37 yrs old, Tummy Tuck Plus Breast Lift with Implant (Mentor Smooth Round 400cc) - Thailand, TH

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Realself really helped me in thinking through...

Realself really helped me in thinking through why/what/how/if I wanted plastic surgery. SO to thank those brave ladies who helped me with their stories, I am sharing mine here! I am 6 days op – Mommy make over tummy tuck and breast lift with implants- but wanted to get it on here before life moves on and I forget.My background: Massive weight loss 7 years ago. 150kg down to 85kg. Then two pregnancies where I saw my weight fluctuate and again go up to around 120kg. After my second baby I decided to sort myself out for good. Strict diet, personal trainer, and got myself down to 80kg. As a result my bod is pretty much ruined! (see photos) in terms of surgery, i could have had everything under the sun done. But money is a factor (!) and my priority to is to reconstruct the damaged bits so i feel like a normal human being again in my clothes.So as a mother of 2, 37 years old, 80kg stable weight, living in Thailand, i decided to take advantage of the hugely accessible plastic surgery industry here and get a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. I had gone from a busty D most of my life to a completely disastrous deflated pancake look, that was barely a B cup and mostly skin. I chose 400cc mentor smooth implants under the muscle. I didn’t really want to go too big. It is a bit overwhelming trying to find a surgeon as you are bombarded with hospitals, clinics, plastic surgery tourism agents (and i see a few of those agents on here, and i don’t think they hook up with the hospitals and drs i would personally use but some people seem to have had ok experiences..), and you hear the horror stories of botch jobs happening in Thailand… but I actually Live in Thailand (because my job has me based here for now) so I know which are the hospitals with the best reputations (and are of course the most expensive!!). However, they always say choose your doctor, Not the hospital. So its meaningless just to choose the posh international hospital. I still needed recommendations. Luckily my personal trainer had her boobs done with a dr and she was very happy, and after asking around i found other great reviews for him. So I went to see a few doctors but weren't that impressed by their consultations and did actually really like the one who was originally recommended: Dr Teerasit at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok (see below for my review of him). Because I had so much loose skin on my tummy, he advised I should have the mommy makeover in two stages: tummy tuck first, then breast lift with implants 2 days later. A total 3 nights in hospital. This worked well for me as it meant longer in hospital to recover from the tuck surgery!I have attached the photos of Bumrungrad hospital room. The hospital is beautiful, 5 star, like all the big international hospitals here. The nurses were great, efficient, don’t expect too much conversation but they are always there to take care of you, and if their English isn’t brilliant, a little pushing will get you a another nurse with more English to help, just be patient and you will get all the care you need.. They are v sweet. The price list is set on their website. Scroll down to “packages” and select which one you want. And you’ll see the cost in Thai baht. As mentioned they are likely to be higher priced than other places in Thailand due to the standard of the hospital. The surgery itself was super smooth and no problems. Surgeon, head nurse anesthesiologist, all perfect English, talked me through everything and the recovery. Was looked after by the nurses back in my private room.The hardest recovery has been the tummy tuck. Man that is painful, but they give you good drugs and help you while in hospital. Read up on the stages of recovery, its all true, the bending over while walking, drains etc. ugh, not pleasant. But each day gets better! By day 4 I was walking better and had much less pain. The Breast lift and implants on the other hand were a complete breeze! Barely noticed I had them done! (perhaps I was distracted by recovering from the tummy tuck which was a far bigger op then I expected and ugh, you just got battle through those early days. Take all the drugs and help you can!)I was discharged from hospital on day 3 (3 days post tuck, 1 day post boobs) and have been home now 3 days. Sleeping was awful to begin with. Painful and restless. But every night has been better and last night was fine. Had my check in with dr today, he is v pleased at how I am healing. I have another appointment Saturday (see photos). You will notice some asymmetry on my boobs but I had that before the surgery and we decided not to try to guess on how to correct with diff implants, as cos actually in a bra they look exactly the same. They are just me, my boobs, one is slightly bigger than the other. It happens! They are also swollen so will look better in time. My stomach is also horribly swollen, but he says he that will go in 3 moths time. I am very happy that wounds are healing and no infection to be found!All in all, I am about 6 days post op and very happy to be a changed woman! My only concern is maybe my implant choice was too large. Maybe I should have gone 350cc, as I only wanted to be a c cup. But will wait for swelling to go down. Am sure I will accept them regardless! I’ll leave it here, just anted to say, good plastic surgery is possible in Thailand. And for those who don’t really want to go with the plastic surgery tourist agents, you can do it on your own direct with a dr and hospital if you have a recommendation and someone to come with you during your stay here. You can do it without these agents. These big international hospitals (Bumrungrad, Bangkok, Samitivej) do it all the time, you just call them direct and someone will talk you through the package offered. You just gotta book your flight and accommodation during recovery period. There are tons of hotels and serviced apartments all around these hospitals that you book in to, to convalesce before flying home. Talk to the hospital and they will recommend a place to stay for the week or two you need after surgery. Book your flights, bring a friend to help you in the week recovery after. The hospital itself looks after you, you don’t need a third party (friend for support is good tho, and they can crash in your hospital room). But then this all costs money, and you gotta weight that up against the “overall package deal” an agent will give you? I am lucky that I live here and I got to control which dr and which hospital I chose.I hope to post an update in a few months when I am properly healed so you can make the call as to whether it was a good job or not in the end. For me. I am happy its done and I can move on with my life!!

another pic to show the garments the hospital give you

1 day Post op breast job; 3 day post op TT. The hospital gives you all you need. soft recovery bras and compression garments. by this day (3rd day) i was walking pretty much upright, but slowly and carefully! i'll be wearing this gear for a good few months to come!

More mobile, and starting to see some shape!

10 days post-op TT, 8 days post-op BL/BA. Still a lot of swelling, but my check ups have gone well, drains are out, I am walking round much more easier and the pain has gone down considerably! though i now have shooting pain in one breast which is really annoying but unfortunately apparently normal and temporary (something to do with nerve endings). Sleeping still really sucks. back spasms, cant move without wrenching something. Look forward to getting a good nights sleep, but I know its coming!

I saw my TT scar for the first time yesterday (pic attached) and was thrilled to see it is super thin! Once it has healed more and the puckering goes down it will be good. My only disappointment is i can still see some lose skin on my upper mid section, but you can see from the before photos just how much loose skin I had on the front, so I guess its to be expected, and I didn't want the extra scar up the middle, so a little bit of skin left I guess is ok with me. Am almost 40, and I wasn't expecting miracles. So i guess its about expectations and I am still overall happy and recovering ok!

One month update!

Ok, so one month down and all is getting better! No pain. mobile. stitches out. Life getting back to normal!

I had my one month check up today. All ok. But the "wow what a difference!" glow is starting to wear off as I notice the less than perfect results! So not to sound too negative, but I thought I would document these points here....

Tummy tuck: I am still super swollen. Some days so tight, sore and bloated. But i've been told thats to be expected because I had so much skin and fat removed, it can last for months and i am fine with that because i know it is temporary. But. I can now see that on one side i still have some overhang. (see photos). the doctor acknowledged it today and said ok, in a years time if it still needs correcting i can have a bit more lipo done. But for now i need to get on and recover and heal. it could take up to 6 months to see the final result! So yeah, disappointed to hear its not perfect, but the incision is good, the scar is thin, no infections. so for that its a good result.

Breast lift/augmentation: The right boob is a joy! nice and soft natural shape, healing well. I almost forget about it! However, the left is a problem child. it is bigger, but always has been so i expected some asymmetry, but in this case the implant is too far over to the side. I can feel it under the skin sometimes and some days i can actually see a lump on the side where it is resting. Eeesh! I hate it! i asked the Dr whether we could do revision, but he said he will not do a revision within a year of surgery. not good practice. gotta heal and recover first. medically he said it is fine, and he said if i wear a supportive bra day and night, it might correct itself. patience, breast massage, time etc. if after one year i am still not happy then we can look to revise. So yeah, i gotta live with it for now! But again he reminded me it is a LOT better than what I had before! Also on the left i have a couple of openings on my incisions. But he stuck a couple of plasters over and said they should heal quick. Fingers crossed!!

So there you go. one month. Ok! not perfect. am feeling a little blue as reality sets in on the limitations of surgery... but hoping that the results get better with time. I still have no regrets about going for it though!
Dr. Teerasit (Sripan) Sripanidkulchai|

As with all doctors in Thailand, you don't get massive amounts of conversation and consultations tend to be short. However once you have accepted this as a cultural difference, and find a surgeon you have faith in, it is fine and DR. Teerasit is a lovely, genuine, patient and sympathetic man. He doesn't rush you and seems to genuinely care about the outcome of your surgery, wanting to see you multiple times in aftercare. He seems to tell the truth and doesn't sugarcoat things but isn't judgemental. He is an older man so a lot of experience. I liked him instantly and had glowing references of his work from a couple of people (in regard to breast surgery). The surgery itself went without a hitch. smooth, as expected, and so far great results. have had two aftercare appointments where he is very pleased with results. I have another appointment for check up in 3 days.

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