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I have been wanting/ needing a tt for long long...

I have been wanting/ needing a tt for long long time. i have had 3 full term pregnancies now im done with that and want my body to be as youthful as ever. i just want a flatter stomach as before my pregnancies. So I am booked to have tt with lipo on the 4 th April. I will be flying to thailand on the 2 nd having all my physical checks on the 3rd. At Bumrungrad hospital I just can't wait!!!!!

Blepharoplasty is taking place too

I would luv to get rid of eye bags. Which I've had for years.

Just 8 weeks to go!

And I was just feeling so inpatient and frustrated. I decided to hire a treadmill for the next 8 weeks and try different types of cellulite treatment. This is helping distract me at this time and think how much more beautiful the outcome will be with my diet and exercise. I have also bought about 10 size 12 tops as I have bought nothing for the past 6 months and needed new clothes. Although i am hoping to be able to buy size 10 tops around 6 months after operation. I have
never wore a size 12 my whole adult life and it would be such a pleasure to feel more than comfortable wearing this size.

Flights and hotel booked

So I have booked my flight to Thailand I have also booked a hotel for first two nights. When I get to Thailand I will have a look around and book a hotel closer to the hospital. I just can't wait wish it was now now now! I'm so eagerly anticipating this procedure to just hurry up and come. Then the scars can soon magically disapear. I can't help wondering whether to have a breast lift and lipo to thighs as I look through othee reviews. Guess this is just the start of avery long journey to get fit and fresh

Well Im Just thinking

I've got plenty of time to think these days and I'm not sure now whether to have thigh lipo or breast lift done as well at this stage if anything I am confusing my self. as i know i will have other procedures done in august i.e either breast lift and or circumfrential thigh lipo, but im not sure whether to one know as we'll. 7 weeks and 1 day to go. I've never had this type of money before at my disposal. As it usually all goes on bills bills bills. Kid kids kids and doing up the house from time to time. And i must say im a nurse work all the hours i can. So I want to do most of some of the things I've always wanted. TT is definitely happening but I don't know about the rest for now. This waiting time is so down pressing I wish I could be in hospital moaning about the drains and it being hard to sleep etc etc. then I would know that I'm on my way nearly recovering. I'm so impatient. But then I've been waiting for life for this feels like I'm on my way to collecting my lotto winnings whhoooo.

Guess what I did it

Earlier then anticipated but I am so happy. I emailed my dr last week asked if I could get done this week which he agreed. I was so impatient all I could think of was tt nothing else's. I won't tell you the boring parts. I am feeling comfortable with morphine and other pain killers. I am in prestigious hospital they even have a mcdonalds and Starbucks. I am being well looked after.

More pics 2nd day post

More 2 day post op pics

I think there's a difference

Come on guys what do you think can you see the difference?

Drains out today

Woww I've Been feeling almost human now without those drains. My scar looked amazing although it's still under steri strips. I'm very swollen at present. My worst of the operation has to be the drains an my irratibility of not being independent and not being able to have things like now i could walk etc etc

Very ambitious after drains

Omg so deppressing

I am hating the compression garment it keeps riding up and won't stay down. Dr said still wants me to walk like an old lady for another week which was last week I'm seeing him today so hopefully he will take dressings off. Can't really do much or go far alwAys have to get taxis. It's very boring just riding out the down time in hotel oh we'll I'm giving myself four more weeks to make a miraculous full recovery

13 days post

Very swollen still

So I missed my app with p/s Wednesday due to traffic so went Friday instead. I noticed that my wound at the front isn't healing like the rest maybe cause not much air getting round the front still it's healing ok dr happy too. Dr said I could go into stage 2 compression garm So I bought 2 one is an open front spanx the other is a vest and shorts by jockey the spanx appears better and tighter they are both not easy to put on. I went shopping still walking like an old woman lol and the whole world starring at me I didn't care I was on a mission to feel more comfortable and hopefully be able to walk properly soon

Panic panic

I don't think I'm gunna be happy with the overall results as my belly looks to round even in the morning. I don't think my surgeon has made me that slim at all even though he took out some fat

Me with my front less spanx

Round at the side doesn't look flattering

I think I'm panicking for nothing

Nearly sent my p/s this am a email saying how dissatisfied I was but that must be due to a lot of swelling and the fact I didn't sleep we'll cause I look pretty good this pm I've rested the last 5 hours at least. Phew

Wwwhooo I can walk

When I'm not swollen to much I'm walking better now. So it's the swelling holding me back mobility wise now among other things

Tried on some clothes

I tried on my size 14 pants with a size s top that I got from h&m here in Thailand before op anyways the size stop to big already I could prober by wear it with leggings as it's kinda long covers the bum and the pants although I was scared to fasten cause I can feel like this hard swelling at the front but they fasten despite all swelling and there's no buldges I guess I shoulda waited to buy new clothes anyway I'm not gonna buy till at least august I'm gonna make do until then unless I look super hideous lol but I'll definitely buy 1 or two dresses which compliment my figure in a couple of months. I'm happy I have hope that I will be even smaller at last which means a lot to me as I've never been so small since about 14 that's like 17 yrs ago now. It was only four years ago I ever wore a dress or ever wore heels and felt comfortable going walking out in heels. I was a size 16 then I'd lost a bit of weight after my last baby going from size 18-20 at my heaviest even before pregnant with third child after my second child was when I really put on the weight and never lost it. I was determined to lose weight after 3rd child and I did right down to almost a 12 but I've been quite stable in a 14 for two years now. So this is one journey that ain't gunna stop till I'm at least 90 percent happy with my body. Happy healing

I'm now 20 days post op

Sorry if my blog is not easy to follow due to dates cause I had my TT done 1 month early but in above pics I'm just 20 days out cheers

22 days post Almost there

My recovery is getting better and I am not swelling as much. I can walk upright most of the time. I've not been swelling as much just today. Oh yeah I've been very ill Today went to hospital my stomache was in knots I'm not really some one who crys much but I'm telling you this Am around 7am I started getting these cramps they got much worse I knew I had food poisoning I've had it twice before once was also in another foreign country and once in the uk I kept eating out only cheap takeaways I ended up with food poisoning. Anyway I was crying my little heart the hotel rushed me to my hospital bumrungrad which ain't cheap 8000thb around 240 aud too see dr, sleep a few hours, have IV antibiotics and some other tabs but don't remember this the pain was horrendous anyway I'm back at the hotel I'm taking it easy and I've got some antibiotics

Food poisoning

Oh I got the food poisoning this time from a sushi buffet wouldn't mind but it weren't all that cheap but I thought I really enjoyed it. It was very different in terms of what I've seen before as you got to make your own soup which I really liked. Anyway got poisoning from the cold food buffet. So be careful what you eat when abroad I will be. When I can finally eat May b tommorow or next day
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