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I am getting the sleeve soon i am 32 years old...

I am getting the sleeve soon i am 32 years old with 4 kids. i am 5'7 i weight 254. I decided this back in Feb. 2013 I did my research and went to two different doctors I found a liking into Dr. Pham so i decided to stick with him I have did all the test which I am find i am now doing my 6 month supervision with the DR. (per my insurance request). I go to the Dr. on Oct 15. not sure if this is visit 5/6 but im not sure whats after this. now I am PATIENTLY WAITING. Im ready (i think)

Was wishing for a 2013 surgery!

So yesterday i went to my appt and yes it was the 5 month and i get there and they stated its been reschedule due to the Dr. in surgery. UGHhh but im only doing my supervision I come to get weighted and ask if I have any questions so im not sure why the assistant didnt just weight me but hey I guess everything happens for a reason. I was so hoping for a 2013 surgery to have a fresh start for 2014 but i dont i am staying hopeful and busy. I have begin to eat healthy thou because i know as im approaching everything i eventually have to eat right.

SMH! but is staying hopeful

I went to the Dr. On October 15 and they had reschedule til Novemeber because he was in surgery ok np. So i inform the nurseing assistant that im only here for a supervision I only get weight and ask questions she said ok and took my weight and i went online and noticed that that visit dont even count so I have two more months to go and still a waiting process til the insurance get back to me weather it will be approved or not. But again I am very hopeful and still working out and TRYING to eat heathly i notice thou its hard to just STOP so what I have been doing it not eating as MUCH. and it helps alot.

Still waiting

Well nothing changes or has happened I'm still on my 6 month supervision which I go once a month so I have no updated but I will upload pics. They were hard to find cuz I don't take full body pics

Waiting on insurance approval!!

I seen my doctor today and good news this was my last visit for my 6 month supervision (yay me) so next step is submitting paperwork to my insurance. 3week process the dr said and he also said sometimes they will or may require another test but I guess we will c but he did ask me was I interested in a surgery date at the end of December! Wow yes!! Keeping fingers crossed that everything goes well with my insurance!

Just Updating

I called my DR yesterday because exactly 2 weeks have went by and still no response for the insurance. So i am still waiting to be approved. but he did state it can take up to 3 weeks but the receptionist said mayeb 4 weeks so that kind of annoyed me a little but HEY its ok. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a date in December thou so this new journey can begin for me before the new year. I am going to start a new gym Dec. 1. and a healthy eating plan for me and my kids. I'm excited and im nervous but I'm ready also! Just wanna start preparing my self? I understand everyone surgery process and results are different but i am interested in suggestions!
P.S. ( I will be calling the DR. back on 12-4-13) LOL

Still no Date!!

So I called my Dr today and they still havent heard back for my insurance soo looks like my date will be in January sometime. Thats cool i guess cuz im starting to get nervous and alot of questions are coming. (I just cant tolerate pain)! But anyway for every one else that has dates coming up I will you all the best and keep US posted!

APPROVED!!! BUt still waiting

ok so here is what happen to me I called(12-3-13) the insurance to see whats the hold up and the dr office just submitted the papers in right before the holiday ok. NP so the Dr calls me 12-5-13 and stated that i am approved! (yay me) but i have to wait for the scheduling lady to schedule my appt. so i just call her and she stated they will call me back by wednesday for a date smh!


Full body pics are hard to come by!!

Waiting on a Date... (STILL)

Just a quick question...I am (patiently) lol waiting on my date but in the meantime my nerves are racing like i find myself reading up on this surgery very often the good and bad stories..i get excited and nervous and i have been having the BGs lately (bubble guts...sorry tmi). Did anyone else have this issue with nerves if so how di you RELAX??


Yup i got the date off 1/21 @11 but i had to reschedule due to other obligations (with kids) i request to have it done at a different hospital OMG y did i do that so now we have to contact the insurance company and submit the change...but i guess im ok with that cuz my nerves are going crazy right now anyway....and its weird cuz they schedule the surgery then to a pre op for the diet then to the test a week later then i have to go to my primary for clearance after the test results ..( a week before surgery) it seems like alot going on 2-3 weeks prior!!


I find myself eating more that usually, I believe im getting nervous now since i have a surgery date, Did anyone have this issue??? I dont wanna get to the Dr and want more than normal... And i have the pre op test done soon and I and even nervous about that.. am less that 30 days away from being sleeved. full of mixed emotions from excited...hopeful .... worried.
today its worried...what if it doesn't work? What if i can't change these life long bad habits? i guzzle my drinks..i cut big bites..i don't chew very well..i eat mindlessly.( i know after surgery these are a NO NO.. i have been trying,these last few weeks, to change my ways but always fall back to habit. One minute i know I'm ready for this the next moment. i don't think i even deserve the chance. sigh...please i need encouragement.


Whey protein that was recommended by a fellow sleever. Thanks. I also just wanted to share the receipts on the back


Question is anyone else gotten cotton mouth from the protein shakes?? it seems like the more i drink the more i feel like i need some water to drink on the side.. my mouth is extremely dry. My protein shake is 1 scoop and 8 oz of almond milk.?..IDk but it 10:30am and im still on the breakfast drink? This is discouraging because Im think what am i getting myself into. If i can't tolerate the protein shakes in the pre op how will i manage in the post op??/


Ok today was my final appt before surgery I was so worked up about the EGD ( i was reading how someppl was sore or couldnt talk) and i didnt even have to have a EGD done before surgery. I just did blood work and had chest xrays done. I was all nerves lol but im thankful so this time next week i will b on the sleeve side. I go see my primar tomorrow for a surgery clearence and then im on my way..(nerves but ready).

Surgery was moved up

So my surgery was moved up a day 22 everything went find I am home. I went to the hospital alone it wasnt bad because I slept and slept.. Yes the fluid is the hard part I don't regrett it..I just feel it's no planning for this. But hey I'm happy

3 days post op

Ok I was discharged the next day everything has been fine. Sometimes when I drink I get muscle spasms but if I walk I'm fine my only pain is the shoulder pain I get it alot a night they say it's gas but the gas x doesn't help I will get some hearing pads. Other than that everything is ok. I'm still on a liquid diet clear and everything is ok. I haven't been hungry yet and my kids had bee eating good and it haven't crossed my mind. But again I'm happy with my decision

Two month update

Everything had been good...i dont weight myself often and i dont get all my daily fluids in.. I dont excerise like i know i should be...but over all everything is 60days out and im down 4 jean sizes when i was 30days out i wad 33lbs down so im not sure now...only issue i have is remembering that i cant drink and eat together. But im happy and im sure my 90day update should b better then my just adjusting to dont like to eat until im full that feeling is not good so im still just eating alittle ex. 2 turkey meatballs im full..
Dr. Pham

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