30 Y.o. 5'10" 140lbs. 550cc silicone under muscle - Burien, WA

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So I've been lurking around here like a fat perve...

So I've been lurking around here like a fat perve in a trenchcoat @ McDonald's playland. Loving hearing & seeing all you ladies results getting more & more excited for my big day. So I've been flat chested all my life & the only one in my whole family who missed the giveaway @ the breast bank. The largest my boobs ever were is an underfilled cupcake cup B. I was 163 lbs then. During my weight loss journey(163-112 not always healthy:( ) my already sad bewbs became a miserable negative A. Not so bad when ur itty nitty all over but I gained some much needed weight but my boobs refused to eat w the rest of the cool kids. So I decided its time to force feed them & give me the cleavage I've never had. I had my consultation June 23 with Dr. Brecht and reading the reviews n hanging in the community only amplified my desire to join the breast of the future club. I initially chose 600ccs becuase every sizer I tried on really didn't seem to make a difference! Again this site helped me come to my sense and I chose 500cc and my pre-op and doc added 50cc since we went under muscle. I was super happy at first then I thought wow look @ those gozungas! Their huge! How come they didn't look this big in my consult or on other real selfers. Serious boob sadness. So now I'm not sure I feel too too big especially coming from next to nothing. But I assume I'm just going through what I've seen 75% of real selfers discuss. I have my 2nd post op tomorrow. Will probably post a bit more instead of being a garden gnome from now on.

Had 2nd Post Op today.

So I don't think my Dr. is that attentive. I feel like she always just wants to get me out of the room! And I'm always waiting in the back office for about 20 mins b4 I c her even if I'm the only 1 there! Today she had some weird stuff on her under eye I thought it was a failed attempt at some trendy new under eye shadow(as she clearly was not matching her skin tone in any manner it was like blue Elmer's paste) anyway it was really distracting. She told me she had to create a fold as I asked y it seems I can still see the indentation of the implant on my left boobsicle. She says it will settle and I hope that's true. She then cut my stitched & tried to sell me biocurnum. The price hurt my feelings n so I passed. Is there anything else I can use for this nasty scar that may help? Like bio-oil or aloe vera? Anyone ever tried those? I had a job interview today & I just felt like Chesty Larue. I really didn't want highbeams just headlights. Boy I hope they settle. Especially since my tush isn't big. I don't want to look like the letter "P". I'm working on it. If its not one thing it's another...sigh. Today was first day that they didn't feel heavy though so that's good. I did feel some pain with the incision removal & having to reach,hope they don't fall out. Got OK to go back to gym n do stationary bike & even squats,woot! Waiting on as as they r still so meaty. No messages for me & I can apparently lay anyway I want? Hmm is she tryna sabotage my results? Like everything she says is total opposite what I read here & then she just sent me off w a list of stuff. Also "blind bought" a 5$ 36 D bra from wally world. Something's just not quite right:(

Boobie update

They seem to be dropping & fluffing quite a bit. Left dropped more than right & is much softer & jigglier. It has also started blending much better w implant as I can barely c where 1 meets the other now. Hope that continues. They no longer feel like foreign objects on my chest n I have no pain other than occasionally @ the incision site. Working out kind of sucks as I feel them bouncing up & down when I do the elliptical machine & I still can't do arms like I want & they are so soft & squishy now I hate it,lost so much muscle in that short time I wasn't able to work out. All in all very happy so far.

5 weeks lots of D& F!

So my boobs have settled a lot
No longer feel like I'm going to put an eye out with my laser beams,lol. I don't even notice them much,no more back pain & feeling like they are foreign objects. Can still fit most of my old size S tops but some I can't get over the girls:(
Haven't gone bra shopping yet,just 2 so far. Lots of sports bras which I like for comfort. Still have to get used to the bouncy house during wotkouts,lol. Or maybe a better sports bra! I've been back at gym 4 last week and 1/2. Do some arm training even tho I know its a no no but I felt so fat & puffy & its so hard to lose weight for me o had to get it in check. I'm still waiting for my waist to come back, can't blame bloating I font think but I haven't seen my day before tummy since procedure. This makes me sad:(... I never had to do sit ups b4, my tummy was the 1 place weight didn't go or show,now I have to suck it in,grr! Is it possible I'm still bloated somewhat after 5 weeks? Or is my waist just ruined forever? Either way I'm loving my new nibbs!

Side boob

& a side of boob to go with your entree,lol

Boobin right along

Not much to update this time. I had my 6 week post op on Thursday & my Dr. Was very pleased with my results. I haven't been the most consistent w the vitamins she's told me to take. Meaning I haven't taken them at all:(... Just my regular multi vitamin & a few other supplements I was already taking. I still get occasional ubderboob pain but the arnica gel helps with that. So looks like I'm a 34 DD which I'm happy w looks wise but feel like I have to get expensive bras now,and I'm very cheap! So that hurts my feelings. Anyone have a good place to get reasonably priced pretty bras??? Please share. Other than that I love my bewbs they feel like the real deal holyfield & I hope they don't change anymore!
Seattle Physician

Dr. Brecht was great. felt kind of rushed sometimes and still not sure I needed the extra ccs she recommended given my hesitance about boob bombs in 2nd consult. Staff was very nice & helpful. Day of procedure complete blur after whatever drugs I was given in office which was awesome. Um yeah will update as we process but overall satisfied

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