50 Yrs Old, So Ready to Do This!

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I've had breasts since I was 8 years old. I've...

I've had breasts since I was 8 years old. I've always felt fat because of them. No cheerleading, sports, drill team, or cute spaghetti strap tops for me either. No back problems that qualified me to have surgery until now! Didn't realize that the what I was dealing with - shoulder grooves, neck pain, numb tingling fingers, and rashes were symptoms too!

50 and feeling fantastic!

Surgery took place on 7/14/16. The last thing I remember was them saying that they were flushing my iv. When I woke up, my best friend was doing a drill sergeant routine to try to keep me I'm closing my eyes again, LOL. However, I couldn't stop trying to vomit. I didn't feel that much pain. I wound up staying the night because of uncontrollable vomiting (dry heaves). Nausea medication helped a lot. I was well taken care of and it was relatively quiet for a hospital. I went home the next day and made sure I had a pillow to help with the ride home. I followed doctors orders and my friend kept me accountable by making sure that I didn't do anything strenuous, ate and stayed hydrated. My first doctor's visit went well. There was no bruising, incisions look good. I even have some sensation return to one of my breasts. The PS confirmed what I thought I heard him say the night of the surgery - He took 5 pounds each breast = 10 lbs!!! I no longer had to be concerned that they didn't take much off! As for pain: I had stopped taking narcotic meds by the third day and switched to Tylenol Extra Strength. Yesterday was the first day I cut the extra strength pill in half and took every 8 hours. I have encountered a little skin dryness, and itchiness right around the bra band so I have used a little healing therapy lotion and aloe to relieve the symptoms just band area only for now. My next appointment is 7/26/16.
Dr. Graff

Knowledgeable, good at putting patients at ease. Explains things very well.

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