I Really Only Need Five Teeth to Get in Order - Burbank, CA

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I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer...

I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer and my top front teeth moved back. I'm starting invisalign express- 10 trays, five months- today and will update as I go. I have 6 attachments total with 5 of them on the top. The attachments make the invisalign looks less invisible. It took 4 weeks to get my first aligner after I did my impressions.


Sore teeth, cut up tongue, but I'm hopeful my mouth will adjust.
I should add that with insurance invisalign express cost $500.
I added a picture with the first aligner in.

Tray 2

I can't really see a difference yet, but I can feel my bite changing. The second tray feels much more finished than the first tray- no tongue irritation when I talk. I have the third tray and will start it next week. I think I'll be able to see a difference when I'm done with that one. Just comparing trays 1 and 3 show a big difference on the top front teeth. It's just tough to wear these 22 hours a day when you're a coffee addict like me!

Finishing up tray 5

Tray # 1 and 7 side by side.

Retainer #1 is on the right side and #7 on the left. You can see the v shape on the two front teeth are straightening out and the two teeth on the side are moving forward. I don't start #7 until next week.

Started #8 last night.

I can see a good difference in my smile, but number 8 is a bit painful. Day one is always a sore one. The pictures compare tray 1 and 8. Tray 1 is starting to yellow from being out... ew.
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