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So, hi. Took me a while to decide to join this...

So, hi. Took me a while to decide to join this community but I feel like it's really beneficial / inspirational.

I was probably that girl in elementary school all the boys thought about because I was the first girl in the class in a bra. :-/ (that's not exciting). Growing up I was the only girl in my whole family, not only immediate, but extended, that has big breasts so no one could relate to my daily struggles of not being able to fit cute shirts, sweating so profusely under my breasts that I get occasional rashes, etc., I'm sure you understand.

Now at my age, and after having my first child I am realizing that a BR may be the best route to take to ease the pain and maybe improve my overall quality of life.

My consultation is scheduled for this Monday and I'm kind of lost at what to expect.

Consultation Today!

I've thought about this for YEARS. I chickened out four years ago when I thought about setting up a consultation. Funny, the PS still had my name on file.

I'm not sure what to expect. I just want to tell her everything I've been experiencing and hope that she will his me some thoughts/comments on what to expect. Reading through a lot of other women's reviews I saw that most insurance companies ask for a "pain paper trail", or the history of things you've tried to do to ease the pain before taking this step. This is what makes me nervous bc I haven't went to the doctor multiple times to complain of pain, I've just popped pills and hoped for the best. I'm about a 40G and my breast hang low and is causing me upper back and nerve pain. I'm really hoping this consultation is the first step to smaller breasts!

Have to Lose Some Lbs!

So the consultation went well. PS said I'm a great candidate for a reduction: however, I have to lose about 50lbs. She said that even when I do lose weight my breasts will still be unproportioned so I can still get the reduction. I'm still holding on to some baby weight and I have to let it go before I can move forward with the surgery. I'll keep you all posted on my journey to lose the weight. I'm more motivated than ever now!!!

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