Silicone Sientra Breast Implants 235cc/under the muscle/textured

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I am set to get my surgery on May 15 and I'm so...

I am set to get my surgery on May 15 and I'm so excited but nervous! I'm getting 225 cc or 250 cc silicone Sientra under the muscle implants. I am 5'3 and I am 110 pounds. In a couple months I'm going to college and something iv been worried about is people finding out. I'm very conscious and aware that that is a high possibility. I've accepted that. Have people in your guys lives noticed you've gotten a boob job? Have guys been able to tell because of look, feel and/or scar? Thanks for talking the time to read my post, answers would be MUCH appreciated :) Hope all of you guys have been successful so far with your journeys :)

Before pictures

Today was the day! I'm sore and queezy but it's bareable. I'll be in bed for a while. My surgeon and the anestethiologist were so kind and amazing. The nurses were as well! Here are some before photos. I'll post after photos when I take my bra off :)

Day One Post Op

Minimal pain. Lots of naseau. Swelling. Hoping they won't reduce too much in size.

Understanding Boob Greed

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my boobs because they fit on my body in a natural way but there is always that little twinge of wishing they were bigger. I know I made the right decision though. All I can say is, I now understand boob greed haha

Day 5

They are looking a lot smaller. I'm not sure how I feel about that.. The pain has gone down a lot. I havent been taking th oxy for a couple days now. Once and a while I'll take a Valium to relax the muscles

One Week!

They haven't gotten much softer. I'm always worried that I'm stretching the incisions when I do massage. I have a lot of soreness/tightness. My incisions hurt a bit. Some burning sensations in my nipple. I get worn out pretty easily. I'm so excited when these sensations will end!! I have been doing a lot of active things and I think that may be why I get so sore. i love them though!! I also just can't wait for them to be soft and jiggly so they will feel more like normal breasts.

Bra size

Yesterday I got sized and found out I was a 30D. We were between that size and a DD. Right now I think I'm still swolen so this may change.

1 Month!

Everyday I am more adjusted. I love not having to wear a bra and feeling comfortable in clothing. I love my boobs. I get worried sometimes that people can feel how hard they are when they hug me but I'm probably just paranoid. Some days i miss my small boobs though. I was perfectly fine before. At least now I finally understand that I was beautiful before :) My scars are very dark. I don't know the best way to speed up the healing process. Tape? Cream? Tape during day? Cream at night? What cream? My skin looks crinkled around the scar because of the tape. I have a lot of numbness around the incision. Also some numbness on one side of my back. its a weird feeling. I'm not too worried about it though. I hope all of you are doing well and loving your beautiful bodies :)


I have no feeling on almost half of each boob. Maybe I'll still regain feeling but I'm getting kind of nervous. They have softened up but the implant itself is hard. I just have to accept that I have hard boobs. I'm starting to miss my small boobs even though I like my boobs now. I just have to learn to love my body.

Pictures Coming Soon

Hey everyone :) I will post a picture and an update very soon!

4 Months!

First of all, thank you so much for all of your support. It has been a very emotional experience to say the least.

Most of my pain is gone. I feel the implants on the sides a bit. Maybe because I'm skinny? I'm going to talk to my doc in December. Otherwise, I have had a really great experience. I have numbness though and that is a bit uncomfortable. My scars are continuing to fade. I'll post pictures of them in the next week. I'll also take a pic in a bra (not bralette) that fits when I get one this weekend (hopefully). Sometimes I regret getting the surgery. I really don't like the fact that they are unnatural. Other times I'm really happy. It's a roller coaster but I'm adjusting more and more every week/month. The fact of the matter is, they will never be real and squishy the way real boobs are. That's just a fact. I had little to no breast tissue before so it's probably 95% silicone, 5% tissue (a wild guess). I think other women with more breast tissue end up with more natural feeling results? They are squishy though, just not all the way through. I think my boobs have gotten smaller? I'm not sure though. I'll know when I get sized again. Let me know if you guys have any questions about my experience :) Good luck with all your journeys!! (stay true to yourselves)

Won't Buy a New Bra This Weekend #spentallmymoneyonaboobjob

I won't be posting an update on my bra size this week. I don't have enough money to buy a new bra. When I start making money I'll buy one (I'm a broke college student).

Explant? Probably not but maybe?

I don't think I would get an explant now... but it is something I've been considering. I feel really disproportional. I realize now that small boobs are also beautiful. I am tired of hiding my boobs when I'm changing (I'm in college). All the girls change in front of each other but I always have to hide. 80% of the girls had small boobs like I used to and they are completely confidence. I realize now how important confidence. It is weird that now I have the boobs I have always dreamed of, but I am barely any more confident. Hopefully they will continue to grow on me. I am just in a stage where I am unsure if I want to keep them. I'll see. I'm not making any big decisions fast.

Almost 8 Months! Bra Size: 32C

Hello All. Hope you guys are all happy and loving yourselves. It is still a roller coaster of emotions. So far I'm thinking I'll keep them for 10 years and then go to a smaller size? I'm SO happy I didn't go with a bigger size. I think they are getting squishier which I'm SUPER excited about. I have a lot of numbness and decreased nipple sensation which isn't super pleasant. Sometimes I start critiquing my body and wishing I had a bigger but to be more proportionate, etc, but that is just insecurity speaking, not the truth. If any of you guys need any advice or want to talk feel free to comment and do that :) NOTE** The only bra that actually fits me is the one I specified was a 32C in the caption. The rest of the bras are my friend's, and they don't fit right at all.

Almost 2 years!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm about to hit my 2 year mark- WOW. I don't even know what to say! I still experience ups and downs- but isn't that life in general? I truly do love them. On a less happy note- I still have some challenges. I have minimal sensation in my nipples and my entire lower breast. It is hard to say if my feeling is improving anymore at this point. It is not a big problem but it is a bid un-nerving. I also feel that my right breast has dropped a bit too much. I am going to visit my surgeon and ask her if there is anything I can do to make that breast higher... Though I doubt it. Also, my breasts are soft, but there are definitely indications that they are fake. I can feel rippling and I can feel the implant. I believe this is because I had very little breast tissue to begin with. Retrospectively, I may have gone with another brand of implants that produce a softer feel. Though I still definitely love how these implants!! They do a great job of creating the look of fullness! Aesthetically, they are great. When it comes to how they feel, I have mixed emotions. They are very soft, but I maybe would have liked them to be even softer (I think this comes down to how much they fill the gel implant) I definitely do not regret getting Sientra though!! They look great and they feel natural. I am just a naturally picky person. Ask me in 6 months, and I may say something different. Feel free to ask me any kind of question :) Much love to all of you!!!
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