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Today I go for my pre open right before work and...

Today I go for my pre open right before work and then tomorrow is the big day!!!!! I'm so incredibly thrilled and excited. I hope I remember to ask all my questions today and to get everything I'll need right after work!!!! Picking up my pain medication and last minute things! This site has helped so much to put me into the right mindset and for bracing myself mentally for what I'm about to go through! Keep the suggestions coming guys!

1 week post op

What a journey! Third day was the worst constipation set in and gas pain galore. I will say so far that was the worst part. I'm starting to stand a little more up right. And today I had an appointment. Drains are staying in most likely til my next appointment. But I can already say. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I cannot believe it's me!


Boredom has set in ! I don't want to watch TV or read or listen to my radio show podcast or do anything I'm so bored. Not depressed though thank goodness, I think I just feel like I'm being lazy! I've got hopefully just one more week til my drains are out thenow maybe I can start getting back to normal, slowly of course! I miss the gym every day so far I couldn't even dream of trying to go yet so I'm not super bothered yet. Every day I'm laying a little flatter walking a little straighter and my pot belly area is going down a little more my curves from the front look great, from the side because I'm so hunched not so much lol I look like I have no booty! Hopefully once I am upright that'll change! My bruising is starting to get a little lumpy feeling I'm not sure if it was just from my binder or if she did some lipo or just from the general trauma my body went through!


Tried uploading these earlier


So I can't tell if my binders too tight or if it's in the wrong place or if it's from trauma or who knows what but I am now feeling big lumps near where the bruising is under my skin. Like scar tissue almost but it's not at the incision area. Anyone else have this issue?


So thrilled to have these balls gone hahaha. I already feel so much better with out them!!! My husband sat in a chair at my feet while they got pulled. Left drain was okay and he didn't watch...right drain hurt for sure and he watched lol I could feel it all the way up my tummy as it came out!

Doc said everything looks fantastic and I got a compression girdle. I want to get a few to rotate but for now I just got one! I'm open to any suggestions of one's you guys have tried and liked. I have a long torso and they want the ones with a closure at the crotch so it took a few before I could find one. And man was that a struggle to try these things on!!! So many bumps and bruises to tackle! I'll. Sleep good tonight!

Before I started losing weight ...

Before I started losing weight to two weeks post op, Cannot believe it's the same person


So besides the boredom hitting in I was getting super irritable with the heat and trying to stay cool the last few days. My poor husband lol he has been a saint!

I was wondering if anyone was having flu like symptoms hot and cold flashes, nausea? Without the fever though. Part of my incision opened Friday and it's closing up nicely now but ever since the second I take my garment off I feel I'll and then I'm wiped out, I don't know if maybe it has anything to do with the surgery or I'm just getting sick. I've been off pain meds since day 3. But I'm going to my 3 week post op tomorrow so I will ask!

Other than that all is well. I'm not fully flat. I've still got a bunch of fluid or something in my belly causing a pooch, but I can say I'm so excited to get all healed up! I would love to stand up straight but specially now that part opened up I'm trying to be as careful ad possible to not over stretch myself! When did you guys start standing upright?


Had my 3 week appointment! I'm cleared to start being a human again! I'm able to slowly start getting back into my routine. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

For me my normal routine is up at 4 am. Cook breakfast for my husband. Go to the gym for 2 +hours, come home get to work come home at 730 make dinner and sleep. tired so quickly now though. So it'll probably be more like....wake up at 4. Try to be at the gym a half an hour come home pass out haha

I know I've gotta take it easy. And I will. I'm just glad I can't start being out and about!

My dr and her nurse were so so pleased with my results so far the second I walked in they were both boasting about my waist before I even lifted my shirt or my garment. It really was incredible!!!

My right sides healing up nicely, the scabs are falling off and the incision line is SO THIN right now it's hardly noticeable. My left side is painful and tight still, and there's not as much healing on that side yet, getting up from a laying down position has been super hard and I'm always using my left side to pull myself or push myself up so I'm assuming that doesn't help!


4 week update!

So tomorrow I'll be 4 weekso man has time flown by! I go back to work Monday and I'm so nervous!

Let's see since my last update I've been experiencing some swell hell, looking very pregnant haha!! But on a good note my scabs are almost fully gone! I've got a few stubborn areas but there's 90% fallen off!

Let's talk about the belly button
...Ew just ew.
I don't know what's going on but each side is oozing white and pink aND it's grossing me out. Every time I clean it is just wanna puke.
I got very nervous about it and called to see if I could just get in to the Dr so she can look at it. It makes me feel better to have her see things than for me to describe it over the phone. But she didn't have any openings and is in surgery the rest of the week. She said it's fine and it could last for weeks. But how am I supposed to workout, sweat, work, anything while worrying that I'm going to get infected in there!!! I just hope it scabs over and stops. But it hasn't for the last 5 days so who knows.

I've been going and walking at the gym. I haven't started to lift yet because 5 lbs feels like nothing and 10 worries me typically I lift much heavier. So starting over sucks but it'll be worth it!

My weight sits at 171. Which is my usual weight. But I home getting active again will help by man have I gotten flabby like my legs are HUGE!

Gping to Jamaica in october!

Back to work!

So I went back to work yesterday. I thought I'd been doing great!
I drive for a lab I work 1045 to 715 driving from about 11 to 6, needless to say it was rough.
Only in the sense that the bumps on the road made a big impact on me causing me to be swollen like a beach ball come this morning lol!!

It felt fine while I was working I felt so positive and happy that I made it through. Luckily I used to work in the office so I switched positions with the backup driver and he's on the road today and I'm in the office.

I also got my friend today. Woah. After being late I was all excited that hey maybe I'll be someone who skips this month but nope, she's here to stay and in full force hahaha

So I'm sure part of my swelling is bloat from that!

I'm standing straight until I get tired Yay!!!!
And I feel great.
I didn't get to the gym yesterday or today because I wanna play it safe and not swell myself up at 5 am and be like that all day!

My appearance is the same. I'm really hopeful this pouch goes away, it's so much skin that I'm so nervous it's not going to be a tight as I thought but that's what revisions are for.

Trying to stay positive I've got so much recovering ahead of me!


Last night I slept without my garment on. Today I woke up FLAT even if I was only totally flat for 15 minutes I was washboard flat. I could finally see my ribs again and I'm finally able to suck in. Sounds silly but I'd been so swollen I had no ribs and no ability to suck anything in and it be noticeable! Still standing tall, getting more active while listening to my body. Monday they're sending me back out on the road full time wish me luck!!!

Oh and I've got the smallest scab left on my main incision. Right where my stitches came out at the end a scabout attached just by a stitch. They inside stitch is dissolving buthe in the meantime the scabs off pulling and poking the open wound under it. I just wanna yank it off lol. So close to being gone though! I'll post pics soon! I'm so in love!

Five weeks

Going to sleep without the garment on sounded scary, until at 5 weeks I woke up to this

5 weeks

6 weeks, taken off the road

So as some of you guys know for work I drive all day. And you know if you've had it done how every rough road or bump feels. Well my first stop of the day is about 2 hours away by the time I get there my body's swollen and beat, then for the rest of the day I'm nursing my drive and my body.

It's just been too much. My few scabs started to open up and stretch further and blister up closed areas, probably just from the swelling.

So my boss started splitting up my drive so instead of a whole day from 1045 to 630 of driving she let me do 230 to 630

But unfortunately my boss is starting each week out with sending me on the whole run. Which isn't letting my scabs close up , so my boss above her is taking me out completely for now so it doesn't get worse.

I'm so thankful I feel like I'm being a baby but my boss doesn't realize that if I get worse I could be taken off the road for a long time. She isn't happy about having to cover me, but oh well! Lol I paid too much to let my job ruin my outcome. Can you tell I'm detached from this place? Haha

Anywhere results are good some days I wake up flat. Sometimes I'm totally swollen.

Me and the hubby have caught a sickness going around too non stop coughing it's nice to feel my abs working though since i cant work them out at the gym!!! lol :-)

Very happy with my results so far, vacations less than a month away I hope I get cleared to do more things and start scar therapy next monday!!!

6 weeks, 7 weeks, 100 weeks?

i have lost track at this point!!

just a quick update that things are going great!

Got cleared to start my scar therapy! Also got cleared to do more at the gym, to resume my normal life except to keep on not doing isolated core workouts.

I cant spin again( carefully ) and everything seems to be shaping up pretty nicely!!!
I do however need some new clothes! nothing fits!!!! for once its a good thing!

I was hoping shed let me do a little tanning to prep my skin for Jamaica but no luck, i sure do miss being tan, and im worried that even with sunscreen my pale skin will burn but i dont wanna sacrifice my results at all!!!

I cannot wait to go shopping i just havent found the time and now im worried i wont find clearance jems because the warm weather clothes are probably few and far between!!!!
I typically order things and go a month before we leave, but ive been so busy and i dont wanna order anything because i dont know what size i am!!!

I always just bought the biggest in things no matter what if they had an xl id get it and if they didnt i wouldnt, even if it didnt fit correctly like too big id still always wear it

its hard to realize you dont need the biggest size in things anymore.

So lets hope this weekend i will get some shopping done!!!!!!!

Almost 8 weeks!


So I'm another week down! Not much to report! Feeling good! Had a physical today and I'm down in weight since my surgery 8 lbs which isn't a ton but I'm happy I'm trying to just maintain my weight now.

I've still got the problem blister looking area in my incision and I'm going to have my Dr check it out Monday just to be safe. She cleared me for the ocean and stuff for vacation but now I want her to see it before I do anything I shouldn't be!!!

I wanted to post a few dresses I recently got! One a small the other a medium! Penny's and forever 21!

havent updated in a while!

hey guys so im a little over 3 months and so i figured maybe i should update,
3 months out the really noticable changes are that im not flat anymore. im swollen from the time i wake up until i go to bed. every day, i cant really workout much because it swells so big my skin hurts! even with a garment on. i dont really know if its normal or not i know everyone is different.

anyone else hit the 3 month mark and experience this?
i was going to give my dr a call today but i feel dumb asking if its normal or not.

Also my scar, ive been using bio oil every day. some days its light others its darker. i try to rememeber to do it twice a day.

Ive been feeling lots of tingles and twinges and im starting to get some feeling back lower on my belly and i can feel lots of twitches on my muscles.

Im trying to stay positive but my body shape and swelling is so unattractive and uncomfortable!

Oh yeah and the scar is soooo itchy!!!

vacation pictures

we went on vacation too a month ago. i couldnt wear much of my new clothes bc i was incredibly swollen. i started off okay but from like day 3 on it was total swell hell.

5 1/2 months

Just some pictures to update the few people who have been curious. I'm still swollen most days. And I do have some extra wrinkly skin when I sit down so possibly will need a revision with lipo- but all in all I'm happy with the results this far- still have 6 months to go lol


I could calm my swelling down and go back to the middle picture. That's 3 months post
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Shirley anain, her office has kept in touch with me and helped me with everything along the way, can't wait to get my surgery time and get this show on the road!!!

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