25 Years Old, Aspiring Model, Black - Buffalo, NY

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Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be...

Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be a part of the entertainment world. I used to pose all the time to the delight of the adults. When I was 16 I walked in my first runway show and I continued into college, doing a few shoots here and there, building a collage. I'm 5'8 1/2, slim and felt I had everything I needed for the business, but something was off, and I started to realize my nosecond was throwing off my facial harmony.

Before surgery

I had no bridge, just a bulbous tip and a nose that spread when I smiled. I was nervous about getting the full surgery so I got juvederm injected into the tip last year to see if all I needed was a bridge.

Day before. Few more angles for you guys

Wish pics. I feel like Jessica white and I have similar face shapes and she was my inspiration.

Day of surgery.

I arrived at hospital at 8 am, and things got moving rather quickly. I had to get naked and I didn't expect that so I was ashy as hell lol the nurse had horrible morning breath. I got the i.v. put in, which hurt, met with anesthesiologist, Dr. Sherris and next thing you I woke up in the recovery room. My throat was so sore from the breathing tube. I barely had any bruising, but I realized I wasn't taking the arnica frequently enough. Sleeping was hard as hell the first night because I had to breath with my mouth open, which means I had to drink water every few minutes, which means I had to pee every 20 minutes. I didn't know I could clean my nose out so that would've probably helped if I had known lol

Went for follow up POD 3

Today I went to get stitches looked at. Very quick. Doctor pulled two long as peices of rubber out of my nose which I had no idea were up there lol I can finally breath though! No more dragon breath even though Im going to keep drinking water because I feel so much better knowing my skin and everything else will look and feel better. The nurse said "you're the cutest person we've even seen come in with the cast on " lol I love her. She's a friendly redhead, and held my hand while the doctor played up my nose. He also trimmed my stitches down and sprayed decongestant up my nose. Burned a bit but I can sleep better and I'm definitely grateful for that.

Cast taken off

Omg. Today was the big day. The nurse pulled out my remaining boogers and removed the cast. The bridge of my nose is so numb and the tip is so swollen buy I do like it. I just feel like I look like a Muppet baby right now lol can't wait til the swelling goes down and I can smile regular. My top lip is so stiff

Side view

Can't wait til swelling goes down

First day back to work

So today I went back to work and honestly, it's too soon. I'm wearing a mask due to how sensitive and swollen my nose is. Because I can no longer take the pain meds regularly due to having to drive, and working around machines, I feel every thing. I'm very aware of the addition to my tip, and I'm so uncomfortable. I might leave early. . I'd say you need at least 2 weeks to rest

Taping up nose

After I had the cast removed, I noticed I could feel the columnar strut moving around and it was very uncomfortable. I decided to tape my nose because I heard it helps with swelling and it helped with the discomfort so much! I left it like that all day and tried to go back to work the next morning, but I was still uncomfortable wearing the winter mask. So I left and went home to retape my nose. The pressure really helps me. My nose is still very swollen and I look like a pig ????. I wish I could stay indoors until it looks normal.


2 week mark

Yesterday I went back to work. Felt a lot better even though my nose was running non stop lol but in having random pain shooting through tip which I read in normal. It's starting to feel more normal and less sensitive everyday. One side of my nostrils is healing better than the other however. One side I have a little bit of raised skin from the stitches and a pimple popped up. ???? Im still having trouble removing the bloody boogers from one side. So I breathe out of one side better. I haven't been taping it up as much because the tape leaves a nasty sticky residue and I feel makes me break out. I'll show the difference between swelling.

A month post op

So I'm still swollen, but I like my nose. Still a bit strange to see something new on my nose though lol it runs a lot especially if I'm out in the cold but very minimal pain. I still put neosporin on everyday.

Month checkup

Omg today I got the steroid shot that's supposed to help with swelling. Hurt most around the nostrils. I squeezed his assistants hand so hard but she took it like a champ! We laughed about it after lol he claims I'll see a difference within a couple days

Swelling sideways lol

So it's only two months out, feels like forever ago and my nose seems to lean towards the left side of my face lol I massage it and try and get it straight, but apparently it's normal and will eventually subside. I'm still pleased though! I wanted fillers in my tear trough because my eyes are still sunken in a bit, but doctor said to wait a bit so instead I got restylane lift into my cheeks and around my mouth. I feel like it's absorbed but idk. Any who,happy healing!

Lip injection

My lips were uneven so I got filler in the side that was lacking. I got the remainder put in my cheeks. Love the results. Hoping they last a while!

8 months post op

Idk if it's the heat or what but my nose still swells from time to time and sometime looks crooked. Still an improvement so I'm not complaining. There are small holes next to my nostrils that show when I wear makeup. Not sure if they'll ever close. I posted a a pic of the holes, and some when profile pics and a pic of how it looks swollen and crooked
Buffalo Facial Plastic Surgeon

Funny, cute older guy, been in the field pretty much my entire life. He made sure to write down my concerns during consultations. I picked him because he had several awards for his work in the field and also had written books on rhinoplasty and different techniques.

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