27 Yrs Old Lift Plus Implants. Burlington, ON

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I've been chesty as long as u can remember. Wore a...

I've been chesty as long as u can remember. Wore a 36 C in grade 9 and when up on weight wore a 36 DD

I always said i would get a lift one day but thought i would wait til after kids.

I get married on a beach next April and I want an extremely low back dress so that was my push to go for some consults

I chose the second Dr I had a consult with - Dr Assad in Burlington.
I had surgery today and am off work until Tuesday. I'm a teacher but I bartend full time as well.

Surgery was scary. I didn't sleep a wink last night and was at the hospital for 645 am this morning. The nurses and staff were all amazing. I cried after leaving my fiancé and the nurse sat with me and told me she had this procedure done about 10 yrs ago.

PS drew on my chest. He Orig wanted to go over the muscle where I thought I'd have them under the muscle. He wanted to decide when I was on the operating table. He ended up going under the muscle low profile implant. Lolipop incision which is nice because there is no incision on my breast crease. I haven't taken the dressings off and probably won't until I see my PS Friday. They are very high right now.

I puked after surgery a couple times. Could be the anesthesia but I think it was the pain killers. I have puked from T4s prior. I woke up around noon coherent but exhausted. PS said everything went well and explained because he went under the muscle they will feel high right now. Hoping this doesn't last long. Around 1245 they wheeled me to recovery where I dozed in and out of sleep while my fiancé read. I didn't leave the hospital til 230. I was exhausted. Partly the anesthesia and a lot of the no sleep the night befure.
Operating table is scary. But you are put to sleep very fast and I woke up to very pleasant nurses

I haven't had pain killers since the hospital and it's now 12am. I think I'd rather be sore than nauseous but we'll see how the night goes

I will post before pics soon! And PO in a couple days

Feeling very relieved operation is over and hoping everything looks amazing

Price in CAD

finally took some photos

So I am still needing to get my before photos as I didn't take any but here's what they look like today

Still waiting for swelling to come down and feeling really full on top. Can't wait for them to drop

6 days post op

Pre op pics

new pics. I've started to drop a bit

new bralette :) no support needed

Feeling good about size and shape

Almost 4 weeks post

Using scar treatment for almost 2 weeks now

bikini boobs

pic update

side profile . right breast sitting a little higher than the left

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