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If you have pseudogynecomastia and want lipo...

If you have pseudogynecomastia and want lipo suction then Dr. Koch can do an adequate job. However, if there is glandular tissue that needs to be removed I would highly recommend going elsewhere. As another reviewer said, you might as well go to Toronto or NYC and get it done right the first time because if you don't you will most likely have to go there anyway for a revision. The tissue left behind pushes the areola out a half inch; no where near flat. I spent all of my savings on this procedure because it was interfering with my life so much that I found it worth it. Now here I am dead broke, still burdened by gynecomastia.


I have been in touch with a world renowned gynecomastia surgeon who agrees that there was an unacceptable amount of gynecomastia left behind and felt sorry for me at how bad I got shafted. The results are pathetic to be quite frank. I had to tell him during our phone consultation that it was a revision because he couldn't even immediately tell that the pictures I sent him were before and afters! There are two possibilities that come to mind. Either Dr. Koch was not competent enough to recognize the "medium-large" sized gland in my chest, or he just didn't care and decided to sew me up and call it a day. He did the dreaded "lipo around the gland" routine that leaves me looking as bad if not worse than before. I have been able to feel the same gland as before the procedure since about the 3rd week post-op and when I went in for a checkup Dr. Koch said he could not feel any excess gland which is a joke. He told me he did remove some gland which I believe, but it is absurd how much more there is. The reason I decided to go through him in the first place was because he assured me he would do a good job and seemed confident enough for me to trust him. I did feel like I knew more than him about the procedure after only doing a couple weeks of research, but one thing I have come across numerous times is that every Dr. has their own way of doing things so you should trust their way of doing things. Turns out I actually do know more, but I still decided to trust his way. However, as soon as I started to question the results, he went from being a confident, caring doctor to a "it couldn't possibly be my fault and I already have your money so I don't care" doctor and every sentence out of his mouth started with "I can't control how" and he blamed it on how my body healed, my genetics, and sagging skin; none of which are true. He wouldn't even for a second consider it to be his fault. He even went as far as saying he could possibly do a skin tightening surgery but didn't want to because it leaves severe scarring. If I didn't know any better, I may have believed him and I truly believe he would have gone through with that and messed me up for life just so he wouldn't have to admit he was wrong. He still to this day has not admitted he did a poor job. Don't take my word for it though, take the word of the expert doctor who classified me as a "medium-large" patient and is charging me $8000 to fix Dr. Koch's screw up. If he really cared about having highly satisfied patients he would give me my money back to put toward the revision. I would never go out of my way to intentionally hurt someone's business or character, this is just my opinion on my experience from my perspective and people should make their own decision on whether or not they want to listen or not. I just wish I knew before what I know now so if this review helps just 1 person avoid a similar experience, I will feel like I have done a good deed. Any doctor is going to be confident they can do a superior job but the reality of it is that not many can. I should have known by the fact that he only has 8 pictures on the website and only showed me 1 during the consultation that he was no expert as he claims to be. Looking back on it, I find it so foolish that I didn't originally go to a known gynecomastia doctor. Oh well, you live and you learn. The only thing keeping me sane after being robbed of $4700 is the fact that I know I will be gynecomastia free on July 17th when I have my revision.


I am making this last post to put closure to my experience with Todd Koch. I went through with the revision surgery and received excellent results. The doctor showed me the size of the gland that Dr. Koch knowingly left behind and it makes the situation that much more frustrating; it was roughly the size of two golf balls. The Dr. that did my revision said I am absolutely justified in posting these negative reviews because of the way Dr. Koch performed this surgery. To make matters worse, the only thing that Dr. Koch did do was permanently scar me. Whether it was through lipo suction or with a scalpel or whatever, he detached the skin from where it met the bottom of my pecs and it now hangs freely until it attaches again at the upper portion of my abs which has resulted in the loss of my pectoral definition. It is very odd and cosmetic looking and irreversible. Keep in mind he never told me that he was going to do this. I paid $4700 for this man to remove the gland and instead he went ahead and did something totally different and unrelated to gynecomastia surgery which has resulted in the permanent loss of what used to be my best physical feature. It just goes to show the importance of getting this surgery done right the first time. On my way home from where the revision took place, I got in a car accident at 55 mph that could have taken my life. An extreme example no doubt, but as the victim, it's really frustrating thinking about how I could have died coming back from an appointment for a condition that I paid 4700 dollars to have cured six months beforehand and was instead treated how Dr. Koch treated me. As a kid in my mid 20's, I am dealing with the student loan burden, bills, etc. and now have had $4700 stolen from me by a "medical professional". I have nothing to complain about however, I am gynecomastia free after my revision and I am a very happy person now. The disorder was very devastating so I just wish it was taken care of the first time and was not instead stolen from and told that I had a mental disorder. I will believe that Dr. Koch feels "very sorry" when I receive my refund check in the mail.


I just had a check up with my second surgeon and unfortunately dr Koch's poor results are irreversible. As you can see in the picture, the gynecomastia is gone now but dr Koch left me cosmetically deformed forever by "releasing the breast fold". He never told me he was going to do this and it was not stated on his website at the time I got my surgery. Had I known, I never would have gone through with the surgery for obvious reasons. This was an attempt to cover up his incompetence. A surgeon who knows what he's doing would never do this. As koch said in a previous comment, I received "excellent results". This is what he considers excellent so if you want to look like this, Koch is your man. The condition made me mentally ill and I put my trust in dr Koch and this is what he did, I fear I may never recover. Thank you dr Koch for this life altering experience.
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Nice doctor, highly regarded in certain surgical procedures, answered my questions to the best of his ability. No complaints on him as a person, just the results.

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