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Need to lose 35lbs more, total lost just >100lbs,...

Need to lose 35lbs more, total lost just >100lbs, for the 2nd time in my life. I can no longer carry around this excess baggage (bell fat) that is a reminder of times past, good and bad. I look forward to a new me and an improved outlook on my well being! I am hoping to see the PS ended Nov. Will definitely need full tummy tuck and awaiting to determine if breast augmentation only is required or a breast lift in addition to. So excited!!!

Consultation Done!

Had a consult last week with the PS that I was hoping I would feel comfortable with and the good news is, I did!!! The humiliation of a consult was nerve racking but the PS made me comfortable, I was at ease and pleased that we were able to get along. I am going to be scheduling my TT and Breast lift for April, the day after Easter Monday. Like everyone else, I am feeling super excited and can't wait for April to get here! I want to continue with my weight loss and weight training so thought an additional 3 months was perfect timing. The Christmas festivities are going to be well enjoyed and the "gearing it up" for next year is something I'm looking forward to!

Pre-op Complete!

I had my pre-op beginning of March and have my TT and BL surgery scheduled for April 7/15 - less than 3 weeks to go now!! I have been working out, doing core training and strength training in hopes that it will help support my recovery. I didn't lose all the weight that I wanted, I still have 5-10lbs to go, hoping to lose the 5lbs at least. Every bit helps and I am confident I will keep off after surgery as well. My preop was uneventful, I am a nurse myself and perhaps that is a determent as I feel like I shouldn't be asking a lot of questions. with that said tho, majority of my questions are answered as I think of them by all of your fantastic posts. I had asked about augmentation and if implants would help the longevity of my breast lift. My PS said that no, the implants would help keep my breasts lifted as time goes on and if I am happy with my current size adding implants could lead to complications. As well, implants don't last forever and quite frankly, the thought of implant removal just isn't worth getting them - for me. I have my script for Arnica and Bromelin to take 5 days before. He also gave me a script for Demoral as Tylenol 3's have no affect on me. I have never taken anything stronger but am hoping the Demoral works for pain. That is my biggest concern is the pain and mobility afterwards. I will spend the first night at the surgeon's office, which works well for me, at least I know I am in a safe environment with nurses available for help if needed. I will post before an after pictures once the surgery is complete. Good luck to all those whom have their surgeries coming up in the next few weeks as well!!!

2 weeks to go!

Now I understand the nesting phase! Spent the weekend cleaning the house, getting a bit ready here and there. I have a good support system and only need to ensure my dog has enough food for my recovery time, so there's not a lot for me to worry about. I find my mind is being more and more occupied with thinking about the surgery and visualizing how I may look afterwards, hopefully just like the Victoria Secret model! Lol
I'm 5'7, have a large frame that I carry well. I am fairly proportionate with good weight and muscle distribution. Current weight is very high 100's. Dr says he will likely be removing 10-15lbs.

I'm having a tough time finding a front close sports bra here in Canada. Frustrating as everyone talks about cheap ones they get at walmart in the states. I only have found them
At Victoria secret but 60 dollars a bra, I'm not spending that on something I will want to burn after wearing it for 2 months straight lol. I have an old one that I will use and if it's not good, I'm sure one if my friends will be happy to go shopping for me. I'm trying to eat a good diet and shrink the fat cells. I figure the smaller the fat cells are on the day if surgery, the more he will be able to suck out!!!

Here is a clothed photo, still not brave enough to post the before pic yet, but I will in all due time. You can see the lower belly fat protruding - my lower belly looks like my grandmothers after all my weight loss. My breast look high in this pic and horrid - obviously trying to hard with a push up a bra! Next time it will be my natural lift!


Ready as I'll ever be...

Have to be at surgeons office for 0730 tmrw morning. I am as ready as I'll ever be but that doesn't mean I'm not freaking out!!! Super nervous, scared and excited. I think I'm more scared about the IV than anything else! No... I'm pretty scared about it all!!! Lol I'm a nurse and used to being in an OR but it doesn't help any when you're the one on the table! Lol I know I'm in great hands and will be safe but it's scary to think of what's going to be done to me while I'm out - the slicing and dicing as my nephew said today. Lol
Anyhow, I have a few regrets - keep working out and keep dieting right up until the day!! I kinda stopped the past 3weeks - just emotionally was tired of it. I don't know but now that it's the night before I do regret not working harder the month prior. My PS said it will be easier to lose weight after the surgery - I take that with a grain of salt - losing weight is never easy but am hoping that with the belly fat gone those other stubborn fat cells will finally shrink!!! This is just the beginning for me - getting rid of the flab is going to give me the continued strength and motivation to reach my goals and I can't wait to see what the future brings!!! See talk on the flat Side!!!! :)

Flat side!

I made it!!! I'm alive, in pain, but alive!
Went in for 0730 and was out by 0800. I was terrified of getting the IV and anthologist was like "your afraid of me, but he's the guy with the big knife" lol. IV didn't hurt as much as expected. They gave me oxygen with laughing gas everything spun and I was out. Prior to that the PS did take pictures and drew all over me. Next thing I knew I was being told to wake up and take deep breaths but all I wanted to do was vomit. They were on top of that as I had warned them. So no vomiting - thank goodness!! I stayed overnight there. Got up once at ten to go pee. That was horrible. But they are right it gets easier each time.
I'm still uncomfortable, even with demoral the pain is always there. My whole abdominal area is tight, stiff, full of air and it burns too. I don't have any drains in - he only keeps them in overnight and boy did they sting coming out!!!! Wowza! Guess because they were quite "fresh" /raw.
I'm in a gravity chair at home as I couldn't get a recliner. It's not bad, not great. I couldn't imagine being in my bed just yet because of the pain. My breast don't hurt at all though which is good!
I have a walker which is my best rental. I need it. Lots of pillows too.
My stomach is filled with air. I've only had yogurt and water, but the air is making it feel tight. I do expel some when I'm up walking. I think the discomfort will lessen as that air/gas moves along. I did take citramag two days before surgery so my belly was empty.
That's about it. I don't have pics yet, but will post as soon as I do. I will likely shower tmrw or next day depending on the pain - I'm a wimp w pain. Just gotta suck it up! I did get a look at my boobs tho and they look great from what I saw :) couldn't see my belly tho but that's ok, because, I COULDNT SEE MY BELLY!!!!! Lol
Happy healing to those who are going through it this week as well. Keep me/us posted with your pain and energy levels. The burning surprises me but have read that on a few others so I guess it's normal.

15min shower ='s 5hr nap

Day 3 done! Had a shower with help and it felt good but man it took all I had out of me. By the end of dressing I was nauseous and ready to vomit. My sil got me pills and I took deep breathes before I was able to go back to my gravity chair. Once back I slept for 5 hrs! It's kinda shocking how much a little task takes out of you! Today is the start of post op day 4. I'm still very aware of the burning feeling, particularly on one side. I think my sil put my binder on wrong and will fix that when someone is here to help put it on right. I'm hoping that's what's causing the burning. I'm not in pain anymore. I'm stiff, sore and uncomfortable but not in pain. I know my PS wanted me to wean off of the narcotics today and start with just Tylenol. I'm going to try. The Demerol makes me really tired which is good and bad. I'm not eating much at all. I don't have an appetite when I think I'm hungry it soon passes. I've been eating unsalted crackers, Greek yogurt and protein shakes. That's about it. I have a bunch of protein bars that I will start eating. I'm standing quite a bit taller today and happy about that. I've been living in my gravity chair but ready to try the bed. That's about it for my update. You just start typing and looking at this little screen gets my nauseous again so will stop now. Boring update but practical. It hurts to laugh. Really hurts! So this is update is flat for a reason. Here's a couple pics from yesterday. I'm
SUPER HAPPY with my results so far. I love my breast lift and the tummy looks like it's going to be amazing - one of these days lol

Post op day 3

Pictures didn't attach

I coughed

Then I saw a flash of white, angels sang and pretty sure That was God I saw. I thought that I wouldn't post anymore about the pain, as we all have it but then I coughed... And had to do it a few more times. My gosh, that pain is the worst I've ever felt! Definitely do the pillow to belly thing ladies - it helps. I'm praying that I don't sneeze for the next three months!!!
Went outside today and it was great, until the neighbour came over with the new baby and was disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm lol. I don't know them very well, in fact only have talked to her twice, I'm sure they figure I'm either really weird or not very social - based on the fact I was also wearing a mix of pj's at 3 in the afternoon. thank goodness I had sunglasses on so they couldn't see the sunken eyes with dark circles under them!
Thanks for the replies on the numbness. It really is a weird feeling and glad I'm definitely not alone - we all are feeling it. Phew!! I read up on my skin fold and it seems like it will even out in a couple months. I had a lot more skin and fat removed - that's my reasoning on why I have it and you all don't lol i see my PS on Friday so will just get the reassurance from him then. Good luck to those of you getting your drains out this week!!! I'm so happy my PS only leaves them in 24hrs, y'all truly have my sympathy living with those things the past ten days. Will post pics tmrw - I feel just as swollen as day one to be honest. Going to try another shower tmrw!!! Let's hope it only knocks me out for 2hrs this time!!!

First Post Op

Had my first post op appointment today, and the first time that I have left the house. I got up showered, put on nice underwear, did my hair, put on a little make up! One would've thought I had a hot date - it was just nice to have a reason to look good! My dad drove me there, just a 20min drive.
Appointment was pretty uneventful. He snipped some stitches under each breast and a few stitches in my belly button - so it's open now, and looks somewhat normal - not like a black hole to another galaxy!!! He told me I could clean it and he must've saw the horrified look on my face cuz he gave me a really odd look lol - the bb kinda freaks me out. I'm afraid to touch it let alone clean around in there lol I will tackle that tmrw. All that hard work getting ready today deserved a 2hr nap! I still tire easily but today was the first day I felt normal. I went to the grocery store and the library, very quick visits but it will be interesting to see if I'm knocked on my ass from it tnrw.
So appt was uneventful. He said everything looked great. He also said that I will notice a huge difference as the muscle repair was quite significant, more than he anticipated. He said the separation was 1.5inches, 4cms. I forgot to ask how much weight was removed. He had said prior to surgery it would likely be 10-15lbs. I did weigh myself, knowing full well I may weigh more, so was pleased when scale showed I was down 8lbs yesterday. That's good news considering I'm still super swollen. I'm kinda hoping that my breasts stay this full and firm - I'm loving them!!!! They are rock hard and high, it's like I had implants!! PS did say to massage the numb areas a as well as the areas that had lipo (my sides). As well I can do stretching as tolerated for abdominal muscles. Lifting was okay as long as it was a pre determined move - don't just lift something without purposely doing so.
I guess I will look at massage techniques and yoga moves for beginners :)
I also have to check out sodium intake, I'm definitely suffer from swell hell and am doing all I can to avoid that discomfort!
Hope everyone is healing well and feeling better each day!

one month post op

Well, made it to the one month mark without imploding, splitting open or exploding! However, still feel like a walking, talking bound sausage roll thanks to swell hell, but it is getting better. My swelling has moved down to pretty muvh the incision line. It will be painful and bulge above and below incision, especially just below the belly button. My incision line area is the most painful area on my body now. I do have a couple of bumps on the line, which dr said is r/t deep tissue stitching. Also I get painful areas that last a day at line, and its the stitching healing as well. He did check to ensure there was no fluid sloshing around in there. I asked about my sides as the left looks like it could be a dog ear, but he said no, that it should settle. He said to massage massage and MASSAGE. That this well even out the bumps, lumps redness and help the scar settle. This is for the abdomin and breasts. He said I can stop wearing the binder and ssid ifi feel like spsnx, sure but not needed. I need my binder!! It hurts without it, but will start weaning myself off of it so that my abdominal muscles can get stronger. Its still painful to go without. I will continue to wear spanx as thst what most of other doctors say to do. Besides, I went back to work yesterday after month off and my swelling by 3pm was unreal.. I need spanx to hol

I have no idea

No idea what happened to the rest of my post. I have a new Samsung tablet and I cant type on it, hence the spelling and obviously I cant operate it either. There was more I said, but jist is, massage, start exercising fully and work those ab muscles hard bc they want to get strong!!!! I can start wearing regular bras, he said I could go without any at night but he be crazy! Im wearing a bra at night! Lol he did say my breats wont stay so firm - dang it!!!
If youre thinking of doing it - do it!!!!!! I love my new body and am soooooo happy!!!! I cant wait for my 3 month update!!!! Word of advice diet and exercise right up to the end! !!!!! I slacked off and regret it so dont cheat yourself!!! I plan on losing more weight and am sad that my boobs will deflate and maybe sag, so wish I had dieted more, but, I had reached my end, I did need this to move forward but, please dont cheat yourself if you can avoid it - keep going to the end!!!! :) see you in a couple months with my new bikini on!!! :)

more pics

3 month post op

Had my 3 month post op appt. that lasted all of 2 minutes! Lol. All is good. I have a little knob of skin at the end of my tummy incision, DR thinks it should go away, but said that he will just slice it off if not. Apart from that, my scars look great. I'm very happy with placement, healing and the precision he used. I still swell by end of day and unless I had a salty day, I typically wake up flat. I couldn't be happier!!! I love the new me! I certainly see room for improvement and am motivated to lose more weight. I do feel that dropping some will make my tummy look much thinner and of course off of my hips.
Best decision I ever made was getting this done!!!! It was the full 3 month recovery, and it still hurts to cough, sneeze and gets inflamed with exercise but everyday is progress!! Will post more pics at my 6 month!
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