossbite. I read tonnes of reviews on this website and other places so I finally took the leap! My braces cost £2700 and I will need to have them on for 12-18 months. They have been on for 2 weeks now and I have to say I am so happy and am already smiling normally and I can feel my confidence rising already. I will write my account of having them fitted a little later and post some pics. I hope this review will be helpful to anyone considering Damon braces. X

Week 3 with Braces.

So this is my third week of having braces. I feel like they have been on forever!! I am feeling a little more tension in my brother bottom teeth this week especially my bottom canine which is rotated. Hopefully that means it's moving. It's still annoying eating and getting food stuck in the braces, though I think I'm getting more used to cleaning them. I realised today I haven't eaten a sandwich in 3 weeks...as it's still difficult to bite and fairly uncomfortable. However I've lost 6 pounds so far from eating less and eating better, so there is a plus! I'll update a photo tomorrow hopefully.

Week 3 picture Comparison

Week 7 Update

So it'should been 7 weeks since I got braces. I had a bracket ping off in week 5 after eating a poppadom! Do not eat these! It pinged off the bracket on my crown. Really annoying and I couldn't see my orthodontist for 3 day, in which it kept constantly spun round on the wire whenever I ate! However when I went to get it replaced my orthodontist said my teeth were moving nicely and she hanged my wire, I also got to skip a wire as they had moved soo much. Today I also broke the same bracket eating a crisp. No more crispy food for me! Luckily got in the dentist the same day so it's all fixed. I've just taken a photo and compared and wow my top teeth have moved soo much! I'm really impressed. Other than the broken brackets my braces haven't bothered me. My teeth so seems to have yellowed a bit but I think it's the remnants of adhesive on my teeth staining from when they were glued. The wire change wasn't even that bad, a little tender but I still managed to eat pizza (with a knife and fork). The treatment is going well...and we've started looking at wedding venues for 2017 :-) exciting!

Week 8 photos

Big differences compared to the first week! Really happy with my progress!

Before and After 2 Months

Week 10...Can't believe it's week 10...update

Week 10 and my front teeth are almost straight! Still haven't noticed much movement on the bottom teeth but 2 of my teeth seem to have rotated a little, and they need to rotate about 90 degrees! Still happy, and they aren't such a pain anymore. Wire change next week, kind of looking forward to it!

4 Month Update!!

3rd wire change this week. Quite a bit tender for the first few days but now it's fine. My top wire is thicker than the bottom and my top teeth are pretty much straight! My dentist was thinking of skipping a wire on the bottom but said it wouldnt fit yet. My bottom teeth are still crowded at the front and I have a few gaps between my teeth now. I think the elastics will correct these when I get them with my final wire. Still a way to go with my bite though and alignment. Getting there slowly. I'm so unbelievably happy with the progress and now starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. My dentist says they should be off my the end of summer. Can't wait!

4 Month Before and After

Unbelievable difference!

7 Month Update!

I had my last wire put on last week. I have now had braces for 7 Months and the difference is unbelievable. I'm soo happy. I go back in another 5 weeks to start correcting my bite and start elastics! A bit nervous about this as I have read some not so good stories of having the bands! Does anyone have anyone want to share their experience? Please comment! I will update again when I have my elastics. All being well they should come off in August... I can't wait!

8 Month Update

I'm now in month 8 of Damon braces...yeyyyyyy...I have now had my final wires in for 6 weeks and today I have been for a check up and to start correcting my bite. So at the moment I have had bands put in to correct a cross bite on my left side. Im on the moose bands. She put a kind of plate on my top tooth with a hook on the inside of my tooth, so I have a band from the outside bottom left to the inside top left - if you can see in the pictures. I've also got a 4 hole power chain on my right side to close a gap. I have had a clamp hook put on my lower left and this is to correct my mid line, so at night I have to wear a band from the lower left front and this crosses over to the upper right front (hope that makes sense). The power chain is a little tender at the moment after only 2 hours! I tried to take a pic but it's clear and you can't really see it. I also keep catching my tongue on the inside hook when eating. I have these in full time and chnage twice a day after brushing. I go back in 4 weeks so will update then. When I asked how much longer my orthodontist told me 2-3 months...which is soo great to hear! Update coming soon.

Elastics update.

Well they just hurt. And give me a headache and make me feel a bit nauseous. I've had them in 5 days now and the pain is easing. I don't know how your supposed to eat with them in, the first day I was eating tea and it snapped and I ate it. I take it out when I eat awkward food. I'm persevering though and wearing them 24/7 as recommended. I can't bare the though of braces for any longer than I have to - 3 months in which they should be coming off!

10 Month update

10 months with braces and the end is near. I'm hoping they can come off in another month or two. I'm using the Impala bands now to correct my cross bite. Also using moose bands at night to correct my mid line...seems to be moving really slowly or maybe I need to wear them for longer and put them in early evening. I had my power chains changed Friday, I now have a 4-6-4 formation on my lower arch to close the gaps. That was not fun, ached, but ok a few days on. Soo pleased with the progress so far. I am really looking forward to them being removed.

11 Month Update

Had a check up today and I've got a new crazy combination of elastics going on...and geez do I know it...I bit a piece of chicken earlier and it hurt soo much I wanted to cry! It was soup for lunch today and maybe for the next few days!! I am now wearing Impala bands x 2 on my left side from top front to back bottom, and one on my right side. I have to continue to wear the Impala to correct my cross bite on the left side (inside top to outside bottom) but only at night, and carry on with the moose bands at night to correct my mid line - about 1mm to move now. That means 5 bands at night...and I must have pinged about 3 bands to get them in tonight, there's now about 50 bands dotted around my bathroom. I have to go back in 3 weeks and then they should be off about 6 weeks after my next appointment she said. Woop woop...I can't wait!!!

Last few weeks of braces (hopefully!!!)

So I had a check up a week ago. My bands have changed again, I'm now wearing no bands on the right side as my bite is perfect. I have to continue with 2 bands on my left and I'm now wearing a box band also on the left to try align my bite on this side. Getting close to the finish line now, 3 more weeks and I'm going for another check up and if my orthodontist is happy we've planned to schedule the debonding the week after! So exciting!!!

Last day of braces...

So I will be getting my braces off tomorrow!! My original off date was 26th August but when I went for a check up the week before, my bite was off on the right side with not having any elastics on. So I had to have more bands on the right side to pull my bite together, so front to back and box band same as the left side. I went for a check up last Tuesday and my orthodontist was very please and said they can come off! Even though I've been waiting for this moment for nearly a year, I'm an bit apprehensive about having them off...in a weird way I think I will miss them (a little) and wondering what my teeth will feel like again without braces?!?! I'm soo soo pleased with the results and I really can't recommend braces enough. So...I'll update tomorrow with final pick and what happens during the removal procedure and aftercare. Soooo excited!!!

Braces Off!!!!

I had my braces off Tuesday. Here are the before and after photos!!! I am soooo pleased :-) cannot believe the difference. I just need to get used to smiling now haha!
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