Lift and Implants for Self Esteem

I am now 1.5 months away from my surgery. I am...

I am now 1.5 months away from my surgery. I am having a Breast Lift and Implants. With help from my surgeon, we have chosen the Mentor High Profile 400cc. My next appointment is in 10 days! Wore the samples around the house on Sunday and they were so comfortable!
I have had 2 kids, both breast fed and have lost my boobs. They are now deflated and I don't feel good about them at all. I like the way they look in a bra but I still have a lot of left over skin. I would like to be able to wear a bra/bathing suit and fill it out nicely, not to mention not having to wear a bra with some of the dresses that I have ( never been able to do that ). I will post some wish pictures shortly and take some before pictures and post this weekend.

2.5 weeks to go!!

I am now 2.5 weeks away from surgery. I still can't believe that it is almost here. The final payments were just made last week so it's finally official. It's getting done!!

The office staff for Dr Assad are amazing!! I have always felt very comfortable and they are always around to answer questions. I have had a couple consultations and follow up meetings and just feel at ease with everyone!

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