Horrible Headaches & New Wrinkles on my Face from Botox - Burnaby, BC

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I had Botox done six times before from a certified...

I had Botox done six times before from a certified dermatologist, I loved the results & never had any side effects. Fast forward four years and two kids later, I decided to get Botox again as I was feeling the need for a little refresh to my face. As we have now moved, I sourced out a clinic near my home and went to a new doctor for my injections. This was 15 weeks ago. The day after my injections I woke up with horrible flu like symptoms including nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound and horrible horrible headaches that have not yet gone away. I could hardly take care of my kids, my husband had to take time off from work to care for us all. The flu like symptoms went away at the 3 week mark but the headaches have not. Best way to describe the feeling in my head is that I am wearing a helmet 3 sizes too small which crushes my skull, I also feel intense pounding on my forehead and sinus pressure as well a vice like squeezing sensation at my temples. I also now have food and vitamin sensitivities to products I never had issues with before. Sadly I also have new wrinkles that have appeared all over my face that did NOT exist before botox. See photo of the wrinkle above my left eye which appeared the day after I was injected. I also have another deep one under my left eye which runs from my nose to my hairline & two under my right eye. These lines are not created by my own movement ( for example smiling, squinting etc), they are random deep long wrinkles that have appeared. When this doctor injected the botox, it was extremely painful in the glabellar area. Botox should not be painful. I also found out that he injected 64 units and wanted me to come back and get more!! The max I had before was 40. If you are in the Vancouver, BC area, DO NOT see Dr Perhez Jaffer. I am convinced that he OVER botoxed me purely for extra profit which has caused or at least contributed to the side effects I am experiencing. Oh did I mention, he also gave me "spock" eye. I am 39 years old, I hardly had any wrinkles before treatment ( a few fine lines on my forehead and crows feet when I smiled). My friends my age who are getting botox are receiving between 30-40 units, I even went back to the dermatologist that treated me four years ago and he said he wouldn't have given me more than 40 units for my age. I even spoke with someone at Allergan who provides medical training and she admitted 64 units was excessive.
I have seen two doctors, a dermatologist and two neurologists as well I had a CT scan which came out normal. I was 100% healthy before I had this round of botox and have never suffered from headaches before in my life. I have tried so many drugs to help me and nothing has worked. I am now on new medicine prescribed by my new neurologist.
Doctor Jaffer has completely ruined my life these last 15 weeks. Who knows when on earth I will get better. The new lines on my face have aged me sadly but are the least of my worries now, I just want these horrible painful headaches gone so I can get my life back. From everything I have read on this site and the women are suffering horribly from botox side effects, some much worse then me and even at lower doses then what I got. If you are reading this, I urge you to read all about the side effects before you decide to inject this toxin into your face. I know I will definitely not be doing botox ever again!!

8 month update... still suffering:(

Well it's been 8 months since my botox injections and thought I would update as I have been getting quite a few private messages asking how I am doing. Unfortunately my headaches have not gone away. In fact the pain increased in severity in August so my Neuro upped my meds. And although the meds are helping they have horrible side effects like extreme nausea!! As well new symptoms have appeared like problems at times with breathing and swallowing. At its worst, it feels like I have a brick on my chest. NEVER had an issue with breathing or troubles swallowing before and from the botox black box warnings, these are side effects of botox. Also the NEW wrinkles that appeared on my face have not gone away:(I still cannot frown properly in my 11's so when the doctors tell you botox only lasts 3-4 months, that's a LIE!! Please if you are reading my review considering botox, do not do it, it's not worth it if things go wrong. It's easy to read the reviews and think well it will never happen to me. But it CAN, it happened to me and I still can't believe it. Read all the reviews on Realself and look at Botoxsupportcommunity.com. I am one of thousands affected.
Dr Perhez Jaffer

AVOID Dr Jaffer. He overbotoxed me purely for extra profit and because of the excessive amount injected into my face and his bad technique, I have been suffering the past 15 weeks with horrible headaches and new wrinkles all over my face. Please read my review and stay far far away from this doctor who has completely ruined my life.

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