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Hello, I am writing to inquire about laser tattoo...

Hello, I am writing to inquire about laser tattoo removal. I have a partial half sleeve of an owl in a tree with a moon and night's sky behind it, and in addition to that I also have a puzzle piece in the same area. I am writing because I feel completely hopeless and I am trying to remain positive while researching what my options are. My spouse and I got the puzzle pieces together and about a half a year later I got an owl in a tree. I completely loved my tattoos, until last December when I had the same tattoo artist add in the nights sky and moon. It wasn't that bad but definitely needed some touching up. I decided to go back to the same artist in March (So I would have time to heal before summer and be able to wear my favourite tops) which was the biggest mistake of my life. After tattooing my spouse the artist completely forgot I had made an appointment too, he seemed very annoyed, texted while he got the colours ready, and ended up using the completely wrong colour blue that he decided to blast all into the inner side of my tattoo. I was completely devastated. After that point, I was looking into laser tattoo removal but everyone told me I was silly and that it was fixable. So, just a few weeks ago I went to another artist (One who has a very good reputation) and he added a frame to the top to fix the messy lines, blended the sky at the top using more blue and black, re-outlined the tree and owl and added white stars on top of the 2.5" blue sky. Although it looks a lot better, I feel even more devastated then before, because it's still not what I had originally wanted. As you can see from the pictures attached, there is a lot of colour in my tattoo, and now even more colours that were added being the ones that I've read are harder to remove. I have now realized way too late that tattoos are not for me and I never should have gotten even one, I just want them gone. The way that I feel about my arm now has completely taken over my life, and consumes me. It's become my deepest darkest secret that I now hide from the world. It is starting to effect my work, social life, marriage and my self image and confidence has been completely shattered. I feel selfish for acting and feeling this way because I know a lot of people have it way worse than a silly tattoo, but I cannot seem to get past this. I have resorted to buying skin coloured sleeves to hide behind, but have still not found ones that work that well. I wish someone would just come out of no where to tell me they can help me and it can be gone, because I don’t know how I will ever bounce back from this if it can’t.

Feelings of sadness

... I have so much to look forward to right now but all I can do is stress over my arm. I've tried to reach out to doctors with no response. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life having to look at it and feel this way. I keep praying that it will be a cold summer so I can hide behind my clothes.

Skin coloured sleeves

For the last 2 weeks I've been wearing my skin coloured arm sleeve. Although it's noticeably not my skin, I feel better not having to look at my tattoo. I think most people assume that I have gotten hurt, but I'm not too concerned about what others think about me as much as I do. If it weren't for finding these sleeves on the net I don't think I would leave the house at this point. In this pic I'm wearing a type of sleeve called "Geri-sleeves" that I found on Amazon at $8.00 for a package of 2 (But I have to double them up because they are a little thin and then attach it to the shoulder of my bra with pins so that it doesn't fall down) ... I also ordered some from Ink Armour that I have to return for a bigger size, but they seem like they may stay up on there own. Ink Armour also has many types of sleeves and sizes... for arms, legs, and small and big tattoos. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I think it was all just a dream, but then I look down and realize this is my reality. If you have any type of tattoo that you absolutely hate then I strongly advise buying some skin coloured sleeves until you have the money to do something about it. For now... this is me.


I've really been trying hard lately to inquire about removal, but no one cares to get back to me. Does anyone know why doctors aren't commenting on my review? I hope it's not because there's no hope for me :( Feeling super bummed out lately.

Feeling Down

I had my second therapy session today and I'm feeling really down. I've been on the internet since I got back home doing more research on laser tattoo removal and I'm feeling kind of hopeless. I see a lot of small black tattoos that people are sooooo concerned about and I just want to scream (I would gladly take their position for mine). I haven't found any info regarding tattoo removal for something as "extreme" in size and colour as what is on my arm. Even my Q&A post I put up still only has one answer with not much detail. I wish someone would just care and help me. I feel like I'm dying inside.


So... My spouse and I recently relocated to Canada and I have been feeling a little better with being out of the major city we left. I have been doing a lot more research on removal but I have also been taking time to "enjoy life" ... at this point I dont think I will return to therapy because it seems all I do is cry and dwell on my mistake when im there. Lately when I have been out in a t shirt people have been asking to see my tattoo and telling me how much they like it. Im not sure why, but I cant seem to let people know how badly I want it gone. I feel embarassed and ashamed to admit to others that im looking into options for removal. Even if I do end up going through with it, I plan to keep it a secret. Is this weird? Or do any of you also feel the need to be secretive about your tattoo or removal process?

Time For A Change

So, over the past month I have been feeling a bit better. I even took Blackberry11's advice, and for the first time showed off my skin last week at the beach. Although it was tough, it was something I had to do for myself. I talked to my mom on the phone today and she has been really great over this whole situation, especially since she has always been against any of her daughters having tattoos. She made me realize some things so I have set out to start some new goals for myself. I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to a Health Food Store and I'm going to start taking care of myself. I'm not sure if this has been the case for everyone, but I have completely stopped taking care of myself since my "bad ink" happened. Gaining weight from eating bad foods, biting my nails, not taking care of my skin or hair.... just an overall mess due to the fact that I have felt "ruined". I plan to start working out, eating healthy and start taking some vitamins that will not only make me feel better now, but possibly aid in future tattoo removal. I want to take a B-Complex vitamin to help with stress and to upgrade my body's nervous system. I want to make Bone Soup (See recipe here - that will help my body absorb nutrients, thus building my immune system. I want to start taking zinc, which is good with helping the body heal from wounds, is good for skin and boosts the immune system. On top of that, I plan to buy some Taoist Homemade Soap for my hair and some Coconut or Bio Oil for my skin. Depending on the cost I may have to wait on a few of these items, but we'll see. I hate to say it, but you have all been right! I'm not going to get anywhere being down and stressing over my tattoo. I feel like I'm getting in a better state of mind and also plan to try some Self Hypnosis, like Hyptalk Hypnosis. I've gone far too long letting myself suffer over this stupid life mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately I chose one that I can't hide from the world. I want to be better and healthier, especially if I decide on removal. Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to anyone who has ever taken the time to comment here. Your kind words and support have meant more than you know.
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