CoolSculpting Mini on Chin/neck Area - 52 year old - Burnaby, BC

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I’ve always had a recessive chin but I had been...

I’ve always had a recessive chin but I had been a slim person my whole life so it was never an issue. I learned to stick my chin out in photos but always hated the sneaky candids people would take of me. This issue has become worse over the years as I’ve gained weight with menopause and my neck now seems to just drop off my chin. I have a feeling that I may inherit the dreaded turkey neck that my dear (departed) Mom had and as much as I loved her I don’t want that neck! I can’t recall how I found out about the new Coolsculpting mini but I was intrigued. I had two consults and decided to go with the place where I had laser hair removal years ago (with much success!). I went in for my treatment on March 7th and the tech took some before pictures then she made me comfortable in the chair and attached the applicator. I wasn’t to talk, cough or sneeze and so I just lay back and relaxed for the 45 minutes. Apparently it has been FDA approved to decrease the time to 45 minutes with a cooler temperature. It felt cool to start but then it was fine, I didn't even feel the suction. The worst part for me was the 2 minute massage immediately after the applicator was removed – yikes! The tech took a quick picture so I could see my square frozen stick of butter neck. Then we pressed a warm cloth up to my neck for a few minutes and it was over! My neck just looked red for about an hour and perhaps there was a little swelling for a few days but no one noticed anything. I did have some tenderness and numbness that was completely gone after 3 weeks. One thing I did do that I don’t know if it helped or not was to take Bromelain supplements and I also massaged my neck with Arnica cream. I didn’t end up with any bruising so the herbals may have helped, certainly didn't harm. So I am almost at week 5 and I can see a little difference. I have been taking photos for comparison and I have tried to keep the head position, lighting and location the same for consistency. I go back in May for my second treatment and am excited to see if improvements will continue! *price above is converted to US$ at the current exchange rate but I paid $1575.00 CAN*

Second treatment fail!

I went in for my second treatment today and 30 minutes in to it the machine apparently shut down. I didn't notice because it didn't lose suction. I did, however, notice a couple of times there was the sound of bubbling or hissing on the left side, and the machine sounded like it was gearing down (not sure how to describe this), but after a couple of seconds I could feel it clamping on again. The tech did not know what caused the failure but apparently it can be trouble shooted through the company and the error code the machine displayed. So, I am a little disappointed but have re-booked again in a couple of weeks to do it all over again - no additional charge to me. When I got home I noticed that I had a little bruising on the left side which I didn't experience before.... Although I've been taking pics every week to compare my progress there has been no change that I could notice between the April 9th photo and today. I won't bother posting another image until I see some more progress! As an aside, coolsculpting to the sides of the neck has now been approved in Canada (we're a little behind the U.S.)

Two weeks post 2nd treatment

The second attempt at the second treatment went well with no issues. I had some bruising that was gone in a couple of days and I have no residual numbness like I did the first time. It has been two weeks but I don't see a further reduction of my double chin yet. I go back in July for my 8 week follow up with pictures so hopefully by then things will have progressed!

Third treatment - July 20th

Now that Canada has received clearance to treat the sides of the neck I decided to go ahead and do it. I went in last week and had 45 minutes on each side of my jawline - the hope being that I will get a bit more definition. It was actually easier on the sides as the applicator was not pressing on my trachea! I have had quite a bit of tenderness and a little bruising but very little numbness so far. Pictures to follow in the coming weeks!

Final Follow Up

I went in for final pictures yesterday however I completely forgot to ask for permission to use them. I am very pleased with my results. Although they are subtle, I feel like the bulk aka turkey gobbler that was developing has decreased and there is slightly more definition at the jawline. This has definitely increased my self confidence especially in photos!

Profile today

Snapped this pic today - hardly noticeable change in profile since the last profile pic posted in May but, as mentioned, the bulk has decreased : )
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