I Was Burned by Vaser/Smart Lipo on my Inner Thigh

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I had the Vaser/Smart Lipo procedure done on April...

I had the Vaser/Smart Lipo procedure done on April 3, 2009 on my inner thigh, stomach, and love handles. After reading some of the reviews I had some concerns but really got caught up in how my body could look better. I have two children and had c-sections with both so my stomach was a bit saggy.

I worked out on a regular basis and those were the areas that would never go away. I weigh @115 pounds and am 5 1' so I did not have a lot to lose in terms of fat. It took me about a year to decide to go forward and have the procedure done. I am two weeks out and if I could go back I would probally say I wouldn't do it.

I have had a lot of pain in all the areas I have had done. It is still sore to sit. Most importantly the reason why I wouldn't do it again if I could go back in time is the fact that I got burned.

When I met with my doctor to review the risks, he brought up the risk of getting burned, he also said he was very good and had never burned anyone before and rest assured he would not burn me. After the procedure, I believe that he knew he burned me but did not tell me. I went for my week post visit and he was not there...it was Good Friday and the nurse saw me and gave me wrong information on how to treat the burn.

The reason I know this is because I went back on the following Monday to see the doctor because I was very worried about the burn and all the pain I was having. He did seem very concerned and told me how to treat the burn...but that was about it.
In terms of the results of the procedure, if you plan on doing your inner thighs, I would think twice. I saw immdeate results on my love handles and my stomach is shrinking, I think that will take a little more time.

The jury is still out regarding my inner thighs. I am still very uncomfortable and numb in the areas I had done. I am hoping that will go away soon (that was one of my main concerns with the procedure) so I can get back to some kind of workout routine and have some normalcy back in life. I knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park, but I didn't think it would be this bad.

I have always had issues with my body no matter what size I am, it took this experence to finally make me accept the body that God gave me and be happy. No more procedures for me that is for sure.

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Just make sure you know all the facts before you have this proceedure done. It is not quick and easy, and there is pain involved afterwards. He did not tell me he burned me, I had to bring it up to him in order to receive proper treatment.

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