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The procedure was fine, I guess I'm a bruiser. I'm...

The procedure was fine, I guess I'm a bruiser. I'm 54 and Hayes the loose skin from weight loss and age. I just thought I'd be able to go back to work in 2 weeks, but my neck muscles on the sides are swelled really bad. I look like I hit an airbag in a car accident. I did everything I was supposed to do prior to surgery. I'm a bit freaked, but I can tell my neck looks great...and the peri oral dermabrasion is looking better.

Got the staples out

I can tell I am going to look great. My major issue was the bruising of my eyes. If I knew that would happen I would have thrown in a brow lift! Despite using Arnica I look like someone punched me in both eyes. My neck is looking better, but i had bruising all the way to the V in a t-shirt. I did have peri oral dermabrasion and the doctor had me use crisco believe it or not for the area around my mouth. I guess it's working...13 days post OP , I still have red, but it's smooth and very nice! I also need an extra week off, I told no one, so I'm not going to The office looking like a battered woman!

Black eyes

Staples out...feeling better but BRUISING is YUK!

I started doing house work, but I can't go back to work yet. The Derma-blend doesn't cover the black eyes and my neck is still bruised, I hate turtle necks and one would think it would be cold enough to wear them up here in Toronto, but it's been in the 60's! So I am praying that by Monday this bruising will dissipate enough with the Arnica. It is day 13 so miracles I did t expect, but looking like an eggplant wasn't what I expected either.


Some before pics of the neck I hated!

The Worst of the bruising...post OP 1-3 days

This was how yucky it looked...

Starting to look better

Well...I have to go back to work Monday so I suppose I'm going to have to use the Dermablend and wear turtlenecks. Does anyone have ear pain at 2 weeks post OP? My ears are so sore and the neck strap hurts. My doc still wants me to wear it till I go. Ack to work and to sleep in for awhile longer. One ear is really red and the other looks ok. The peri oral dermabrasion looks great! I graduated from CRISCO which I slathered on everyday to a nice cream they gave me. I'm still washing my hair with baby shampoo...how long does that last? My hair is long, it isn't the best!

Forgot, I had lipo of the neck too....

The incision for the chin scar is teeny...I couldn't be happier about that! Does anyone use scar gel for the ear scars after they are healed? I ride a motorcycle and pull my hair back all summer..I'm hoping the scars won't be noticeable.

Getting better by the day....

Well i went back to work with black eyes...my husband said I should tell people, "you should see the other girl"...hahahaa, as if I had a fight. Well, it looks like an airbag went off and pushed sunglasses into my face so it certainly was believable. If I didn't get black eyes there would have been no issue. I have a blood vessel disorder that I am sure had something to do with the excessive bruising. When I had lasix i kept getting conjunctival hemorrhages in the right eye and no one could figure it out. This year I was diagnosed with cardio lipin antibody syndrome, and I still am not sure what it means. Obviously it causes me to bruise more then others. My doc didn't think it was an issue but he said he knew i was going to be a bruiser from the first shot. i should have scheduled 3 weeks off, but I went back to work after two, had a business trip, came back with a fluish thing. i got scared that it was related to this but i have no open sores and have been perfect about my care. How long does everyone use the chin strap? I think that is causing rubbing on my left ear that looks like I have Halloween costume ears! I have long hair so it isn't noticeable. I'm still using peroxide and Neosporin. My peri oral dermabrasion looks great...a little red, Dermablend light works fine. Nothing fully covers the black eyes. I love my neck, i just cant wait for the lumpiness to be gone...I have to learn to be patient and realize I am not like others...we all have different bodies and healing rates. but I know one thing, I love the results so much....i hated what was happening....im still the same, just refreshed. No eye job, nothing dramatic. I am thinking of botox again for the over expressive forehead i have but it only lasts a few weeks for the money I spend so I'm exploring the newer things out there. The only negative during recovery was I TV shopped and E-Bay and got 5 pairs of boots and shoes, new clothes and jackets for work to the tune of 2 grand!!! I wiped out my savings...it was fun! I discovered the jewelry network and picked up some things there too. I did go back to work looking well dressed despite the black eyes!!!! My husband was freaking out over all the boxes so I bought him some hunting gear and he was happy. Love you all!!!

Some pictures

Some pictures to go with my last post?

Three weeks out...

Slowly but surely!

Dermatologist fixed my ear

She said it was red and was from sleeping on that side for years. in fact that side has always been red and it almost looked like I could have had an earring ripped out of the cartiledge...seems that surgery and the chin strap rubbed enough to cause a crater..small really but she numbed it and leveled it out. Ofcourse now it hurts and I have to take care of it with cleaning and neosporin yadayada..what a freaky thing to happen. I had asked on the Ask a Doc forum about it and posted a picture and only one doc answered and said I need to get back to the surgeon. im glad i went to the dermatologist, she knew right away and now my ear will heal and not look like I have leprosy of that ear! NOW my neck looks good...needs healing and I'm massaging with Cocoa Butter Oil twice a day..Its got the lumps and bumps like what I have read about on here..it hasn't even been three weeks. I still have a noticible black eye healing on the right eye and I am getting sick of cover up. The dermabrasion looks great...still some red but smooth. I'm going to grow old gracefully so I think this is it for me. ipIll keep the wringly forehead and smile lined eyes, I just hated that neck!

Three weeks and much better!

Massage with cocoa butter oil...clean ears..sleep with chin strap on wedge pillow, low salt. TOO MUCH surgery crap...just started my elliptical today with chin strap on, want to go back to Zumba or body combat.

Ahead of the game

I went for my almost one month post OP and Dr. Sherri's said I am healing ahead of most! I have really come a long way in a short time. I massage every night since I taught myself the lymph drainage technique. I use little round ice packs when I can and I can't believe that I'm at work with regular necklines! I do have swollen salivary glands, but that is because I have an auto immune disease called Sjorgrens. I'm so pleased with the results so far! Wow..what a difference a month makes. Thanks to all out there whose profiles helped me through. Mylady

Some new pics post OP One month

Looking good...the ice and massage really help!

7 weeks post OP-Incision behind right ear

So, I got a cold last week which has kicked my butt...been at work...going about my usual and I noticed the incision behind my was swelling up as the cold got worse. My glands were swelling up too. I have an autoimmune illness called Sorjgrens disease that causes dry mouth and dry eyes...dry what ever. Anyway, this morning the incision was feeling so swelled and when I cleaned it with the cotton ball and peroxide I noticed some red. I went to the doc after work, my primary first, and she put me on Bactrim because she thinks the incision may be infected. Not only that, I am coughing up grossness..so I have an infection inside me. I just can't figure out where the infection came from! I have been Mrs. Clean since the surgery and Mrs. Straight, smoothies with veggies and fruit...protein...just being really healthy! The only thing different is the kitten I got. She's a doll, and lifts my spirit when hubby is away hunting. I thought it may be from her...how, I don't know. All I know is that I'm happy as heck with my mini lift and these little bumps in the road are just that! And I will say, I massage those bumps! If the swollen glands go away, my neck will be tight and fantastic!


I'm satisfied and starting to feel great!


So happy!

Seven days later...and almost eight weeks post OP...

The incision is all healed, but I have been sick with horrible fatigue and a heavy cold. Almost like the flu but I had a flu shot. It's. Even 3 weeks, the last week being the worst. Kinda makes you feel a loss of control to be so sick...especially when the incision blew up behind my ear with puss and my glands are still so in the way of seeing the try results. I'm sure we all go through different healing patterns...for me, I should have taken 3 weeks off from my busy HR Director job, and when I tried to work at home I had no concentration. I have faith that I will feel like my sexy self real soon! My guy gets frustrated cause my ears are sensitive and he's a big guy who doesn't realize he hurts me. Back whe I had my boobs done I swore he was going to pop them! Here are some pictures...you guys tell me.....

Still have swelled glands

Did anyone else ever have swollen glands for months after the surgery?

Starting to feel good!

I feel good but I was also eating too well and through this healing I packed on 10 pounds. There are other things going on physically that ontributes to this, ofcourse.

Photos from early January 2014

I reviewed under the comments...

I realized I made my review under the comment field.

Glands and behind the ear scars.

Well, the glands...submandibular? parotid? ....what ever they are, still hurt, still swell and still look like two almonds on one side and one almond on the other. I go back to the surgeon Monday morning. It's been about 17 weeks, and I'm just not thrilled with this pain and ugly look. When I look at my profile from either side you see the lumps. I traded one ugly look for another for 7grand! Yes, the fat is gone, yes, my face looks softer and younger, but this is frustrating. I don't blame the doc, but we have got to find out what's going on. Maybe it's allergies? I go to the other immune specialist Wednesday. Originally I thought it was Sjogrens, which is dry eye , dry mouth, which could cause gland swelling....but with all the blood testing over and over for a year and a half I still have no answer on any autoimmune disease because the blood tests show weird autoimmune stuff, and then 12 weeks later the blood work comes back normal. The reason I say allergies is that I do have them and noticed the glands under the fat folds of the neck before. I started taking Dymista spray and Claritin ...so far nothing has changed except I breathe better. BTW, I am going for a sleep study The 12th cause I have difficulty sleeping and my husband says I snore terribly. Since my surgeon is an ENT guy, I'm hoping we will start going in that direction.....perhaps this is all just swelled glands from a combo of allergies and healing. My scars are still quite tender. I try not to hit them with the brush and comb...LOL. Today for no reason at all the end of one of the behind the ear scars started bleeding at the end. I cleaned with peroxide and went back to my office. I've been using coconut oil on the scars, the same I cook with. Oh, and did I mention that since this surgery I gained 12 pounds because I over age the first two months like crazy, and haven't been to the gym. I dislocated my ribs so that is healing, almost healed, but I've been so paranoid of all this swelling that I haven't wanted to work out. Sugar was an addiction for that two months too...but I'm off that crap now. I know it causes inflammation. But, I'm paying the price cause my size 5's don't go over my rear end which seems to have grown overnight. I bought a lot of jeggings and boots and jackets for work because my work clothes will fit again! I'm not going to let this win...although for the first time in years I can't wear tuck in shirts cause I developed a roll over my belt. I am scared to weigh myself. I'm guessing by which clothes fit and which don't. Quite frankly I'm super depressed and unhappy. This surgery kicked my butt...more then my boobs or tummy tuck! I can't even get huffed by my husband cause it hurts my ears too much and I squirm and he gets frustrated. Ok..so I've whined a lot here...It is winter..it is very cold and snowy and besides work I've left the house maybe 10 times since surgery. I had two car accidents this winter, neither my fault but resulting in $1000 deductible. Oh, did I mention since surgery I went on a binge shopping spree too? I've managed to get it all under control, but I have some beautiful boots, jewelry and clothes....thankfully I am paying it all off. So...I'm always in pain (2 back surgeries and herniated disks in my neck) and now I have this neck swelling pain. Oh, just put me out of my misery! Lol....anyone really reading this must think I'm seriously disturbed. I'm not, I just have some impulse control issues.....I'm pretty sure swelled glands aren't a part of that! Love you all.....we are all struggling in some way...and I would do this over again because I look better despite all my whining.

How do you edit your post?

I meant HUGGED..my husband hugs me...not huffed! XOXXOOXO...MYLADY

ear scar

this is my scar...left ear rear....

Finally I know!

My neck lift is perfect, it's my health that isn't. I finally have the diagnosis, it's Sjogrens disease. Affects my saliva glands and the reason why they are swelled...nothing to do with the surgery.....having an ultrasound on my neck to see if there are stones in there....if yes, I have surgery to remove the stones and the plastic surgeon will have to fix my neck again, but not so invasively, just to get the neck smooth and scarless as he can. The disease is annoying but isn't a life threat...I'm happy I finally know what is going on!

Time goes on and I like my neck more and more.

There are some imperfections like a few wrinkles but I don't look pulled and fake. If I didn't have this surgery maybe the docs wouldn't have found my autoimmune..who knows. I still have pain and swelling in the submandibulars but I'm on a new med called Pacquinel or something like that. I'm praying it takes the swelling away. Hope everyone that reads this is doing well!

Seven months later

Well, despite a weight gain of 25 pounds, being off work for disability because of my chronic back pain, I have to say that I look great. I do have very swelled submandibular salivary glands, but I am on a new med from the rheumatologist that is supposed to start working between three and six months. A long time to wait for these glands to respond. However, despite the adversity in my life, I have to plod on. And I have a beautiful neck and skin that is amazing to plod with me!

New pictures

Lousy photo editor on the IPad . Ok, you can see the glands...I'm on medication called Plaquinil to get these babies down. Also, I have quite a .......neck muscle? I forgot the name. I go back to the surgeon for a follow up in June. I wish it was tighter but the stupid Ganda ruin it. I spent seven grand to see my swelled glands better! LOL...I actually love the no blubber look under the neck.

Does anyone think I need it tighter?

Maybe I need better pictures.

Well, could be worse...

This was the neck before...yucch. Then me recently. The real me.

I did t gain 25...ugh...15 and I'm losing it...

I hope my weight gain doesn't affect my neck.

Funny thing about the difference in people.

I can't believe how some women have no problems, no bruising and so little pain. I am truly happy for them, cause it wasn't the case for me. I'm starting to want a butt lift or lipo cause I can't work out anymore due to my chronic lower back pain and fatigue. I was a size 5 jr or 4 women's last June, and I went shopping the other day and had to buy size 6 and 8 shorts and capris. I still will not weigh myself. I just went through such a depression over work, pain and fatigue that I can't go back to work. My disability plan is great, but won't be good enough to pay for a butt lift ...LOL . I will now just start reading all those posts. I do love my neck. It looks great and most say they don't see the swelling in my glands that haven't gone down yet due to the Sjogrens. I have learned quite a bit about autoimmunes since my journey started here. So , one ear lobe is still getting feeling back, the scars behind my eats are still tender, and my husband is still a hard hugger! Xo

8 month review

I went to the doc and so far so good, except that I needed shots into the scars behind my ears to flatten them. I go back in Sept for another check. He isn't taking my post picture until one year. Besides the swelled glands, which are the Sjogrens disease related, I certainly don't have the blubber neck I hated!

Eight months Post OP

I took this outside away from the crappy bathroom light. Wow, I certainly see the difference in this picture angled upward!


Hey friends! I figured I would whine a little. My right ear is still so numb that it is disconcerting nine months post OP. The scars behind my ear are thick and sore. They come out horizontally about a half an inch from the back of the ear, so when I pull my hair back, which I have to do to ride my Harley, well, they are noticeable unless I pull my hair downward. I'm supposed to go back to Dr. Sherri's in Sept but I don't think I can wait. He injected something into those scars last time. I wonder if these are keloids. They are raised and sensitive. Ok, so this picture is me at a wedding last month. The angle is strange, I look like all boobs, but the weight gain is noticeable in the size of my face. I do think that I look younger than 55, though. Also, not one person ever said a thing to me. No one knows! I do have an update on health. I still have swelled saliva glands due to Sjogrens. While I had them before the neck lift, I think that surgery unleashed my autoimmune full force. I'm still off work, still not getting my disability because of the fact that I have many issues and the insurance company is really taking their sweet time, which is killing me financially. I don't take this lightly. No one gives up a 100k plus job to be like I am. Between the major depressive episode I experienced in May, my lumbar spine deterioration and herniations, the fact that I really can't ride my Harley, the chronic fatigue from the Sjogrens disease, well, I am not doing well. A lot was caused by a toxic workplace. I'm not going to elaborate but suffice it to say that I can't function at that level. I'm on two anti depressants, a variety of meds, pain med and I'm miserable. But I look good, even chubby! Once all this disability is worked out I want to change careers. I will update everyone as to my scar progress and numbness, as well as the always swelled glands. They always hurt but went down a bit. Once they resolve if ever, I already see loose skin. Sometimes when I look upward my neck, under my chin looks lumpy. My profile is marred by these glands. Ok, I vented and whined. Pray for me friends, I need it.

My neck is ruined because I have swelled glands.

Sjogrens Disease has caused me to have painful swollen glands and nodes that've ruined the look of my neck. Plus a weight gain of 30 pounds from medications has put me down in the dumps. It slapped on after my surgery! For me the neck surgery bought my autoimmune disease out furiously. I had to medically retire, take meds that love to get ya fat, go through my Uncles Death last week. It's not been a good 2014. The weight gain has loosened the skin too. So my seven grand neck, well, the fat is gone but it's lumpy. Pout pout. I didn't have a clue all this would happen. Even my face is puffy from meds. I don't mean to be a drag. It's not the docs fault. It's my body. Guess the lipo for my back and butt is out! LOL

Feeling much better at a year.

I can't believe its a year! Last week the doc took the scars off the back of my left ear because they were thick and wide. What a difference! Even though I hate the saliva gland lumps, I am feeling better about myself. Yay! I also have a much better camera in my new phone which helps detail the shots better. The stitches came out a few days ago and it feels flat back there ! The doc showed me the flaps of skin he took off...wow...I was speechless. I wish they could do the same to my boob scars and the elephant ears on my hips! LOL

Age 56

This is a few months shy of two years.
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