41, Extended Breast Lift, Flank Excision & Ab Lipo - Burbank, CA

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About 11 years ago I had breast augmentation/lift...

About 11 years ago I had breast augmentation/lift and a tummy tuck. After having four children and breast feeding I gave myself the gift of pulling things back into place. However, over the next decade my weight fluctuated, I maintained no fitness regularity and gained 20 pounds.
At 40 I realized I needed and wanted to like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and decided to do something about it. I cleaned up my eating habits and through the help of YouTube, (in the comfort of my home),I started working out doing major HIIT training (dropped 10 pounds in 4 weeks), then added resistance training and dropped another 10 pounds in two months.
While I loved my new form, I just couldn't seem to get rid of excess (what I thought was fat, turns out it was excess skin) in the areas from underarms and bra line also muffin top and that area between my butt and waistline.

I got frustrated (sometimes to tears), with the fact that with all of my work, the more I improved in sculpting, those areas started to look worse (since I didn't have the fluff to fill it out anymore). Because I had work done to my face by Dr. George Orloff and was happy with the results nearly two years later, I decided to get a consultation to find out how I may improve those areas that frustrated me so much.
His professional opinion was an extended mastopexy (breast lift all the way to beginning of bra line) and a flank excision to remove the excess skin (rather than just lipo to rid the muffin top). I'm happy I did it, although the first week was uncomfortable but managed by pain meds. I'm seeing the the results hidden and waiting after the current swelling and healing is underway. I'm just one week post op.
Two weeks prior to surgery, he started me on a regimen of supplements to prepare my body for the surgery and I am currently taking those he provided to continue for the next two weeks.
I'm posting photos as I go along the healing path and will update the photos every few weeks to show the progress.
Dr. Orloffs facility is absolutely stunning, his staff is amazing and are so patient, compassionate, informative and professional. Dr. Blanca Orloff (his Wife) and is the anesthesiologist, has probably the kindest spirt I think I've ever encountered. Dr. Orloff himself is extremely professional, a true artist and down to earth.
The day after surgery my Husband opened our front door to a delivery of a beautiful floral bouquet and a card wishing a speedy recovery from the Orloff team.
I just wanted to share my experience. Although considering plastic surgery is such a deeply personal experience, I believe that the honest sharing from individuals who have made the decision to undergo surgery, is so important and has helped me in having the courage and confidence in taking the big step.

Day 9 post op

Doing very very well...still some bruising I can't see it but can feel it only if pressure is applied. Ready to get stitches out this week. Everything is smoothing out nicely. Here's a few photos, seeing major changes every day. I even put on my favorite jeans (just to try) and the is no muffin top anymore. Breasts are high where I wanted them and are becoming more supple. Very happy with results.

Day 11 post op

Photos from day 11. Swelling goes down dramatically and I am already able to wear the bodycon dresses I love so much WITHOUT shape wear!!

Day 12 results so far

I've finally been able to sleep without a bunch of extra pillows behind me. Slept without my sports bra too. I've been careful not to pull too much such as taking my dog around the block, he was attempting to chase a squirrel and I definitely felt it in my pectoral area, so I simply switched hands. Also I lift no more than a coffee carafe full of water, a full gallon pitcher to water my plants I don't feel ready to do at least not yet. Gone are the aches, the crazy hot poker zings from nerve pain. The breast lift was defiantly the most involved or notable as far as any discomfort. But really it got better every day. It's nice to have my arms actually be able to hang at my sides now, and gently swing freely rather than be hindered by the mass of boobs that settled under my armpits. I forgot to add that Dr. Orloff has had since two weeks prior to surgery a protocol of supplements for me to take including arnica and bromelian which have drastically reduced swelling and only very subtle brusing. I get my left over stitches out on Friday. The incisions over my flanks are placed just right to be hidden under even a pair of low rise jeans and the extended incisions from my mastopexy are curved perfectly and are hidden even while wearing a spaghetti strap sundress. Already I think I look better than I did the day prior in my clothes and can actually wear things with ease. I joked to my adult daughter while modeling the most slinky dress I own, that it feels like I have built in spanxs and a push up bra. To be able to put on something so form fitting straight my closet and out the door I go. I'm so very pleased with the results and honestly can't even picture it improving but I know it's going to happen.

Day 14

I get my stitches out tomorrow...the scabs are sloughing off her are there. What I see of a "scar" in those areas is the finest line, will hardly be noticeable. I was just going through my photos and found a photo of my flank (back) area that I took the day before surgery. My torso was the most stubborn area to sculpt after I began my fitness program... no matter how hard I tried. Having the flank excision has elongated my entire torso area. Here's a photo it's only 2 weeks since I had my surgery. I just love what Dr. Orloff has done!

19 days post op

This will probably be my last update. I'm 100% pleased with the results. Some soreness around the extended incisions under my arms, only when I raise them. Really the best decision I made since losing weight and not able to rid my torso of the stubborn areas. Once again, I highly highly recommended Dr. George Orloff. I've trusted him with two surgeries and have walked away with fantastic results!

7 week update

I'm very happy with my results! My breasts have softened and filled out nicely.

About three months post op

I'm so very happy with my results! I'm continuing on my fitness journey and hope to fine tune things more. Dr. Orloff did such a fantastic job in removing those areas that were never going to improve with excersise (loose skin). So I am able to focus on overall fitness rather than just "trouble spots". After having four children that I breast fed and gained at least fifty pounds with each pregnancy. And now all of those children grown and the grandma of three handsome Grandsons! Plastic surgery, a clean diet and fitness are the way to go! Did the plastic surgery back in my twenties but didn't maintain it????. Even if you are a skinny mini in your twenties, develop healthy habits now to prevent yourself from having to "redo" yourself later in life.

Very happy with my results that match my hard work

In addition to the hard work I've been doing and major changes to my diet..I am very happy that the excision of extra skin and the lipo of my abdomen has made all of my hard work more noticeable. HIIT cardio combined with strength training have made a world of difference in trimming down and now have lost a total of 30 pounds!

You've got to add fitness to the surgery!

So happy that my fitness goals match the surgery I invested in.

Here's photos at three months post op

After breast lift and old implants and lift over ten years ago and 30+ pounds lost

5 month post

An incredible and artistic surgeon.

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